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Mahendra Prasad Adhikari

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1 Mahendra Prasad Adhikari
E-resources available in Nepal & Registration Process PERii e-resources and other resources, searching and Downloading techniques Mahendra Prasad Adhikari Library Consultant ,

2 Objectives of the Programme
TUCL Objectives of the Programme To provide information e-resources available in Nepal about e-resources available at TUCL regarding registration process for access PERI and other e-resources. about important website of e-journals and e-books To improve information literacy skill. Tribhuvan University have different collections and sections, General, Reference, Textbook, Nepal Collection, Rare , American Studies, Japanese Studies, Periodicals, United Nations Collections 2

3 E-resources Internet and its most used component WWW has turned into a biggest source of information with widest coverage and the fastest access. It is the most powerful tool for global communication and exchange of information. The World Wide Web can be a great place to accomplish research on many topics but finding quality web materials and using them to your advantage in your writing can be challenging.

4 Definition of e-resources
Term used to describe all of the information products that a library provides through a computer network. This includes electronic books and journals, bibliographic databases, and library website pages.

5 TYPES OF E-RESOURCES Continuing Resources (Serials & Integrating Resources (Websites & Databases)) E-Books Government Publications 3/25/2017 5

6 Databases E-Journals E-Data archives E-Manuscripts E-Maps E-Books
E-Magazines  E-Thesis WWW E-Newspaper E-Research Reports E-Bibliographic Databases E-Library

7 You have access to the following online resources in 2012
Journals, databases and mixed packages American Institute of Physics and Acoustic Society of America (More info...) Annual Reviews (More info...) Cambridge University Press - Cambridge Journals Online (More info...) Geological Society (More info...) Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers (More info...) NPG (Nature and Palgrave Macmillan Journals) (as subscribed) (More info...) OSA - Optical Society of America (More info...) Oxford University Press - Oxford Journals (More info...) Policy Press (More info...) Project MUSE (More info...) (Paid up NELIC members only so INASP will not promote this resource) Royal Society - Royal Society Journals Online (More info...) Symposium Journals (More info...) University of Chicago Press (More info...)

8 The following online resources are only available to institutions with fixed IP addresses
Annual Reviews Geological Society NPG - Nature NPG - Palgrave Macmillan Journals Symposium Journals University of Chicago Press You can find information about the online resources by going to

9 List of resources in Nepal under PERii
Acoustical Society of America (ASA) American Institute of Physics Annual Reviews Cambridge Online Journals Geological Society Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. NPG-Palgrave Macmillan Journals OSA – Optical Society of America Oxford University Press E-journals Policy Press Journals Royal Society     Symposium Journals University of Chicago Press 9

10 1. Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
General Linear Acoustics Nonlinear Acoustics Atmospheric Acoustics and Aeroacoustics Underwater Sound Ultrasonics and Physical Acoustics Transduction, Acoustical Measurements, Instrumentation, Applied Acoustics Structural Acoustics and Vibration Noise: Effects and Control Architectural Acoustics Acoustic Signal Processing 10

11 Contd… Physiological Acoustics Psychological Acoustics
Speech Production Speech Perception Speech Processing Musical Acoustics Bioacoustics Computational Acoustics Mathematical Acousti 11

12 2. African Journals Online (AJOL)
Abstracts of over 250 African-published journals, with access to some full text online, and a document delivery service. Subject strengths AJOL offers the tables of contents and abstracts from journals published in Africa in most disciplines. 12

13 3. American Institute of Physics
Subject Strengths Applied and multidisciplinary physics 13

14 4. Annual Reviews
Subject strengths Biomedical/Life Sciences  Physical Sciences  Social Sciences Economics 14

15 5. Beech Tree Publishing
Subject Strengths Public policy for science and technology Research evaluation 15

16 6. Geological Society
The Lyell Collection is an electronic collection of new and archival journal, Special Publication and book content, published by the Geological Society of London. It contains key peer-reviewed Earth science literature of the highest quality Subject Strengths Geology Earth Sciences 16

