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An assessment to determine how well the students have learned the Georgia Performance Standards for their grade level.

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2 An assessment to determine how well the students have learned the Georgia Performance Standards for their grade level.

3 Who is tested? Grades 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th Reading, English/language arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Occurs over a 5 day period.

4 When is the test given? CRCT schedule: April 19 th -Reading April 20 th -ELA April 21 st -Math April 26 th -Science April 27 th -Social Studies April 28 th -Make-ups

5 Passing Scores For reading, English/language arts, math, and science a score of 800 or higher is passing. Third graders must pass the reading test to get promoted. Fifth graders must pass reading and math to get promoted.

6 What can parents do to help? Reassure your child that there will be plenty of time to take the test! Point out that some items may be more difficult than others and some material may be new to the child. Encourage your child to use good test taking skills: read and follow directions carefully, avoid careless errors, review work.

7 Tips continued Be certain your child gets plenty of sleep and has a good, nourishing breakfast. Be certain your child is at school on time. Remember to ask your child about the testing at the end of each day.

8 Strategies students can use Ask questions when directions are unclear Understand pacing Use the process of elimination Use context clues Use picture clues Mark answers in the appropriate place Be neat by avoiding making stray marks on the test Use answer choices as a source of information Skip an item and return to it accurately Draw a diagram for clarity Recheck answers after finishing the test if time permits Eliminate worthless information

9 Skills the students need Follow oral directions Follow written directions Understand testing vocabulary Understand testing symbols Work in a timed situation Become familiar with interchangeable math symbols and terms Know classroom procedures for testing

10 What is testing vocabulary? Explain= tell about, discuss, tell how or why Summarize=give short version, main idea, sum it up, just the facts Compare=how are they alike?, give similarities between two or more things Contrast= how are they different Describe= tell about using the 5 senses (touch, smell, scent, sound, look), paint a picture using words Predict=what you think will happen next, make a guess about the next event, think ahead

11 What is testing vocabulary? Support= back up with details, give reasons for, give the facts Evaluate=tell the value of, tell the good and bad parts, put in rank order, judge or rate Analyze= break into parts, study individual pieces, take apart, look at closer Infer=read between the lines, make an educated guess, look for hidden information, figure out Formulate= put together, come up with, create, make, design Trace= write in order from beginning to end, list in steps, outline, track or follow

12 BUBBLING IN ANSWERS EXAMPLES: No Yes Color the bubble that is under the mistake in the sentence. Mike and i went to the store. O O O

13 LEARN THE TEST FORMAT The CRCT is a multiple choice format. Provide students the opportunities to complete assignments and tests using the format for practice. HINT: There is NO PENALTY for guessing.

14 WORKING IN A TIMED SITUATION Students need to understand that sometimes tests or assignments need to be completed in a certain time frame. Example: The most widely used is the timed math fact quiz.

15 PROCESS OF ELIMINATION Eliminate any answers you know are wrong before making your choice. Example: What is the capital of Qatar? Washington,D.C. Atlanta Doha Tokyo O O O O

16 TRY EACH ANSWER USE EACH ANSWER GIVEN TO FIND THE CORRECT ONE Example: 20____2=18 a. > 20 >2=10 b. / 20/2=10 c. + 20+2=22 d. - 20-2=18 OR Which word best completes the sentence? Alice is _______ on the bed. a. jumped b. jump c. jumping

17 KNOW MATH TERMS AND SYMBOLS Tests like to use various mathematical terms or symbols to mean the same thing. Example: What is the sum of the equation? Add the following numerals. Choose the correct operation/symbol. OR 8X2=16 8*2=16 8(2)=16

18 WRONG ANSWERS ARE USUALLY COMMON MISTAKES Test makers will put commonly made mistakes as answer choices to questions. Example: 9-1= a. 10 b. 9 c. 8 d. 91 Where did answer A,B,D come from?

19 MATH SKILLS Grades 3, 4, & 5 will have scratch paper to work out answers & will mark answers on the answer scantron form. Read the problem, draw the problem, solve the problem.

20 Online practice Students can practice tests online using these websites at home:

21 Please contact me with any questions! 265-3675 ext. 1447 Thank you so much for supporting Satilla Marsh and our sandpipers!

22 GOOD LUCK !!!

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