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OARE Short Course. Table of Contents Introduction to OARE: Background, Partners, Eligibility & Copyright/User agreement Using OARE Webpage Registration.

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OARE Module 1: Introduction, Website and Training Material.

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1 OARE Short Course

2 Table of Contents Introduction to OARE: Background, Partners, Eligibility & Copyright/User agreement Using OARE Webpage Registration Journals by Title, Subject, Language and Publisher Books by Title Other Available Resources OARE Training material Appendix: Access Problems and Solutions for Full-Text Articles

3 Introduction to OARE Programme Objectives Increase access to high-quality, relevant literature in environmental sciences Improve research in environmental sciences and related disciplines Improve the quality and effectiveness of education and training Increase environment-related policy for the benefit of the population

4 What is OARE? OARE = Online Access to Research in the Environment OARE is an Internet based portal Provides free or low cost access to major scientific and peer reviewed journals, e-books, databases, and other scientific materials in environmental sciences. Launched in October, 2006. Several thousand institutions are registered from over one hundred countries Has 3900 journals from more than 150 of the worlds leading academic publishers Full-text coverage from 1997 onward in most cases

5 Research4Life Group A & B Countries

6 Sister Programmes Research4Life includes four programmes: – HINARI (Health Access to Research programme) – AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) – OARE (Online Access to Research in the Environment) – ARDI (Access to Research for Development and Innovation) Eligible institutions can register for all four For more information, see

7 R4L – Public Private Partnership Principal Publishers Elsevier Science Springer Wiley-Blackwell Sage Taylor & Francis Lippincott/Williams & Wilkins BioOne Oxford University Press Nature Publishing Other science/technical/ medical publishers Program Partners World Health Organization - WHO Food and Agriculture Org. – FAO United Nations Environment Programme – UNEP World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO Yale University Library Mann Library/Cornell University International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers – STM Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa National Library of Medicine Microsoft Librarians Without Borders ® /MLA

8 Eligibility Overview 109 countries qualify Institutions in the public sector or with a not- for-profit status qualify for free access to the full-text articles in OAREs online collection. Institutions must register (just once) to receive a username and password Check with your information or communication officer to receive the username and password that gives you full access to OARE and full-text articles

9 Country Eligibility Overview (01 2012) Country eligibility is based on GNI per capita or HDI (human development index) Free access is available to institutions in countries with a GNI per capita of $1600 or less or HDI (human development index) less than 0.63 are eligible for free access (Group A) Access to those with GNI of $1601-$5000 or HDI less than 0.67 pay a fee of $1000 per year (Group B) Some publishers opt out of both option by country and do not allow access to their journals 70 countries are currently eligible as Group A countries and 37 countries are Group B

10 Country Overview continued For a list of Group A & B countries, go to: Publishers have the option of excluding groups within each country While there are more exclusions in Group B, some publishers choose to exclude institutions from Group A countries For specifics on per-country publisher exclusions, email

11 Institution Eligibility Overview All OARE users may browse collection and journal abstracts without log in. You will have access to journals from Open Access publishers and a few commercial publishers. To view, download and print the full-text articles, users must be registered and must login first Login may only be done by registered institutions Students, faculty and staff at eligible, registered institutions can access full-text articles and other OARE resources. Visitors to registered institutions can use the resources while at the site.

12 Technical Requirements OARE can be accessed from a PC or Mac computer connected to the Internet. 256k baud rate is necessary– to access and download files The OARE platform can function with Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox version 10.0 or higher or Google Chrome. Also needed is a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader - to view full-text articles in PDF format.

13 OARE: User Agreement All registered institutions will sign a User Agreement covering: – Use of the OARE password – Copyright and Fair Use Agreement shall be available in your institution

14 Use of the OARE Password Do Please Share OARE username and password with colleagues, students, faculties in your institution Do not Share with those from outside the institution Do not Use outside the country

15 Copyright and Fair Use Same as typical copyright and fair use principles: It is OK, for example, to: – Download or print up to 15% of a journal issue or book – Use material for educational purposes (course packs or reserves) – Make copies for institution members or students Always credit sources Be cautious but sensible

16 Abuse of Publisher Privileges It is NOT OK to: – Charge for documents, except for cost recovery for teaching materials – Post content to websites or blogs that are publically accessible – Change content – Download all articles from a single issue Violations result in the INSTITUTION or ENTIRE country denied access until the problem is resolved.

17 Exercises Complete exercise #1 in the accompanying OARE Short Course Exercises (Word) document

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