17 7. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
64 authoritative publications in the most promising areas of biotechnology, biomedical research/life sciences, clinical medicine and surgery, alternative and complementary medicine, law, philanthropy, environmental science and sustainability. Subject Strengths Biotechnology Biomedical research/life sciences Clinical medicine and surgery Law 17

18 8. NPG- Nature
Subject Strengths Chemistry: Chemistry Drug discovery Biotechnology Materials Methods & Protocols Clinical Practice & Research: Cancer Cardiovascular medicine Dentistry Endocrinology Gastroenterology & Hepatology Pathology & Pathobiology Urology Earth & Environment: 18

19 NPG- Nature Contd… Earth sciences Evolution & Ecology Geosciences
Life sciences: Biotechnology Cancer Development Drug discovery Genetics Immunolog Medical research Methods & Protocols Microbiology Molecular cell biology Neuroscience Pharmacology Systems biology Physical sciences: Physics Materials Nanotechnology Photonics

20 Business and management Economics Education
9. NPG-Palgrave Macmillan Journals Subject Strengths Business and management Economics Education Information systems and technology Political science and international studies Social and cultural studies 20

21 10. OSA – Optical Society of America
15 Optics and photonics journals published by OSA and selected OSA meeting content. Subject Strengths The Optical Society of America brings together optics and photonics scientists, engineers, educators, technicians and business leaders. 21

22 11. Oxford Journals (OUP)
Over 200 leading titles in science, technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences. Resource Name Oxford Journals Collection for Developing Countries Subject Strengths Biological Sciences Medicine Public Health and Epidemiology Humanities Social Sciences Law Economics, Business, and Finance Mathematics, Statistics, Computing and Physics 22

23 12. Policy Press Journals
Subject Strengths Social policy Social welfare Family policy Social work Public policy Criminal justice Housing Urban policy 23

24 13. Royal Society
Seven leading international journals from the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of science. Titles cover the whole of the biological and physical sciences, and include Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the longest-running continuously published journal in the world. Subject Strengths Mathematics, engineering and other physical sciences All biological sciences; particularly good on ecology, environment Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary science 24

25 14. Symposium Journals
Subject Strengths Education Learning 25

26 15. University of Chicago Press
The Journals Division publishes journals and serials in a wide range of disciplines, including several journals that were the first scholarly publications in their respective fields. Subject Strengths Economics Education Humanities Law Life Sciences Medical Sciences Social Sciences 26

27 Other E-Resources available in Nepal
1. OARE (Online Access to Research Environment) 2. JSTOR (paid) 4. Openj-gate: 6947 Open Access Journals        (4003 Peer-Reviewed) 5. Online Book Page e-books 27

28 DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)
URL: Head Office,Lund University Libraries, Lund, Sweden. This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. There are now 5109 journals in the directory. Currently 2103 journals are searchable at article level. As of today articles are included in the DOAJ service. 28

29 OARE (Online Access to Research Environment) http://www. oaresciences
OARE, an international public-private consortium coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Yale University, and leading science and technology publishers enables developing countries to gain access to one of the world’s largest collections of environmental science research, Launched in October 2006 29

30 Subject strength on OARE
Research is provided in a wide range of disciplines, including Biology; Biotechnology, Genetics & Genetically Modified Species; Botany & Plant Biodiversity; Climatology, Climate Change & Meteorology; Ecology & Wildlife Conservation; Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy; Environmental Chemistry; Environmental & Natural Resource Economics; Environmental Engineering; 30

31 Contd… Environmental Law, Policy & Planning; Fish & Fisheries;
Forests & Forestry; Geography, Population Studies & Migration; Geology & Earth Sciences; Natural Environmental Disasters; Oceanography & Marine Biology; Pollution & Environmental Toxicology; Satellite & Remote Sensing Technologies; Soil Sciences and Desertification; Waste Management; Water, Hydrology & Wetlands; and Zoology & Animal Biodiversity.

