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ISO 14001 / EMS Overview June 4 th, 2012 By: Sylwia LaBudde.

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1 ISO / EMS Overview June 4 th, 2012 By: Sylwia LaBudde

2 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO Family –series of documents and standards to help organizations address environmental issues ISO –specification standard that is the model for the development of an Environmental Management System (EMS) source- EPA website ISO 14001

3 EMS is a systematic approach to Environmental Management based on the ISO14001:2004 Standard EMS converts Environmental Policy into action It incorporates environmental considerations into day to day operations It is a process for continual environmental improvement “EMS is a group of interrelated policies and procedures that help an organization control its impact on the surroundings.” What is EMS?

4 Comply with regulations Improve environmental performance Pollution prevention Waste reduction Resource conservation Employee involvement Management accountability Continual improvement source- EPA website ISO Goals

5 ISO Plan, Do, Check, Act Model Plan Do Check Act

6 4.2 Policy Requirements 4.3 Planning Requirements – Identify your Environmental Aspects – Clarify Legal and Other Requirements – Establish Objectives, Targets, and Programs 4.4 Operational Requirements – Provide Resources and Establish Jobs – Deliver Training and Awareness Programs – Establish Communication Procedures – Document your Environmental Management System – Control Environmental Management Documents – Control Environmentally Significant Operations – Establish an Emergency Management Process 4.5 Checking Requirements – Establish Monitoring and Measurement Capabilities – Evaluate Legal and Other Compliance – Deal with your Nonconformities – Control your Environmental Records – Perform Internal Environmental Management Audits 4.6 Review Requirements ISO – 17 Elements (plain English)

7 SFI Environmental WEB EMS WEB Metrics Help Us Comply with ISO14001 Standard and Environmental Regulations :  disseminate information  manage EMS programs  stay in compliance  monitor and measure Environmental Websites

8 Environmental Websites SFI Environmental Used to communicate information on a variety of environmental topics need an account to access contact system administrator (S. LaBudde) for access

9 Environmental Websites SFI Environmental

10 Environmental Websites WEB EMS Used to Maintain Environmental Management Systems (EMS) need an account to access users can view other locations’ data used on daily basis to maintain EMS used by external and internal auditors

11 Environmental Websites WEB EMS


13 Environmental Websites WEB Metrics Used to Gather Data and Report Incidents need an account to access user access – 3 tiers (location, IOC, SF Corp) used for external (CSR) and internal (SMS) reports used by external and internal auditors

14 Environmental Websites WEB Metrics

15 Surveys with Incomplete or Unverified Data Verify deviant metrics – send Sylwia or Eric confirming flagged values

16 Environmental Websites WEB Metrics

17 Read Questions Carefully Enter Data in Units Listed

18 QUESTIONS? ISO / EMS Overview June 4 th, 2012 By: Sylwia LaBudde

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