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Title I Parent Orientation Greenland Central School 2013-14.

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1 Title I Parent Orientation Greenland Central School 2013-14

2 Welcome and Introductions O Title I Project Manager and Reading Specialist- Vickie Canner: Certified Teacher,B.S. Elementary Education and M.Ed. in Reading, Framingham State College Title I Tutors 1. Deb Perlowski: (K-2) Experienced Tutor, B.S. Education, Plymouth State College 2. Jessica Richardson: (Jr.High) Certified teacher, B.A. UNH, Professional Photographer 3. Sarah Hall: (3-4) Certified teacher, M.Ed. UNH (L.O.A./Ms.Simons) 4. Ann Cole: (3-4) Certified teacher, M.Ed. UNH (Substitute for Ms.Hall) 5. Kara Barnes: (Homework Club) GCS Kindergarten Teacher 6. Beth Kendall: (Homework Club) GCS Media Assistant, B.A. Psychology, Plymouth State College


4 What is Title I? O Federally funded program O Allocation based on free and reduced lunch(75%) combined with income level (25%) O Provides services to students based on academic need regardless of income level

5 Who is Eligible for Title I Services? O Targeted Assistance School O Criteria of Eligibility-rank order O Standardized Test Scores O Informal Test Scores O Teacher Recommendation-classroom performance O Other factors O Reading/Math/or Both O Students in K-6 (depending on funding and priority)

6 Criteria for Eligibility Student Name:___________________________________Date___________ Grade:___________Teacher:________________________D.O.B.__________ Eligibility Category:___________________________ Standardized Test Scores Points_________ Name of test__________________________________________________ Reading (%) ________ Math (%)___________ Low Average 30-39% 5 points Low-Below Average 20-29% 10 points Below Average 0-19% 15 points STATE TESTING Partially Proficient 3 points Substantially Below Proficient 5 points Informal Assessments _____________________________ Points________ Severe deficiency 5 points Moderate deficiency 2 point Teacher recommendation based on classroom performance: Points ____ High Need-5 points, Moderate Need-3 points, Low Need-2 points ESOL, Special Ed., 504, Former Title I participant (3 points each)Points_____ Homeless (automatic qualification) Points 15 TOTAL POINTS________ Priority for Title I Services Eligibility determined by a “High Priority Rating” Moderate-Low Priority students will be considered on space or needs available basis High priority 15 plus Points Moderate priority 7-14 Points Low priority 0-6 Points DOES OR DOES NOT MEET ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR TITLE I SERVICES

7 Description of Title I Services Reading (Content Areas) Math Writing Homework Club and Study Skills Block (3-6) (5-6)

8 Model for Services Primary Grades O In class support 2-3 times a week per area of eligibility O Pull-out help 1-2 times a week as needed O “I Blocks” Upper Grades O In class support 2 times a week per area of eligibility O Pull-out as needed O RTI (3 rd and 4 th ) O Homework Club 2 times a week O Study Skills Block 2 times a week O Jr. High H.W.Club 1-2 times a week

9 *Average Student/Tutor Caseload- 1:13 *Average number of students serviced 48 *Homework Club Student/Tutor Ratio 1:3 *Homework Club 14 *5 year average

10 Communication O Parent Involvement Policy O Permission Slips O Parent/Student/Tutor Compact O Orientation Night O Parent-Teacher Conferences O Quarterly Progress Reports O Homework Club Guidelines and Procedures O Email access to all Title I Staff O Title I web page O Parents Make a Difference Newsletter O Parent Surveys and results O Old fashioned phone calls

11 Homework Club and a quick consult with a parent and Title I Staffer, Mrs. Richardson!

12 Program Confusion O Title I O Special Education O Reading Specialist O 504 Plans O RTI O UNH Seacoast Reads O Summer Success Program O Summer Session

13 Title I Accountability 2012-13 Outcome Data Tested Out Made Gains O Kindergarten 25% 75% O First Grade 92% 8% O Second Grade 33% 66% O Third Grade 85% 15% O Fourth Grade 77% 23% O Fifth Grade 100% O Sixth Grade 100% O Seventh Grade 100% Outcome Data (based on last 3 years) Tested Out O Kindergarten-87% O First Grade-64% O Second Grade-69% O Third Grade-77% O Fourth Grade-70% O Fifth Grade-55% O Sixth Grade-60%

14 Title I Parent Survey Results Areas of Strength:  Title I Staff  Positive experience  Helps student achievement  Service model suited to individual student  At Home Reading Program  Homework Club  Study Skills Block  Summer Success Program

15 Comments and Thoughts O Declining allocations O N.H. Department of Education On-site Reviews- High Marks ( 2014) O Eligibility issues-academics vs. executive skills O Title I “lifers” O “Maintainers” on the cusp of eligibility O In-class vs. pull-out O Teacher/tutor collaboration (PLC) O Jr. High services O Finding time to make a difference O Individual goals O Summer Programs O Community Based Leveled Library- sign-up O Incentive Programs-”Club Cash” O Switching Homework Club Days-(Monday)


17 Parent Involvement

18 Unsolicited!


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