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MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. NOV-1-2011 Diamond Foster.

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2 If Martin Luther King Jr was live today Luther-King-Jr-by-debbie-hines html Luther-King-Jr-by-debbie-hines html The author is Debbie Hines

3 Main Idea The main idea of this article is what would be going on if Martin Luther King J.R was still alive today. I think this is the main idea because the articles talks about what he would say/be doing today. The article also speaks about the actions he will be making and the change we will have.

4 Detail supporting main idea. he would speak on health care reform, the Dream Act, against the Afghanistan war, on jobs and the economy and civility in our political process, to name a few.

5 Another detail He stood for justice everywhere and spoke out against injustice everywhere. If he were alive today,

6 Another detail Martin Luther King would unequivocally support universal health care reform. He knew that "injustice anywhere was a threat to justice everywhere".

7 Questions I don’t have any questions.

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