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Bald Eagle Rebekah Carroll.

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1 Bald Eagle Rebekah Carroll

2 There are five different groups of animals with Vertebrates.
Mammals Fish Reptile Birds Amphibians

3 Bald Eagles have certain characteristics that make them a bird.
Here are some of the attributes: It has feathers and wings. It is warm blooded. It breathes through lungs. Bald Eagles lay eggs.

4 Animal adaptation How the Bald Eagle protects itself. My animals has adapted. It has keen eyesight to spot prey. It can see something coming after it or the babies and can protect itself. It has a sharp yellow bill to tear apart food. It has Yellow feet with shark talons to hold onto its prey.

5 My animal has adapted to his environment.
Bald Eagles live near rivers and large lakes. It likes to eat fish and has strong powerful wings. The wings help it fly above the fish and dive down to grab their dinner of yummy fish with their sharp claws.

6 A Bald Eagle’s Appearance
They have powerful wings with dark brown feathers. Its feathers can camouflage the bird so that you cannot see it in a tree. It has white tail feathers. It has brown feathers on its body. It is not bald but has white feathers on its head.

7 The Bald Eagle’s Habitat
They live in the Great Lakes. They like the Great Lakes because it is very cold. They live in Alaska, Baja, California, Sweden, and Florida.

8 Behavior and social habits
Both mom and dad Bald Eagles protect their babies so an enemy won’t try to get the babies. They get very mad when some bird tries to get their food, eggs, or their babies. If another bird tries to take a mother bird’s baby or its egg, it will get vicious at the bird and try to fight the other bird. The Bald Eagle builds a big nest in tall trees or on cliffs. They use the same nest year after year.

9 More about bald eagles An adult bald eagle has little to fear from other birds or animals. Their keen eyesight, powerful beaks, talons, and flying ability protect them against all but one enemy humans.

10 Dangers to the Bald Eagle…
Even though they are protected by law, Bald Eagle are shot and killed all the time. Most bad pesticides are not used anymore, but we still need to help them and protect them

11 What is a bald eagle’s diet?
Bald Eagles are carnivores. That means they eat meat. They hunt during the day. Their favorite food is fish. They need food because they can die if they don’t have it. They also hunt and eat mice, small birds, and snakes.

12 Learning about the Bald Eagle is fun!
I hope you leaned lots about the Bald Eagle. It is fun to learn about our nation’s symbol. Reference: rintouts/Eaglecoloring.shtml

13 Bald Eagle by Rebekah Carroll

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