32 You have to ensure that you log in in order to access full-text articles.

33 This will take you to the Journals page
This will take you to the Journals page. There are a number of databases and bibliographic indexes, accessible from the list on the right hand side of the website.

34 To access the search engines go the Databases and Article searching section.

35 JSTOR( (?)
JSTOR was founded in 1995 to build trusted digital archives for scholarship. Today, we work with the scholarly community to preserve their work and the materials they rely upon, and to build a common research platform that promotes the discovery and use of these resources. JSTOR (Short for Journal Storage) is a United States-based online system for archiving academic journals, founded in It provides full-text searches of digitized back issues of several hundred well-known journals, dating back to 1665 in the case of the Philosophical Transactions. 35

36 Asia Journals Online (AsiaJol)
AsiaJOL is a portal to scholarly journals published in Bangladesh, Nepal, The Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. You can search for information from all the countries by using the search box below or search a single country by clicking on its flag. 36

37 Asia Journals Online Currently five Asian Journals Online databases:
VJOL (Vietnam) NepJOL (Nepal) BanglaJOL (Bangladesh) PhilJOL (The Philippines) SLJOL (Sri Lanka)

38 Nepal Journals Online (NepJOL)
NepJOL is a service to provide access to Nepalese published research, and increase worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship. 38

39 NepJOL Launched in 2007 Currently 70 journals across world wide
spread of subjects Online support community for editors Key challenges: Power supply Political instability Staff changes

40 70 journals listed on NepJOL.
351 Tables of Contents listing 5096 articles. 4407 of the articles are available in full text (PDF).

41 Bangladesh Journals Online
There are 83 journals with 583 Tables of Contents listing 8018 articles. 7156 of the articles are available in full text (PDF). 41

42 Sri Lanka Journals Online
There are 41 journals listed on SLJOL.  There are 349 Tables of Contents listing 3493 articles. 3338 of the articles are available in full text (PDF). 42

43 Philippine Journals Online(PhilJOL) PhilJOL
There are 43 journals listed on PhilJOL. There are 169 Tables of Contents listing 1588 articles. 1260 of the articles are available in full text (PDF). 43

44 Vietnam Journals Online (VJOL)
There are 29 journals listed on PhilJOL. There are Tables of Contents listing 3612 articles of the articles are available in full text (PDF). 44

45 Indonesian Journals Online (IJO)
Indonesian Journals Online (IJO) (started)

46 List of Resources: Subject Specific
Subject specific online resources that are open access so available to all researchers and subject specific online resources that are freely available to researchers in developing and emerging countries. Agriculture Biology & Life Science Chemistry Earth Sciences Education Engineering & Technology Environment Humanities Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) Library and Information Science Mathematics & Statistics Medicine & Health Sciences Physics Science General Social Sciences 46

47 List of Resources: Multi - disciplinary e-resources that are freely available to researchers in developing and emerging countries African Journals OnLine (AJOL) African Studies Repository AsiaJOL Bangladesh Journals OnLine (BanglaJOL) Bioline International BUBL Information Service Cooperative African Newspapers Project DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) Eldis Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL) Electronic Journals Library Electronic Supply of Publications (ESAP) FAO FreeForAll Google Scholar HighWire Press International Portal on Food Safety, Animal and Plant Health (IPFSAPH) IMARK National Academies Press Nepal Journals OnLine (NepJOL) OECD Working Papers 47

48 Contd… Online Books Open J-Gate Open Science Directory Philippines Journals OnLine (PhilJOL) Pinakes: A Subject Launchpad Portal LivRe! Project Gutenberg Reseau Electronique francophone (REFER) Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) Scientific Commons Sri Lanka Journals Online (SLJOL)  Survey of Scientific and Technological Information Needs in Less-Developed and Developing Countries Textbook Revolution UNESCO Vietnam Journals OnLine (VJOL) Virginia Tech Electronic Library World Newspaper Archive 48

49 Registration process for access PERii e-resources

50 Eligible institutions
University departments University libraries Non-profit research institutions and centers, higher education institutions, colleges, Polytechnics, teaching hospitals, professionals training schools and institutes, local regional and national NGOs Indigenous Civil Society Organizations parliamentary libraries and govt. ministries, offices and agencies. 50

