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Standardized Test Prep

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1 Standardized Test Prep
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2 What Can I Do At Home To Relax?
Listen to calm music Talk to a friend or a parent Go to bed early The Morning of Testing Wake up early Eat a healthy breakfast Get to school on time Think Positive! Innovative Teacher

3 Before You Answer… Read the directions completely and ask for help if you do not understand. Read the question and ALL answer choices before choosing your answer. Innovative Teacher

4 Multiple Choice Questions
Try to answer every question. Make the most intelligent guess you can. Use “The Process of Elimination” Cross out the answer(s) you KNOW are incorrect. The answer(s) that is remaining is your best choice(s) Innovative Teacher I know C isn’t the answer!

5 Pace Yourself Don’t spend too much time on any one question.
Do your best and then move on. Answer the easiest questions first. Remember to go back to the questions you skipped. Innovative Teacher

6 Passages or Stories Read the questions FIRST before the passage.
By doing this, you will know what answers to look for in the passage or story. Innovative Teacher

7 Written Responses Make sure you understand what the question is asking. Be sure you are responding to the question that is being asked. Read your written responses to check for accurate details or examples and to make sure it makes sense. Innovative Teacher

8 Key Words Find key words or phrases in the question that will help you choose the correct answer. Innovative Teacher

9 Math Computation Line up place value correctly on your scratch paper (thousands, hundreds, tens, ones). When using scratch paper on a math test, double check to make sure that you have copied the problem correctly from the test booklet! If your answer does not match one of the choices, reread the problem, recopy the numbers, and try solving it again. Innovative Teacher

10 A Matter of Time If any time remains, go back and look for skipped or unanswered questions. Check that you bubbled in your choices completely. Completely erase any other markings or mistakes. Double-check that your answers match the questions in your test booklet and that it coincides with the number on your answer sheet. Innovative Teacher

11 What Can Parents Do To Help?
Please review this PowerPoint. Help your child prepare for their Standardized Test. Talk to your child about their worries or concerns. Send them to bed early. Give them a healthy breakfast. Get them to school on time. Send them off to school with positive encouragements. Innovative Teacher

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