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100 200 300 400 500 WastePreventionRecycling at home Where it goes Recycling at school.

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2 100 200 300 400 500 WastePreventionRecycling at home Where it goes Recycling at school

3 Waste– 100 Can the Styrofoam trays in the lunchroom be recycled? No

4 Waste- 200 Name 3 ways to reduce waste? Recycle paper and plastic. Reduce and reuse other things.

5 Waste- 300 Where else do we create waste in school besides the lunchroom? In the classrooms.

6 Waste- 400 What does biodegradable mean? Able to be decomposed

7 Waste- 500 What biodegradable disposables are used in the lunchroom? Paper napkins

8 Prevention- 100 What can we use instead of plastic bags when you go shopping? Reusable bags

9 Prevention- 200 How can reducing, reusing, and recycling benefit the environment? We can reduce the amount of trash in landfills

10 Prevention- 300 How can we produce less waste in the lunchroom? By using reusable products (ex: containers and utensils)

11 Prevention- 400 Give at least 3 reasons why reusable bags are better than plastic bags? They help the environment, make your shopping easier, they’re sturdier, they can carry more weight, and can be washed and used again.

12 Prevention- 500 What can contaminate waste? Mercury, insect sprays, paint, battery acid, pesticides, and motor oil.

13 Recycling at home– 100 What can you turn an old carpet into? A door mat.

14 Recycling at home- 200 Name 2 items that can be reused or donated at home? Blankets, towels, seeds, compost, packaging, old carpets, clothing, or electronics.

15 Recycling at home- 300 What has the potential to be recycled but can’t? A pizza box because it has grease on it

16 Recycling at home- 400 What can you do with rotten produce? Use it for compost in your garden or plants

17 Recycling at home- 500 Name 3 things you can recycle at home? Any paper, aluminum cans, and glass or plastic bottles

18 Recycling at school- 100 What color is the recycling bin? Blue

19 Recycling at school- 200 True or False; We only recycle white paper at school. False, we can recycle all recyclable trash

20 Recycling at school- 300 Can plastic and glass bottles go in the same recycling bin? Yes, it all goes to the same place and then gets sorted

21 Recycling at school- 400 Where do you take the recycling bin when it is full? To the big recycling bins in the corner of the multipurpose room

22 Recycling at school- 500 Name 5 things that can be recycled at school? Paper clips, colored paper, cardboard, envelopes, books, plastic bottles, staples, and magazines

23 Where it goes- 100 Does our community recycle? Yes

24 Where it goes- 200 Which is harder to manufacture? Paper or plastic bags? Paper bags are harder to manufacture and remake

25 Where it goes- 300 Can plastic bags be collected at your curb? No, but they can be recycled by bringing them to certain stores

26 Where it goes- 400 Where does the recyclable trash go? Waste Management or Groot

27 Where it goes- 500 Does the trash and recyclables go to the same facility? Yes, they get sorted into recyclables and regular trash

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