51 Registration process for access PERii e-resources
TUCL Registration process for access PERii e-resources PERii is the second five-year phase of INASP’s Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information. Identify Resources Use the country finder on the top right of the page Select your country Click each resource for subject and service features Follow the link under the heading “Registration” for information on how to apply to join PERii and register for resources. 51

52 Gather information for an application
To use PERii resources, you need to apply to join PERii. The following Information Required • Institution name • Address • Town/City • Post code • Institution’s telephone number • Institution’s fax number • Institution’s address • Type of institution • Research priorities • Institution’s web site • IP address range • Contact’s family name • Contact’s first name (s) • Contact’s job title • Contract’s • Unique publishers number (Required for some publishers, you will see instructions on how to obtain this as you register with each resource)

53 IP Address Benefits of using an IP address
Institutions are encouraged to include fixed, external IP addresses (ranges) in their application. researchers do not need to have a password Usage statistics are recorded for your institution Greater security (no misuse of user names and passwords) Direct recognition of institutional networks Preferred by publishers. Some publishers only allow access by IP address Do not provide INTERNAL IP addresses

54 Contd… IP addresses within the following ranges will not be accepted:
ƒ ƒ ƒ If your institution does not have a fixed IP address, you will still be able to register. Write “Username/password access requested” in the IP field on your application form. Your country coordinator may contact you to request you to complete agreements concerning the security of your user names and passwords.

55 Fill in the online application form
TUCL Fill in the online application form Steps: • Go to • Click on the link to add your institution • Select your country • Check the list • If your institution is not there, select to Add your institution • Complete the information requested Enter your fixed, external IP address. If necessary, ask your IT department for the external IP address • Submit the form • Confirm the details • Wait for a message from your country coordinator saying you can proceed to register • Please be VERY careful to apply only once • When you submit this information, it is automatically sent to the country coordinator for your country so that s/he can verify your institution is eligible for access (all educational and not-for-profit institutes should be eligible for access). 55

56 To contact your country coordinator
TUCL Next You will immediately get an automated message with the subject line “PERI registration”. Save this as it gives the information you have submitted as well as your country coordinator’s details The country coordinator will review your application and may contact you about it Within 10 days you should get an automated message with the subject line “PERI registration accepted” If you do not get this, contact your country coordinator To contact your country coordinator Go to Use the country finder on the top right of the page Select <your country> Scroll to the end of the page for the country coordinator details   56

57 Register for resources
Once your application has been approved, you will receive an automated message with the subject line “PERI registration accepted” Go to Click on the name of your country This page lists all resources you could use during the current year You must register with each publisher in order to gain access to each resource Click on the name of the publisher with which you wish to register Check that the information provided is correct If necessary, update your information Clicking on the Submit button during registration automatically sends your registration details to the publisher concerned. Each publisher will contact you to provide details allowing you to gain access to their resource Allow 10 days for the publisher to respond

58 E-resources under
BioOne Cambridge Journals Online ProjectMUSE JSTOR

59 BioOne It offers access to over 150 high-impact bioscience research journals from more than 110 publishers. It features timely content on a wide-array of today’s most pressing topics, including global warming, stem cell research, and ecological and biodiversity conservation.

60 Cambridge Journal Online
Subject coverage Cambridge Journals Online covers a broad range of subjects across the Humanities, Social Sciences and Science.  Key areas include: Applied Science; Environment and Conservation; Agriculture; Neuroscience and Biomedicine; History; Area Studies; Language and Linguistics; and Political Science and International Relations Institutions in the countries above: if you are interested in gaining access to Cambridge Journals Online, please contact your EIFL-Licensing Coordinator.

61 Contd… Key features The Complete Collection offers over 260 online journals, including back files. Smaller subject-focused packages are also available: Humanities and Social Sciences Collection – 165 journals Science, Technology and Medicine Collection – 118 journals Science and Technology Collection – 100 journals Medicine and Veterinary Collection – 48 journals 28 new journals are available in 2011.

