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What is Geography? Geography of Canada.

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1 What is Geography? Geography of Canada

2 What is Geography? Introduction to Geography Quiz Mind Map of Canada
Definitions of Geography

3 Introduction to Geography Quiz
What province or territory has one of the world’s greatest stores of dinosaur bones? The area near Drumheller, Alberta, is the best place to look for dinosaur bones in Canada.

4 Introduction to Geography Quiz
In 2004, the CBC ran a series of television programs that asked Canadians to choose the Greatest Canadian of all time. Who was chosen for this honour? Former premier of Saskatchewan Tommy Douglas was chosen for his role in establishing medicare.

5 Introduction to Geography Quiz
Canada is the second largest country in the world. What country is larger in area than Canada? Russia is about as big as Canada and Australia combined. 1 2 9 4 3 7 10 5 8 6

6 Introduction to Geography Quiz
Which hockey team has won the Stanley Cup most often? The Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup 24 times, making them the winningest team in sports history.

7 Introduction to Geography Quiz
In 2004, Canada’s foreign trade was approximately… $90 million per hour $90 million per day $90 million per week $90 million per month $90 million per year $90 million per hour!

8 Introduction to Geography Quiz
Which prime minister has been in power for the longest period of time? The Right Honourable William Lyon Mackenzie King was Prime Minister for almost 22 years.

9 Introduction to Geography Quiz
Which of these materials is not mined in Canada? gold copper diamonds tin coal Tin is not mined in Canada.

10 Introduction to Geography Quiz
What is the name of Canada’s newest territory and its capital city? In 1999, the Territory of Nunavut was created, and Iqaluit was chosen as its capital city.

11 Introduction to Geography Quiz
Which of these people is not Canadian? actor Kiefer Sutherland singer Shania Twain actor Angelina Jolie golfer Mike Weir singer Avril Lavigne Despite her French name, Angelina Jolie was born in Los Angeles, USA.

12 Introduction to Geography Quiz
Which province joined Canada in 1949? Newfoundland joined Canada in In 2001, the province’s name was officially changed to Newfoundland and Labrador. and LABRADOR

13 Introduction to Geography Quiz
What is the name of the highest award that Canada gives for outstanding achievement and service to the country? The Order of Canada has three levels: Member (CM), Officer (OC), and Companion (CC).

14 Introduction to Geography Quiz
What is the name of the longest river in Canada? The Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories is 4241 km long.

15 Introduction to Geography Quiz
Other than the United Kingdom and France, what country is the origin of the greatest number of Canadian residents? Many people are surprised to find that Germany is the third largest source of Canadians.

16 Introduction to Geography Quiz
In terms of value, what is Canada’s most important export commodity? Cars, trucks, and auto parts are our most important exports. In 2004, we sold more than $90 billion worth—primarily to the United States.

17 Introduction to Geography Quiz
In what province or territory is Canada’s highest mountain? Mount Logan is in Yukon Territory and stands an impressive 5959 metres above sea level.

18 Introduction to Geography Quiz
One of the celebrities mentioned in Question #9 is a relative of the person chosen as the Greatest Canadian (Question #2). Which celebrity is it, and what is their relationship? Kiefer Sutherland is Tommy Douglas’s grandson. Kiefer’s parents, both actors, are Shirley Douglas (Tommy’s daughter) and Donald Sutherland.

19 Mind Map of Canada On a blank sheet of paper, draw a map of Canada as close to reality as possible. Do this on your own – without looking at other people’s maps or any reference material such as an atlas. On your map, label what you regard as important features, such as provinces, cities, mountain ranges, and bodies of water.

20 Mind Map of Canada Which parts of Canada do you know best?
Which parts of your map are most incomplete? Do you feel it is important to know where places are in Canada? Explain.

21 What is Geography? Geography is the science that tries to understand how the Earth works and how humans change it. This science examines the Earth’s surface and the processes that shape it. Geography especially looks at the relationship between people and the Earth’s physical environment. To understand our relationship with the Earth, geographers ask questions and search for answers to problems. By exploring these problems, we can make better, wiser decisions.

22 What is Geography? Geographers try to answer three questions:
Where are things located on Earth? What are the connections between people and the Earth? How can we illustrate this information to understand it better? Geography has two main focuses: The Earth’s physical geography (natural things) The Earth’s human geography (people and things related to people such as cities)


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