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All About The Great White Shark

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1 All About The Great White Shark
By JP Riley

2 In this report you will learn about the great white shark
In this report you will learn about the great white shark. You will read about what it looks like, where it lives, how it protects itself, what it eats, its enemy, and an interesting fact.

3 Physical Description

4 Habitat Do you know what oceans the great white shark lives in? Great white sharks lives in every ocean where the water is not too hot and not too cold. The great white shark lives near seal colonies where they can eat plenty of seals. These colonies are found near the coast.

5 Defense Do you know how the great white protects its self.? Since great white sharks have no enemy they don’t need to protect it self. However one way the great white could protect itself is by using its sharp teeth. Another way the great white shark defends itself is it can see well in the dark. Finally the great white shark can hear well in the dark. It can hear possible threats.

6 Prey Chomp… chomp… chomp! The great white shark swallows its dinner. One thing it could eat is people. They eat people when they aggravate them. Another thing that the great whites eat is seals. Seals are their favorite thing to eat. Finally something else great whites eat is fish.

7 Predators Swish… swish… The great white escapes from its predators. Did you know the great white sharks only enemy is humans. People hunt great whites for food. Also people hunt great whites for fun. Sometimes baby great white sharks are in danger when they see other great whites.

8 Interesting Facts Do you know something interesting about the great white shark? When a great white bites its prey its eyes roll back into its body for protection. A great white sharks skeleton is made out of cartilage . The three kinds of sharks teeth are flat teeth, long spiky teeth, and serrated teeth.

9 In closing I hope you had a wonderful time reading about the great white shark.

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