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Advanced Life Management Program By Glen McQuirk

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1 Advanced Life Management Program By Glen McQuirk
MAP4LIFE Advanced STOP on MONDAYS and be empowered to achieve BALANCE and PURPOSE in LIFE, WORK & PLAY. DO IT NOW! Advanced Life Management Program By Glen McQuirk

2 Early Bird Bookings If your booking and payment is received at least 14 days prior to the event, you will receive a complimentary copy of the MAP4LIFE™ Audio Book.

3 Event Purpose Empower you to achieve BALANCE and PURPOSE in LIFE, WORK & PLAY. Equip you to understand and apply the MAP4LIFE™ methodology. Energise you to enthusiastically develop your Master Action Plan (MAP) Enable you to engage in our Mentorship Accountability Performance Program.

4 Program (8 Hrs) 17h30 Registration & Refreshments
18h00 Welcome & Feedback 18h30 Introduction to Module 19h00 MAP4LIFE Methodolgy 19h30 Snack Break 19h45 Class Work 20h15 Group Discussions 20h45 Recap and Tutorial 21h00 End Each of four Monday evenings follow same program but focus on different modules.

5 Evening 1 Balance Assessment
Establish your Position How to live a balanced life How to improve in each area Identify new habits for positive change Assess two areas in class Tutorial given After this session you will be able to effectively assess and improve anything you choose.

6 Evening 2 Know what you want
Determine your Destination The power of focus Choosing your TOP 10 Brainstorm 1 area Discuss and Learn Tutorial to complete 8 areas. Now you will know how to find out what it is that you really want out of life using a simple technique to mak important life choices.

7 Evening 3 Effective Goal Setting
Prepare your Plan How to set an effective goal Why do some succeed and many fail Creating a Vision Board In class exercise Tutorial to set 1 Goal Learn the Secret Seven Step Formula to setting goals (most people only use 2 or 3) and discover what is really keeping you from reaching your goals.

8 Evening 4 Time Management
Take MASSIVE Action Understanding what motivates you How to live on 24 hours a day How to ensure to-do-lists get done Prepare a weekly schedule Learn how to take back your life by controlling who and what fills your day. Feel liberated.

9 Review MAPDAY Within a month of completing the Advanced Life Management Program attendees will be invited to participate in a MAPDAY and report on their implementation progress.

10 Preparation Attend and Introductory Session of MAP4LIFE™ prior to commencement. Obtain all course materials at the information session. Complete the Questionnaires related to each life area. Record three key things you want to implement based on your reading.

11 Included 1 x MAP4LIFE™ Hardcover 1 x Audio Book Seminar Handout
Refreshments & Snacks Certificate of Participation

12 To Bring Pencil and eraser Set of highlighters Cash for purchases
Business Cards for networking

13 Venue Details of the venue will be forwarded to you on receipt of a successful booking. Directions and a MAP fill also be provided. This is to ensure that adequate provision is made to accommodate all attendees.

14 Booking R once off or R per session plus R x 12 months. Repeat any session for just R Click the icon next to the event when logged in to book. Members and above get rebates. Or your name and number to Or SMS the code ALM plus your NAME to FREE Copy of Audio Book valued at R100 for bookings received 14 days before event. MAP4LIFE reserves the right to postpone events where necessary.

15 Booking Confirmation Payment must be received by MAP4LIFE by direct deposit or credit card payment prior to event. A Consultant will call you to verify your details and forward you the necessary seminar package. Note that the number of bookings received may necessitate a change of venue.

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