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NJ ASK Informational Session Grade 3 March 27, 2012 Lawrence Brook.

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1 NJ ASK Informational Session Grade 3 March 27, 2012 Lawrence Brook

2 NJ ASK Testing Dates 2012 Grades 3-4: Week of May 7 th - 11 th Make-Ups: May 14-18, 2012 Grade 5: Week of April 30 th -May 4 th Make-Ups: May 7-11, 2012

3 Language Arts Literacy- Reading NJASK tests include various reading passages per grade level. Reading passages will include literature as well as informational or “everyday” reading selections from a wide array of sources and genres.

4 Reading Strategies: Multiple Choice Read the questions first Underline important words in the story Cross out wrong answer choices using process of elimination Bubble in the correct answer choice

5 Open Ended Response Strategy R - Restate A- Answer the question T- Text examples S- Summary sentence

6 LAL Writing Tasks Defined Speculative- Students write a story based on their personal experiences and stories they have read. (30 min.) Expository- Students are asked to describe, discuss or explain a given topic. (30 min.) Persuasive- Students are asked to respond to a situation or issue offering their opinion. (45 min.) Explanatory-Students are asked to explain their point of view based personal knowledge or experience. (30 min.)

7 Writing Task Strategy Planning: -Beginning -Middle -End (5 minutes) Writing: -Writing the prompt response in the booklet. (20 minutes) Revising: -Using the revising checklist in the booklet (5 minutes)

8 Format of the Math Test Multiple Choice (MC) Short Constructed Response (SCR) Extended Constructed Response (ECR)

9 Skills Covered Grades 3-7 Number Sense Geometry & Measurement Patterns & Algebra Data Analysis, Probability, Discrete Math

10 Sample Questions:

11 Qualities of Good Extended Constructed Responses Answer is on topic and accurate All parts of question are answered Work is labeled Clear explanation

12 How will responses be scored? Multiple Choice One Point Each Students choose their answer Short Constructed Response (SCR): One Point Each Answers are right or wrong Extended Constructed Response (ECR): Scored on a 3 point scale - partial credit is awarded Students can receive up to 2 points for showing use of strategy with a small computational mistake

13 Home Preparations Normal Routines Balanced breakfast Encouragement Attendance/Arrival Share Relaxation Techniques

14 Test Prep Websites for Kids cles/tips/

15 VIP Very Important Parent “A word of encouragement during failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.” Anonymous

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