62 ProjectMUSE
Project MUSE is a unique collaboration between libraries and publishers, providing 100% full-text, affordable and user-friendly online access to a comprehensive selection of prestigious humanities and social sciences journals. MUSE's online journal collections support a diverse array of research needs at academic, public, special and school libraries worldwide. Journals are heavily indexed and peer-reviewed, with critically acclaimed articles by the most respected scholars in their fields. MUSE is also the sole source of complete, full-text versions of titles from many of the world's leading university presses and scholarly societies. Currently, MUSE provides full-text access to current content from over 400 titles representing nearly 100 not-for-profit publishers.

63 JSTOR JSTOR is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping the scholarly community discover, use, and build upon a wide range of intellectual content in a trusted digital archive. An archive of over 1000 leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work. Online archive of high-quality, interdisciplinary content to support scholarship and teaching.

64 Subject Strengths Economics History Political Science
Language & Literature Art & Art History Music Mathematics & Statistics Education

65 Open Access and Free Directoy of Open Access Resources
Open Access Journals Directory of Open Acess Journals ( Asian Journal Online ( African Journal Online( Open Access Books (

66 Some other important Websites:
Vu find - new portol for database access from different (it should be add) we can search from one interface. Catalogue of Internet Resources Library Thing A home for your books. Enter what you’re reading or your whole library. It’s an easy, library-quality catalog. A community of 1,200,000 book lovers. World Digital Library 3/25/2017 66

67 Some other important Websites:
Providing links to the world's electronic journals: Free E-books 350 e-books Project Gutenberg offers over 40,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online. We carry high quality ebooks: All our ebooks were previously published by bona fide publishers. We digitized and diligently proofread them with the help of thousands of volunteers.

68 General lists of Open Access Journals
Directory of Open Access Journals Electronic Journals Library Journal Info SearchPigeon - a search engine for English-language OA journals in the humanities and the social sciences. Read more:

69 Journals with Free Online Full-text Articles:
Directory of Open Access Journals - always free Highwire Press Journals - science journals free after a time Free Full-Text Journals in Chemistry - journals with permanent and temporary free access to full text of papers Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB (Electronic Journals Library) [in English] [in German] - access status for many journals and universities

70 E-Resources- at a glance: E-Journals
Journals published in electronic format, often available on the Internet. Directory of Open Access Journals There are now 5905 journals in the directory. Currently 2456 journals are searchable at article level. As of today articles are included in the DOAJ service. It provides direct links to over 7000 scholarly periodicals which allow some or all of their online content to be viewed by ANYONE with Internet access for free It is an electronic gateway to global journal literature in open access domain. Launched in 2006, Open J-Gate is the contribution of Informatics (India) Ltd to promote OAI. Open J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online.

71 E-journals Public Library of Science:
PLoS is a nonprofit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource. BioMed Central: It is a Publisher of more than 160 peer-reviewed open access journals. Unesco Social And Human Sciences Documentation Centre: Free access to specialized articles from around 700 periodicals in social and human sciences

72 E-journals Indian Academy of Sciences : The Academy, founded in 1934, aims at promoting the progress and upholding the cause of science in pure and applied branches. The Academy's journals are 'open access' and full text is available as PDF files on each journal's website. See the Publications page for links to the journals and other Academy publications. Journal of Digital Information: First publishing papers in 1997, the Journal of Digital Information is an electronic-only, peer-reviewed journal covering the broad topics related to digital libraries, hypertext and hypermedia systems, and the issues of digital information.

