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Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 20081 01 Introduction & AARP Major 2008 Changes.

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1 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 20081 01 Introduction & AARP Major 2008 Changes

2 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 20082 WELCOME Instructors Don Priebe Chuck Willyard Administration Lou Eber

3 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 20083 BASICS Class schedule 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Breaks Morning & Afternoon – 10 minutes Lunch 45 Minutes Bathrooms

4 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 20084 Onondaga County Local Coordinators & Sites Roger Kahn 6 sites (4 e-file sites) Neal Wright 5 sites (2 e-file sites & 3 satellite) Dee Peil 3 sites (2 e-filing) Peggy West 4 sites (1 e-filing) Lou Eber 3 sites (1 e-filing & 1 satellite)

5 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 20085 Oswego and Cayuga County Sites Oswego County 4 sites (3 e-filing & 1 satellite) Cayuga County 1 site (e-filing)

6 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 20086 Processed Based Training New Training Publication 4491 Minor change in our approach AARP Interview and Intake Form Form 1040 line by Line Pub 4012 - Volunteer Resource Guide Pub 17 Your Federal Income Tax (ref.)

7 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 20087 AARP TaxAide Program Information Dissemination Communication by e-mail Within District by Lou Eber Within Loc. Coordinators Group Universal Access to AARP TaxAide Program web site

8 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 20088 District 2 (Louis Eber) Roster Critical Information Everyone find your name on the roster that is being circulated If there is any error in your information on the roster send me an e-mail with your corrections to that information. If you dont use e-mail, give me a printed legible copy of your corrections before the end of classes.

9 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 20089 Site Sign-In Sheet Focused on AARP reporting needs Used to support the non-IRS funding IRS only uses the quantity of TY 2008 returns recorded by Andover (2009 ?) & TaxWise by Site ID & EFIN No change from last years form

10 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 200810

11 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 200811 AARP Automated Site Management System Direct entry of Site Activity Totals By site SIDN Limited assess Site days and hours of operation Direct entry, by SIDN, of changes in the sites days and hours of operation. Weekly updates of the IRS 800 number and web site taxpayer site location referral information

12 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 200812 Activity Reporting Periods Three Monthly Reporting Periods February 1 thru February 28 March 1 thru March 31 April 1 through April 15 Site Totals entered into AARP computer prior to March 5, April 5 and April 20

13 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 200813 IRS Quality Improvement Process Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration shopping reviews of VITA & TCE sites Increased IRS shopping reviews District Tax Specialist from another District Increase to 3 IRS site reviews per county by District Tax Specialists

14 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 200814 IRS QIP contd, New kind of Return Quality Assessment A completed Taxpayers return Taxpayers W2s and 1099 Mask all taxpayer identification information Scan the return and all documentation at the site Taxpayer receives his return and papers back

15 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 200815 INTAKE & INTERVIEW FORM AARP Combined Interview & Quality Review Form IRS and AARP forms are similar IRS form 13614-C should not be used

16 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 200816 2009 IRS Processing Center for Paper Returns Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Kansas City, MO 64999- Last 4 digits depend on form (1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) and without or with payment enclosed

17 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 200817 Electronic Filing Taxpayer signature All AARP electronic returns will use the Practitioner PIN signature method Self-Select PIN signatures not used FORM 8879 IRS e-file Signature Authorization NY State TRS 579-IT

18 Syracuse PBT - Tax Year 200818 TaxWise Program Operation Changes All user names within TaxWise are Password protected 8 characters long Interview Entry mode entry available as alternative to Forms Based

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