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Welcome to AP Environmental!

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1 Welcome to AP Environmental!
Annotate “About the Exam” Include questions in the margin AND answer all questions

2 Big Themes for APES APES exam in May – 60% MC, 40% FR
MC is largely content driven FR involves content but also common themes that can be applied to many different situations and/or conditions You must possess a great comfort level with these themes when fulfilling the FR questions on the exam Lets examine some of these themes.

3 Tragedy of the Commons Many resources and places on our planet are owned by everyone in general and no one in particular simultaneously. These resources and/or places are often depleted or devastated by humanity due to this peculiar relationship. Examples? Solutions? Private ownership? Increased Regulation? How could these be accomplished? Difficult situation, isn’t it!

4 Sustainability What does it mean when an environmental, cultural or economic process is described as sustainable? What resources can be described as sustainable? _________________ What processes are now functionally unsustainable but could be changed to be so? What is the ultimate outcome of unsustainable processes?

5 Feedback Natural systems must be self governing as there is no outside agent to flip a switch. Negative feedback is typically good Please overcome negative = bad relationship Input  System  Output, system function accomplished, negative feedback tells the system to cease functioning Positive feedback can be bad for the system due to the ultimate exhaustion of resources and collapse of the system

6 Population Growth Two types of growth
Logistic (S curve) growth approaches a level asymptotically  sustainable Exponential (J curve) growth continues indefinitely until a crash occurs typically due to unsustainable positive feedback Rule of 70 is vital here! Slowing or stopping population growth is a common item in free response rubrics. Industria question, also

7 HIPPO or the causes of extinction
Leading cause of extinction is habitat destruction and/or habitat fragmentation Next leading cause is invasive species Synonyms for “invasive”? Pollution is the first “p” Population is the second “p” Poverty could be a third “p” if needed Overharvesting is the “o” How serious is the present extinction event? Spasm or Mass?

8 Ecology or how the Earth functions
Matter cycles while Energy goes through Cycles  hydrologic, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur Pretty much everything starts with photosynthesis then up trophic levels while governed by 10% rule. Different productivity levels by ecosystem Great biodiversity is the desired state Comes about due to evolution (spec & ext) Humans now endemic to the whole planet so as we go so goes the Earth, for now.

9 The Demise of Civilizations
The close study of failure is the best means of avoidance of its repetition. Famous example is Easter Island Anasazi Maya Mesopotamia Rwanda Montana Successes? There have been a few. Others? Synergy, Trade Offs and Precautionary Principle

10 AP Env Sci is a game! You have to get your piece to the final location to get an A Winner gets a prize

11 Flippped Classroom At Home In Class Watch video and take notes
Go through ppt and take notes Readings Flippped Classroom Block 1—Monday mingles, discussion, activities and labs Block 2--Activities and labs Block 3—Self-directed and assessments

12 Your notes should look like this

13 How do you know the group is working like a team?
This class game is organized into collaborative groups. This can enhance learning of all players and helps you move ahead. How do you know the group is working like a team?

14 Successful Groups Work together. Listen to each other.
Speak politely to one another. Complete all tasks in a timely manner. Help each other and do not allow copying. Share tasks

15 Group Task: Syllabus Scavenger Hunt and Hand prints
Read syllabus and get ready for the first scavenger hunt game Make a hand print on a piece of paper: Make 5 positive adjectives describing yourself Name on front

16 Syllabus Scavenger Hunt
Q1—What is your grade based on? Q2-- Q3 Q4 Q5

17 All talented. Character may overshadow talent

18 Character What do you do when no one is looking Below the surface

19 Watch and Reflect on Softball Video Clip
How does this tie in with your life or this class? Vk5GBx-s

20 Academic Dishonesty Policy
All students share the responsibility of maintaining honesty during testing and other class assignments. Those who allow others to copy their work are just as guilty of cheating as those who do the copying. Students are expected to NOT plagiarize other sources. All work must include citations.

21 I pledge to conduct myself with honor and integrity

22 In this class we score the game, not the practice!

23 Class Logistics Your grade is based on performances on a “game” ie tests, quizzes, lab reports, projects You will receive a mastery checklist for each enduring understanding with “practice” assignments to help you achieve mastery There are readings and videos as well as activities that will help you master the concepts in this class

24 Summer Homework—missing or check mark
Math Current Event Chapter 3

25 More than 5 missings= Holiday assignment to clear the missings
No Holiday Homework!!! Less than 5 missing=No holiday homework More than 5 missings= Holiday assignment to clear the missings


27 Science is Creative

28 Think-WRITE-Pair Share
How would you design an experiment to test if ants count their steps?

29 There is no right or wrong way… be creative

30 This clip shows one way…it is not the only way
See if you can identify their independent (what they changed) and dependent (what they measured/counted)


32 Can Ants Count Independent:____________________
Data supports that__________________________ What we should ask of the researchers -what was their sample size -how many times did they run trials -is the data statistically significant Independent – size of ant’s legs Dependent - # of steps ants take

33 EXIT TICKET – needs to be completed before you leave
Complete the index card provided with the following information (Please write clearly!): On the FRONT of the card put your full name – first, last, and any nickname you prefer to be called On the BACK of the card include all of the following: Your parent(s) and/or guardian(s) full name and their best contact number Language(s) spoken at home Parent/Guardian(s) address

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