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The College Selection Process Riverview IB 11 Parents December 8, 2010 © International Baccalaureate Organization.

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2 The College Selection Process Riverview IB 11 Parents December 8, 2010 © International Baccalaureate Organization

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4 The College Search Click to add sub title © International Baccalaureate Organization

5 A liberal arts education teaches students how to learn and master whatever is put in front of them – there is no more practical way of preparing someone for the unknown….. Anne Ponder, Chancellor, UNC Ashville

6 Inherent by the term search is a focus on individuation College is not a destination. It is a part of the journey; it is time to get real. © International Baccalaureate Organization

7 It really doesnt matter much where you go to college…. It matters what you do at the college that you attend…. © International Baccalaureate Organization


9 IB 11 Students: College Presentation (Wash U) Career Education College Selection, Part 1 Next Steps: Sample Searching IB 12 Modeling College Selection, Part 2 Spring Focus Groups © International Baccalaureate Organization

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11 Were not preparing students just for their first job when they get out of college, but for careers over their lifetime. Mike Michalson, President, New College of Florida © International Baccalaureate Organization

12 Page 11 Developing a Strategy

13 The Search 1. Identify Variables 2. Visit Campuses 3. Take SAT & ACT 4. Work the IB Program 5. Develop an Individualized Strategy © International Baccalaureate Organization

14 Overarching Strategy Manageable Number Reach/Likely/Safety Early & Quality

15 The College Application: Whats being evaluated Academic Preparedness (The IB) – Course rigor – Grades – Standardized testing – SAT/ACT/IB/AP Extracurricular Engagement (CAS) – What is the student doing outside of the classroom? – What qualities is he/she building and demonstrating? Personal qualities (Learner Profile) – Roommate test – Intellectual Engagement – Seen in recs, essays How the student fits in the well-rounded class (Out of Our Control) – Institutional priorities – Diversities

16 For Admission purposes, we assume that students pursuing a full IB diploma are taking the toughest Academic Program available to them- and that is what the Committee on Admissions generally wants to see. From University of Virginia

17 College Admission--Conley What the IB possesses is course content geared to college course expectations and external exams. The advantage for admissions officers is that these exams provide an externally referenced judgment of academic performance independent of GPA & class rank…both of which are becoming less reliable measures of absolute academic achievement.

18 IB & College Assumptions Academic strength of curriculum Trend of performance External validation Research & writing skills Accepts educational challenges Critical thinking skills Interview skills Extracurricular involvement Recommendations Maturity & responsibility

19 IB Learner Profile Inquirers Caring Knowledgeable Reflective Well-Balanced Open-Minded Communicators Principled Risk Takers Thinkers


21 Some Things to Know Competition #s - Traffic Finances $$ IB % of Acceptances Transfer Credits & Scholarships Florida Bright Futures Non-Florida State Schools Honor Colleges Bachelors to Masters/Doctorate Programs Importance of the Visit: Fit-ability Resources Definition of Terms How RHS IB Operates --

22 University Recognition IB Diploma students can expect the maximum of amount of college transfer credits available. (Most students start college as sophomores.) IB Diploma students have a higher percentage rate of college acceptances than regular applicants. IB graduates are documented to have higher college GPAs than other students.

23 Floridas Public Universities: Honors Programs and Colleges IB Diploma = Bright Futures; Complete IB = Bright Futures* FAMU FAU FGCU FIU FSU NCF UCF UF UNF USF UWF

24 We need graduates committed to lifelong learning and broad interests, people with intellectual curiosity who have the agility and self- confidence to navigate a very fluid modern world. David Shi, President, Furman University


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