73 E-journals Free Medical Journals: Over the next few years, many important medical journals will be available online, free and in full-text. The unrestricted access to scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice. The Free Medical Journals Site was created to promote the free availability of full text medical journals on the Internet. Strategian: The Strategic Guide to Quality Information in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, and Psychology

74 E-Resources-at a glance: E-Books Provides the best works of fiction from a wide range of classic authors; general reference works like encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, quotations, verses etc The Online Book Page The Online Book Page by University of Pennsylvania Library has about e-books on different subjects. MIT OpenCourseWare It is a site for 500 course materials available on the Internet, for free download

75 E-Books Read Print site
It is very useful for historians and lovers of literature, as this site contains mainly the classics. It offers thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast. Free Books A site which provides comprehensive web links on Best free Digital Libraries – Australia; Best free Digital Libraries – World; Other Free Australian Books; Other Free Book Sites/Pages in English; World - Other Languages, Regional and National; Individual Topics/Miscellaneous; Sacred Texts & Religion.

76 E-Resources in public domain at a glance Subject Gateways
Bubl Information Services BUBL is a UK-based interactive information service which provides links to over 12,000 internet resources in a wide range of subject areas. Initially designed as a resource for librarians, it includes a directory of UK organisations and institutions, job postings, usergroup links, surveys and comprehensive archives. BUBL provides links to current editions of all major UK newspapers, as well as abstracts and selected full text from over 200 journals. E-Print network Provides access to electronic preprints available from diverse sites. It is a searchable gateway to preprint servers that deal with scientific and technical disciplines.

77 More information regarding e-resources
How to create website (Edudate yourself) (Discover yourself) What is Delicious? Delicious is the place to collect and showcase from across the web. Save what you like - videos, pictures, tweets, blog posts, or articles - on topics you enjoy and search through others’ collections of links to discover cool stuff! (Free Electronic library) (Worldbank Elibrary home) (World Digital Library Home) (World Public Library) (the future of libraries in digital age)

78 List of websites for general information
Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) T. U. Office of the Controller of Examinations Kathmandu University Pokhara University Purbanchal University HealthNet Nepal Nepal Medical College Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences The American Library Dilliraman-Kalyani Regi Memorial Library The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Government of Nepal Nepal Tourism Board Nepal Yellow Pages Directory of Nepali Websites For Basic Search Techniques

79 Contd… Library Management and Information Service Center ( Nepal National Library ( Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya ( Siddhartha University ( Education laws of Nepal (

80 List of Search Engines
Altavista Lycos Alltheweb MSN Dogpile

81 File formats A few of the more common file formats are:
Word documents (.doc) Web text pages (.htm or .html) Web page images (.gif and .jpg) Adobe Postcript files (.ps) Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf) Executable programs (.exe) Multimedia files (.mp3 and others)

82 List of Social Media

83 Information Skills Internet search engines, these databases contain carefully catalogued information, and you can exploit this to improve your searching skills. Plan Your Search Before you even go near the Internet, spend some time thinking about exactly what information you need. Start by jotting down words or phrases as they come to mind, as this may help to define exactly what information you need. As your ideas become clearer, try to write a single sentence or search statement which exactly describes what you need to know. A good technique to help you do this it is to underline the keyword or ideas in the sentence

84 Searching skills Once you have your list of key words or ideas you will need to make sure that you have all the possible alternative words that could be used to describe your list of ideas.  For example, there are several alternative terms for effective (e.g. competent, productive, proficient, capable) and even the internet can be referred to in several different ways (e.g. internet, net, www, world-wide-web). To make sure that you cover all the possibilities you need to take into account: Synonyms Plurals Phrases Abbreviations Acronyms Variations in spelling (e.g. organisation and organization between UK and US English)

85 Quick search Steps: Click on quick search
Use the quick features as a search all fields Enter search terms (subject, keyword, title) Results are displayed search terms highlighted Allows the use Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT to boarder and narrow the search as well as use of quotation mark (“ ”)

86 Phone: 4330834-27
INASP Cascading Workshop: Electronic Journals and Electronic Resources Library Management: Workshop Introduction If you have any problem to access PERii and other e-resources on your subject Welcome to the workshop Introduce yourself and give some basic background information on: What you do Where you work Your professional interests and activities Please contact us: Tribhuvan University Central Library Information Literacy Unit Phone: 86 Copyright INASP – see: for more details Last updated 25/03/2017 Page 86

87 Thank you

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