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Welcome to Glynn Academy’s 9th Grade Orientation

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1 Welcome to Glynn Academy’s 9th Grade Orientation

2 Tonight’s Agenda Getting set for the future
Positioning yourself academically Registration process Picking your elective classes Involvement



5 Why all the fuss about grades
Why all the fuss about grades? GPA calculations start your 9th grade year! Google any school and see what the average GPA for the entering freshman class is…. Hope: 3.0 G.P. A And new Rigor Requirements

6 How are grades different from Middle School?
WELL, THEY COUNT TOWARD COLLEGE/LIFE!!! Your Freshman Year = 1/4 of your High School GPA High school GPA=3.0=HOPE=$$ Freshman Year = 1/4 Sophomore Year= 1/4 This means Junior Year=1/4 Freshman Year is Senior Year=1/ % of your GPA! It all counts from day 1, or rather August 7, 2014!!


8 You need to push and challenge yourself to earn
HOPE. GPA::3.0 Your GAcollege411 Account is an excellent source of info about HOPE Students need only of the six listed to the left. These are built in to our grad. req.

9 Be advised, high school seniors: It may be harder than you think to get into Georgia’s top public colleges next year. This year’s freshmen at the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Georgia College & State universities shattered records for SAT scores and high school GPAs. That continued a steady rise that has altered the state’s higher education landscape, making a slot at Tech or UGA hotly competitive and fueling huge growth and higher standards at other public universities. Georgia Tech’s freshmen earned an average 1378 on the math and verbal SAT — up almost 50 points from five years ago. They took more than three college-level Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses by the end of junior year in high school and three more during senior year. “It’s getting a little ridiculous,” said Rick Clark, director of undergraduate admissions at Georgia Tech. “The caliber is going up but the number of students we admit isn’t.” The rising quality at top colleges has caused a trickle down effect. Enrollment at Georgia Southern and Kennesaw State universities has increased and the student talent has improved. Kennesaw State freshmen earned an average 1,074 on the math and verbal SAT — a gain of 52 points over the last decade. College admissions officers encourage students to apply, even if their scores are below the averages. Averages, they note, include lots of students who scored lower. They tell students not to worry if their high school offers few Advanced Placement courses. The point is for students to take advantage of whatever challenging classes are offered, Clark said.

10 So who did get into UGA this year? Here’s a profile:
Average GPA of 3.8 SAT avg. was 1254 out of 1800 ACT avg. was 28 out of 36 18,000 applied – 5,500 accepted Honor’s Program GPA avg: 4.03 Rigor of student’s high school curriculum continues to be a key factor in admissions decisions. 95% being enrolled in some AP courses. More than half of incoming first year freshman were in the top 10% of their class. 225 freshmen were first or second in their graduation class

11 GPA’s at some Georgia schools:
UGA-3.83 Ga Tech-3.9 Ga Southern-2.0 Valdosta-3.08 Georgia College & State-3.59 Harvard-3.84/4.37 weighted Duke-3.79/4.31 weighted

12 Testing Requirements (8 EOCTs (20% of your Grade!! and 1 writing test) Credit Requirements Promotion Requirements

13 End of Course Tests (EOCT) (Graduation Rule for class of 2018)
Think CRCT similar 8 Content Area Assessments: 9th Grade Literature/Composition-Freshman yr American Literature/Composition CCGPS Coordinate Algebra-Fr. Yr. CCGPS Analytic Geometry-Fr. Yr. Biology-Freshman yr. Physical Science-Freshman yr. United States History Economics (these tests count for 20% of your final grade… That is 1/5 of entire grade=study for the EOCT!)

14 8th Grade Registration 8th grade teachers are making academic class recommendations for your 4 core subject areas(English, Math, Science and Social Studies) Paperwork being sent home Individual Registration mtgs (Feb. 25th) You need to pick 6 electives and rank them 1 to 6 in order of preference information-very important!

15 Registration Folder: Registration form Letter explaining process
Class of 2018 Graduation Requirements (green) Glynn Academy Sample 4 year plans (green) Glynn Academy Course Descriptions

16 **Honors=Gifted which Means they are exactly the same thing!!
This top row is where your teachers have already made a recommendation for you. **Honors=Gifted which Means they are exactly the same thing!! Some elective choices… You need a total of 6 electives. We are asking you to pick 6 and rank them 1-6. AP Human AP Human Geography & other academic electives


18 What about math? To find out more about what colleges are looking for, we spoke to Tom Abeyta, Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Oberlin College. Oberlin is a highly selective liberal arts school in Oberlin, Ohio. The college aims for a well-rounded class by drawing on a holistic review process of each applicant, but the high school transcript is still the piece in which they invest the most time. Abeyta says that academics are 'huge'. The admissions office looks closely at the degree of rigor in a schedule. Most of the students who are admitted have completed four years of math in high school, through a minimum of Pre-Calculus. The majority completed Calculus. Based on these facts, a student who plans to apply to a selective college should try to include the following classes in her schedule: Pre-Calculus AP Calculus (AB or BC) Math teacher and SAT expert Gregg Whitnah explains why it’s important to aim for calculus: “Students keep the admissions door open when they take as much math as possible.” The best way to fit these classes in is to start Algebra in the 8th grade. Alternatively, some high schools allow concurrent enrollment of Geometry and Algebra or Geometry and Algebra II. In addition, there’s always summer school and community college.

