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3 IBO MISSION The International Baccalaureate Organization aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people, who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end, the IBO works with schools, governments, and international organizations to develop challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment. These programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate, and lifelong learners, who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

4 1,575 Diploma Schools in 123 countries

5 IB Diploma Gives Students The Chance To Soar Program stresses the whole person Utilizes international standards Based on an integrated curriculum Stresses globalism Multiple learning styles/assessments Broken down into pre-IB & IB Pre-University Diploma


7 A student chooses subject areas, levels and central element themes based on his/her individuality English A1 HOA Biology French B Math Studies Visual Arts Higher Level Standard Level

8 The Learner Profile Inquirers Knowledgeable Critical thinkers Communicators Risk takers Principled Caring Open-minded Well-balanced Reflective

9 The Goal is the Diploma Complete EE, TOK, and CAS Complete all classroom work Take all six courses and all six exams Exams are scored on 1-7 scale Must accumulate 24 points total on six exams

10 The Heart of the Diploma Theory of Knowledge – Extended Essay – Creativity, Action, Service - International- mindedness

11 Education of the whole person The Central Elements Extended Essay (EE) - paper/original research Creativity – Action – Service (CAS) – experiential learning Theory of Knowledge (TOK) – connections between subject areas/academic disciplines

12 Assessment External – 2500+ examiners Worldwide Moderation and Standardization Transparency---Ongoing Evaluation Internal --- Varies From Subject to Subject Curriculum---5-7 Years Renewal

13 Assessment Both Internal and External use of established grading criteria Multiple Methods of Assessment for each course Varied skills tested across disciplines Balance between independent and teacher supervised work Students maintain control over many aspects of assessment

14 IB versus AP Exams-6 Areas International Standards Scores = Teachers & Worldwide Examiners Concepts & Themes Orals in Curriculum Exams-Strengths National Standards Scores = Externally by Testing Service Specific Course Content Orals in Foreign Language

15 Teachers Intensive 3 Day Workshop Philosophy of Teaching IB Methodology in Core Area Evaluation of Students Work Internal Assessment External Assessment Resources for Core Area

16 Teacher Training * Special Subject Seminars (4 or 5 Days): -Curriculum Revisions in Core Area -Effective Research on IB Program * Ongoing Training & Consultation: -FLIBS Roundtable Discussions -Online Curriculum Center Consultation -IB Experienced-Teacher Training (3 days) -IB School Visitations

17 RHS IB Goals @87% of students who take IB exams will receive a passing grade = 4+. @85% of seniors will receive the full IB Diploma. We are now setting our sights on the world averages.

18 4IBNA FLRHS 2006 80% 84% 90% 2005 83% 85% 86% 2004 81% 85% 92% 2003 82% 85% 90% 2002 83% 86% 2001 83% 84% 93%

19 Dipl. IBNA FL RHS 2006 75% 78% 88% 2005 78% 85% 2004 76% 80% 89% 2003 76% 78% 90% 2002 78% 79% 88% 2001 75% 68% 60%

20 IB & College Admission Academic strength of curriculum Critical thinking skills Trend of performance Interview skills External validationExtracurricular involvement Research & writing skills Recommendations Accepts educational challenges Maturity & responsibility

21 IB DIPLOMA RECIPIENTS AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE FLORIDA BRIGHT FUTURES SCHOLARSHIPS. Students who complete the IB curriculum are eligible for Florida Bright Futures Scholarships, with minimum SAT/ACT scores.

22 IB Diploma students can expect the maximum of amount of college transfer credits available. (Most students start college as sophomores.) IB Diploma students have a higher percentage rate of college acceptances than regular applicants. IB graduates are documented to have higher college GPAs than other students.

23 Riverview High School IB Admissions Requirements: 1. Completion of application forms *student info page *parent info page *signed honor code *3 recommendations 2. Final grades of A or B in core classes in Grade 7 and First Semester Grade 8 Recommended: *Stanine 8 on Grade 7 National Test

24 Admissions Favorable Consideration: *Completion of Algebra I in Grade 8 with Grade of A/B *Completion of level one of a foreign language Additional Criteria: *Students may be required to take entrance examinations for various subject areas or produce other documentation


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