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Documentation and Document Control

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1 Documentation and Document Control
EPA Regions 9 & 10 and The Federal Network for Sustainability

2 Overview EMS Documentation Documents vs. records Document Control
Document Formats Examples

3 EMS Documentation Describes core elements of EMS
Provides directions to related documents Supports employee awareness Facilitates evaluation of the system and environmental performance

4 Documents vs. Records Documents Records
Offer guidance or explain actions to be carried out Can be changed Records Provide verification of things that have happened Cannot be changed

5 Documents vs. Records Documents are materials that provide management directions: environmental policy internal standards and operating procedures process information organization charts emergency plans Records include training records incident reports product information complaints and responses audit results management review meeting minutes

6 Core Elements of EMS Policy statement Aspects and impacts
Objectives and targets Linkage from objectives to programs Roles and responsibilities Schedules Action items

7 Document Control Documents can be located by people who need them
Current versions are available where appropriate Periodically reviewed, revised, and approved Obsolete versions are promptly removed Obsolete versions are retained if necessary

8 Document Formats Legible Easily identifiable Current
Each revision dated Author Reviewer Review date

9 Examples of Document Control Systems
Distribution to offices on as needed basis Central file cabinet Microsoft Outlook “Public Folders” Use of software version control properties Web site with Adobe Acrobat .pdf files GIS Proprietary software packages

10 Summary An EMS must have: documentation for core elements
document control for other documents related to significant impacts and policy

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