19 On the back side of form are more common elective choices including world languages*…
Health/pe – most freshmen take this and it=1elective *Going to a 4 year college? Then you need 2 consecutive years of a world language. Remember pick 6 total electives and rank 1-6.

20 Inside of registration form:
Pathway: These two inside pages contain CTAE options at GICA (Golden Isles Career Academy) and GA. We are now going to allow freshmen to attend GICA if there is room in their schedule. Any class taken at GICA will be attended for 2 hours: (either 1 & 2 block or 3 & 4 block) You will select the first 2 classes in a pathway. I have also highlighted more of the common electives taken at Glynn Academy. Please note that in tiny writing at the bottom of pathways, it tells where the classes are offered. Computer Electives

21 Inside of registration form:
More pathway options and our ROTC elective is here. Computer Electives ROTC


23 Write it on Page 2-top left
Choose a Pathway: Write it on Page 2-top left What is this? A completion of 3 or 4 courses in a Specific area to help students decide on future Interests toward college or careers. GICA Pathway: (any pathway listed on pages 2 & 3 of registration form) Fine Arts Pathway: (any pathway listed on page 4 of registration form) Music Instrumental Theater Journalism Visual Arts Advanced Academic Pathway: Language Arts Math Science Social Studies (may be completed by taking at least one AP or dual enrollment course in that area. Most college bound students will do this automatically; therefore if you don’t have a pathway decided, put Academic Pathway down for now. Will go toward Hope Rigor Requirements as well.) World Language Pathway (need 2 consecutive years World Language To complete a pathway and if your are going to USG school/college)

24 Need to Know/Questions to Ask:
Advisement/Registration ~ what classes do I sign up for and how many?- academic, elective Who makes academic recommendations? -current teachers Do I need a foreign language? When should I start it? Should I take that AP class, Human Geography and what is it anyway? Should I go to GICA? – there maybe courses there just for you! What is a Pathway? An area of focus. 3 or 4 courses in a sequence These are the questions that will get answered!

25 So…what should I put for my 6 electives?
1. Health/pe (which counts as 1 elective) Back page 2. Will you start your foreign language? Back page (Probably should be a strong academic student) 3. AP Human Geography? (student who is self directed, good time management, likes to read and study) Front page: Academic Elective 4. A computer/business class? Pages 2 & 3 inside 5. Fine arts? (band, chorus, art) Back page 6. A class at GICA?- remember this=2 electives. Pages 2 & 3 inside

26 Sample 9th grade schedule
Skinny, Block – what does all this mean? 2 semesters in a school year. Sample 9th grade schedule This first block class is divided into 2 Skinnies each 45 minutes long for the entire year. This is a true block. 90 minutes long for half the year.

27 Sample schedule with GICA

28 Ways to Support Your Student


30 How Can You Get Involved?
Stay in touch: , facebook, instagram and twitter. Make sure you have an infinite campus account and/or the infinite campus app. counseloratga @maryb_ga Please join the GA Parent Teacher-Student Association~go to website and then it is under student/parent tab.

31 Attendance Matters: Student Attendance=Student Success
Goal: 100% Attendance Students with good attendance do better in school, have more friends, like school and are more likely to graduate. Successful students miss 8 or fewer days of school per year. Attendance tied to Georgia Learner’s Permit Goal: 100% Graduation School attendance is the strongest predictor of High School Graduation 87% of high school students who missed less than 8 days of school per year graduated on time. A high school graduate will earn about $300,000 more than a high school dropout over a lifetime. High School drop outs are more likely to be unemployed, live in poverty, receive public assistance and go to prison.

32 “RED” flag statements:
“I don’t have any homework…” “I did my homework at school” “I know that IC says that I am failing, but I’ve got everything under control.” “That assignment is not worth very much.” “I don’t need the class to graduate.” “I’ve already lost credit, so why bother?” What are some warning signs that indicate your student may be struggling?

33 Where can students go for help?
Teachers stay after until 4:00pm-some appts before school – always check with them for their availability Initiate contact with teachers Honor Society tutors may be available Find a study partner in your classes Links to online resources from the media center Counselor, administrator, mentor, teacher, CIS

34 What do we need to be doing next?
Help your student stay organized Help your student create good study habits Peer pressure If you don’t have one, open a college savings account Find out about colleges you may be interested in Keep exploring college & career interests Don’t forget about extra curricular and community activities

35 Get involved:Clubs at Glynn Academy:
Competition team tryouts will be in April GA Chorus Mr. Roper will probably come to GMS for auditions

36 Get involved:Sports at Glynn Academy:
Physicals will be May 1 at BHS

37 I don’t want to get lost: We will have an open house and you can tour the school with your schedule. Usually 2-3 days before school starts in August.

38 Photo by Vincepal - Creative Commons Attribution License http://www
Created with Haiku Deck

39 Welcome to Glynn Academy Class of 2018!!

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