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Rocky Beem Environmental Training Conference June 4, 2012.

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1 Rocky Beem Environmental Training Conference June 4, 2012

2  Each IOC to have one facility certified by 2018.  Benefits:  Limited landfill space  Long-term pollution issue  Costs  Stakeholder Interest  McDonald’s Initiative

3  Eliminate all shipments of waste to a landfill.  Many interpretations:  Less than 1%?  Waste to energy acceptable?  All wastes eliminated, reused or recycled?

4  Zero landfill waste for 12 months  Minimum of 10% reduction in total waste from baseline  Reuse or Recycle >50% of waste  Incineration limited to legally required wastes (PCBs, Hazardous)  Stabilized and landfilled hazardous waste limited to 0.1% of total  Total waste cost not to exceed 105% of baseline cost

5  Lipton Tea - Suffolk, VA  General Motors  Sunny Delight  Toyota  Subaru  Bert’s Bees  Hallmark  Minolta  Ricoh

6  Source Reduction & Segregation  Increased Reuse and Recycling  Increased Composting  Waste-to-Energy

7  Don’t buy anything that becomes waste (i.e. packaging)  Return materials to suppliers (i.e. packaging, drums)  Suppliers improve products to allow reuse or recycling  Extend the life of materials used in the process  Evaluate waste sources and eliminate generation  On-site treatment (e.g. spill debris; when allowed)

8  Reusable plastic pallets and other dunnage (stainless bins)  Return plastic waste to manufacturer (make new product or reuse)  Purify on site for internal or external reuse (e.g. centrifuge DAF float)  Land Application of sewage sludge (soil amendment)  Rendering

9  Food Waste  Paper Plates, cups, napkins, towels  Facial Tissue  Paperboard  Yard Waste  Wastewater Treatment Sludge

10 Office Materials Brochures Catalogs Copy paper Covers Envelope Flip chart paper Legal pad paper Letterhead Magazines Manila folders Newspapers Noon News Notebook paper Pamphlets Phone books Postcards Chipboard Soft covered books & manuals with glued bindings Kraft paper Metal and Plastic - Aluminum Cans -Tin Cans - Plastic Bottles - Plastic Coffee Cans & Lids - Aluminum Foil - Corrugate - Styrofoam (clean) -Plastic Film (clean) -Damaged Equipment -Obsolete Equipment Universal Wastes -Fluorescent Lamps - Incandescent Lamps -HID/Halide Lamps -Mercury Filled Items -Pesticides -Lead Acid Batteries -Alkaline Batteries -Lithium Batteries -NiCad Batteries Special Wastes -Used Oil -Grease -Ferrous Metals -Non-ferrous metals -Wastewater Sludge -Process Wastes -Liquid Industrial Wastes -Lead Acid Batteries -Expired Chemicals E-Waste -Computers -Monitors -Keyboards -Desk Phones -Scanners -Televisions -VCR & DVD Players -Printers -Cell Phones, Pagers, PDA’s, Blackberries -Disks - CD’s, DVD’s, Laser, Floppy -Film - Transparencies, Slides, Microfiche -Tapes - VCR, DAT -Media Devices - Media Card, Flash Drives, Hard Drives

11  Plastic Cups, plastic ware  Chip & Snack Bags  Styrofoam Cups  Plastic & Styrofoam Clam Shell  Plastic #1 – 7 except #3 PVC  Foam Core board  Styrofoam with tape, labels & debris  Styrofoam peanuts  Rubber related materials  Plastic banding material  Contaminated corrugate  Waxed Cardboard

12  Complaints  Transfer of Pollution to Air?  Ash (10%) constitutes landfill of hazardous material?  Incineration not included (no recovery)  Benefits  Reduced landfill methane (GHG)  Replaces non-renewable fuels  90% reduction in landfill space  Metals recovery

13  Strong existing program for waste minimization and recycling  Accessible waste to energy facilities for non-recyclable materials  Do not generate wastes that are extremely difficult to manage  Access to composting facilities  Access to wastewater sludge disposal options (if needed)  Costs for exiting the landfill would not be prohibitive

14 Set Objective and Target Waste Streams Analysis Employee Awareness Program Waste Management Guidelines Audit and Enforcement Tracking, Records, Reporting Specific tasks and timelines You must have their support! Detailed “how to” manage Harsh but necessary Progress breeds Success ! Type, source, quantity of all wastes

15  Worthwhile Endeavor  Will increase your understanding of wastes  Will lead to sustainable management practices  Potential cost savings  Vendors available to assist with program You Have Options

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