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2 Freshman Academy Staff Freshman Guidance Counselor- Mrs. Dillard Director of Freshman Academy- Mr. Young Principal- Mrs. Boseman Freshman Academy Building 2 halls (3 teams of teachers) Atrium Auxiliary gym Car Circle

3  What is a Carnegie unit?  Do elective units count?  What is a GPA and how is it calculated?  What is my class rank?  Graduation requirements vs. college admissions

4 Numerical Average Letter Grade College PrepHonorsAP/ Dual Enrollment 100A4.8755.3755.875 99A4.7505.2505.750 98A4.6255.1255.625 97A4.5005.0005.500 96A4.3754.8755.375 95A4.2504.7505.250 94A4.1254.6255.125 93A4.0004.5005.000 92B3.8754.3754.875 91B3.7504.2504.750 90B3.6254.1254.625 89B3.5004.0004.500 88B3.3753.8754.375 87B3.2503.7504.250 86B3.1253.6254.125 85B3.0003.5004.000 84C2.8753.3753.875 83C2.7503.2503.750 82C2.6253.1253.625 81C2.5003.0003.500 80C2.3752.8753.375 79C2.2502.7503.250 78C2.1252.6253.125 77C2.0002.5003.000 76D1.8752.3752.875 75D1.7502.2502.750 74D1.6252.1252.625 73D1.5002.0002.500 72D1.3751.8752.375 71D1.2501.7502.250 70D1.1251.6252.125

5  Divided into three teams  Each team has a math, science, social studies, and English teacher. Academic Classes:  Taught 45 minutes each day  English, math, science, social studies  Recommendations made by teachers

6  Smooth Transition from Middle School to High School  Commitment to High School Graduation  Rigorous Academics  Preparation for 10 th -12 th Grades and Life after WHS

7  English, Science, Social Studies, Math  Prerequisites  45 minutes daily  Teams  Homework/Lunch Detentions  Study habits, motivation, determination  Teacher Expectations

8  Elective courses are taught 90 minutes every other day. Freshmen earn 8 units in the school year, and may choose 1.0-1.5 units of electives. We are on an A/B Block Schedule.  A sample schedule is listed below: A Day: AE English Global Math Science Computer 90 mins. 45 mins 45 mins. 45 mins. 45 mins. 90 mins. B Day: ROTC English Global Math Science Band 90 mins. 45 mins. 45 mins. 45 mins. 45 mins. 90 mins.

9  Required course for ALL ninth grade students.  All Freshman Academy academic teachers have Academic Enhancement with their students.  Students have the opportunity to be tutored and make up tests during this class period.  In addition, a curriculum is incorporated into this class that includes:  Organizational skills  Unit on Bullying  Tutorials  Career and Technology Center tours  Variety of speakers  Silent Sustained Reading  Comprehensive Health Education

10  All students must take 1 unit of PE or ROTC in order to graduate.  Students should choose only one.  ROTC is an excellent program that teaches you about naval science, government, and physical fitness. They take many exciting trips and learn a lot about national security and their personal obligations as American citizens.  Required to wear a uniform once a week in ROTC.  This is a year-long course.  PE consists of a semester course called Lifelong Fitness, which all students who choose PE must take. The other unit of PE comes from the sport your choice which are Team/Olympic Activities OR Aerobics/Weight Training.  Students may only choose one of these courses. Any student that plans to participate in athletics at Wren High School is encouraged to take aerobics/weight training.

11  Computer Tech I (or Keyboarding)  Required course for ninth graders.  Students must complete a full unit of Computer Science in order to graduate, and this course satisfies ½ of this requirement.  Students must be proficient in keyboarding in order to take Computer Tech I.  Project Lead the Way can take the place of Computer Tech and Keyboarding.  Keyboarding: Keyboarding (or Computer Tech I)  Required course for ninth graders.  Prelude to Computer Tech I.  Teaches the necessary keyboarding skills to be successful on the computer.  Students must complete a full unit of Computer Science in order to graduate, and this course satisfies ½ of this requirement. Students will take the other ½ their sophomore year.

12  Due to the Common Core Curriculum, all students who are enrolled in Common Core Algebra I will also be enrolled in Mastery Algebra Lab.  Mastery Algebra Lab is an extension of the Common Core Algebra I course.  Mastery Algebra Lab is 45 minutes every other day, so it counts as a.5 elective credit.  Students enrolled in Common Core Algebra I will choose 1 unit of additional elective credit.  Mastery Algebra Lab is not required for students enrolled in PLTW.

13  Remaining 1.0-1.5 electives are chosen by the student  The list of elective courses that are available to freshmen are on the back of the registration form  These are the ONLY courses that freshmen may take.  Please read the course descriptions to find out more information on each course. Pay close attention to the unit value of each course since you can only choose 1.0-1.5 units. Please note that courses like Photography ($20) and Industrial Tech ($15) require additional fees.  Ex. Drama I…p. 31, Family Life…p. 37  Courses like Yearbook, advanced art courses, Show Chorus, Concert Chorus, Jazz Band, and Jazz Ensemble are not on the list. These courses are usually not available to freshmen due to scheduling conflicts. If you wish to take Yearbook, please pick up an application from Mrs. Craig. If you would like to apply for an advanced art course, please see Mrs. Dierks to get portfolio deadlines and requirements.

14  Once you have chosen your 1.0-1.5 units of electives that you would like to take, you should put a check beside the course name. These are your first choice of electives, however, they are only course requests, not your official school schedule.  VERY IMPORTANT!  Students MUST write in 3 alternate electives on the bottom of their registration form.

15  Fine Art requirement-Four year colleges are requiring one full unit of a fine art (Drama, Band, Strings, Chorus, Art) in order to be admitted. If you are planning to attend a four year college, you should choose.5 of the fine art unit your freshman year if possible.  NCAA (college athletics) does not accept Math Tech I for eligibility.

16  ACADEMIC  SHORT TERM Complete all Assignments Complete Summer Reading Pass the test/Make A on Test Make A’s and B’s on report card  LONG TERM Pass 9 th Grade Graduate from High School Go to College (Clemson, South Carolina, Tri-County, etc) Join Military/Get a JOB

17  Parent Portal/Student Portal  Website  Wren High School App  Email  Progress reports/Report cards It is essential to keep parents and school staff in the loop of what’s going on!!!

18  Please take home the letter to your parents, white registration sheet, and blue curriculum guide. Go over the courses and choose 1.0- 1.5 units of electives and 3 alternates.  Bring registration sheet and blue curriculum guide back for February 20 th CAPS meeting.  Please go over your choices with your parents as they will have the final say at the CAPS Conference.


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