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April 18, 20081 iContent Document Management StudentHRPAYFinance Other.

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1 April 18, 20081 iContent Document Management StudentHRPAYFinance Other

2 April 18, 20082 Student File Cabinets Special Ed Conf Student Student Assessment Student Conf Student Health Conf Student Parent Forms Student Home School Student Pre School

3 April 18, 20083 Special Ed Conf File Cabinet Special Ed Conf Assessments/Evaluation Due Process Forms Individual Education Plan

4 April 18, 20084 Student File Cabinet Student Authorization for Release Cumulative File Emergency Information Enrollment Immunization Perm Record Plans Progress Report Transcript

5 April 18, 20085 Student Assessment File Cabinet Student Assessment Standardized Test Results

6 April 18, 20086 Student Conf File Cabinet Student Conf Court Orders Discipline Investigation Suspension/Explusion Truancy Reports

7 April 18, 20087 Student Health Conf File Cabinet Student Health Conf Health Records Nurse Notes Accident Report

8 April 18, 20088 Student Home School File Cabinet Student Home School Other Homeschool Records

9 April 18, 20089 Student Parent Forms File Cabinet Student Parent Forms Activities Policy Agreements Release Restrict

10 April 18, 200810 Student Pre School File Cabinet Student Pre School Screening Other

11 April 18, 200811 HRPAY File Cabinets Employee Services Employee Services Conf HRPAY Labor Relations Labor Relations Conf Insurance

12 April 18, 200812 Employee Services File Cabinet Employee Services Contracts and Assignments Hired – Employment Application Leave of Absence License and Certifications Not Hired – Employment Application Performance Personnel File Recruitment Records Training Records Unemployment Claims/Compensation

13 April 18, 200813 Employee Services Conf File Cabinet Employee Services Conf Background Check I-9 Separation Agreements Employment Records

14 April 18, 200814 HRPAY File Cabinet HRPAY Benefits Cafeteria Plan Records Garnishments Grievance Insurance Payroll Change Form Leave of Absence PERA Personnel File Retirement Remittance Report Salary Deduction Stop Payment Tax Sheltered Annuity – Authorization Time Sheets Voluntary Withholdings W-2 W-4 Worker’s Comp …

15 April 18, 200815 Insurance File Cabinet Insurance Cafeteria Plan Records Employee Medical Records Employee Medical Training Injury Claim Insurance Enrollment Insurance Group Master Leave of Absence Long Term Disability OSHA – Accident Report OSHA – Citations of Penalty OSHA – Employee Exposure Records Tax Sheltered Annuity Worker’s Comp

16 April 18, 200816 Labor Relations File Cabinet Labor Relations Arbitration Decisions Bureau of Mediation Fair Labor Standards Grievance Group Compensation Labor Contracts Labor Union Disputes Leave of Absence Mediations Negotiations Pay Equity

17 April 18, 200817 Labor Relations Conf File Cabinet Labor Relations Conf Deficiency Reports Discrimination Claim Records Investigations

18 April 18, 200818 Finance Cabinets Finance Finance AP Finance AP Conf Finance AR Finance Budget Finance Common Documents Finance Conf Finance GL Finance Purchasing Financial Reports

19 April 18, 200819 Finance File Cabinet Finance Bond Issues – Official Statements Bonds and Coupons Building and Land County Auditor Statements Insurance Documents Inventory Leases/Agreements Levies Property Appraisals

20 April 18, 200820 Finance AP File Cabinet Finance AP 1099 Check Check Register Check Request Form Credit Memo Expense Adjustment Invoice Petty Cash Receipt Transmittal Petty Cash Receipts Student Activity Travel/Expense Reimbursement Voucher Request Form W-9

21 April 18, 200821 Finance AP Conf File Cabinet Finance AP Conf Credit Cards PCards

22 April 18, 200822 Finance AR File Cabinet Finance AR County Federal Aid Food Service Receipts General Receipts Grant Invoicing (Billing) State Aid Student Activity

23 April 18, 200823 Finance Budget File Cabinet Finance Budget Budget Amendments Working Documents

24 April 18, 200824 Finance Common Documents File Cabinet Finance Common Documents Monthly Financial Reports Temporary

25 April 18, 200825 Finance Conf File Cabinet Finance Conf Audit Findings Non Conforming Bid Notes Correspondence

26 April 18, 200826 Finance GL File Cabinet Finance GL Journal Entries Bank Statements Reconciliation’s Grant Applications Grant Award Reclass/Corrections

27 April 18, 200827 Finance Purchasing File Cabinet Finance Purchasing Bid Response Contracts Packing Slip/Bill of Lading Purchase Order Quote Response Receiver Requisition RFB Bid Document RFQ Quote Document RMA Short/Damage Report Warehouse Requisition Warehouse Return Auth

28 April 18, 200828 Financial Reports File Cabinet Financial Reports Transportation Annual Reports Year-End Financial Report

29 April 18, 200829 Other File Cabinets Common Documents

30 April 18, 200830 Common Documents File Cabinet Common Documents Budget Reports Audit Reports Calendars Handbooks Job Descriptions

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