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Sep 3, 2008NVOSS 20081 Mobile VO Mike Fitzpatrick NOAO.

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1 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Mobile VO Mike Fitzpatrick NOAO

2 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Introduction The iPortal is a web-app for the iPhone / iPod Touch providing a mini portal to VO data and services. Standard CGI-based web-app using VOClient tools on the server-side, and CSS to fit the iPhone screen size. Fully functional prototype to demonstrate capabilities.

3 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Single textbox entry –Object Name –Coordinates –Search Terms Modifiers used to restrict search (e.g.i:m51 to search only images services)

4 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Tapping the textbox brings up the built-in keyboard interface automatically

5 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Task tries to resolve term either via Sesame or the Registry If object, an image is displayed and the coordinates printed The i button brings up additional image controls

6 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Image controls allow Pan / Zoom Controls done using JavaScript Images in SDSS footprint are in color, otherwise DSS, but all-sky coverage

7 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Search terms bring up summary of results Selecting a type shows resources only of that type

8 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Titles of services displayed in list The Q button is a shortcut to a query form of that service

9 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Selecting a title shows the full Registry record Again an option to query the service, this case a VizieR table

10 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Full access to the table is allowed by 2- fingered scrolling Result is a simple HTML table

11 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Sample of a query form for an image service Input can be position or object name

12 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots SIAP results will show preview images as links A service to render FITS images could be written

13 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Preview image shows results

14 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS Screenshots Pinch gesture can be used to zoom the image, standard part of web browser Pan provided by 2- finger scrolling

15 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS What About Normal Cell Phones? Usually come w/ smaller screens (e.g. 160x128). Recently 320x200 is common. MVO is a web-app for these small screens. Emphasis on basic query, no data access allowed

16 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS MVO on Cell Phones Resolver mode output pretty basic. Just enough to point a telescope if youre in a field with your telescope but no internet connection.

17 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS MVO on Cell Phones Registry search prints ShortName owing to small screen size Each item is a link that clicks thru to the full Registry record.

18 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS MVO on Cell Phones Registry records prints essential fields. Enough information to know what the resource is, but we restrict printing (e.g. long descriptions) to minimize data transfer.

19 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS MVO on Cell Phones Inventory mode prints a simple count of matched resources and records found in a 10 radius. Result is the resource Title since these are typically Vizier tables. Cluck thru to full resource record

20 Sep 3, 2008NVOSS

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