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Welcome to Glynn Academy’s 9th Grade Orientation

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1 Welcome to Glynn Academy’s 9th Grade Orientation

2 Tonight’s ppt will be on my websites at GMS and GA: “Feb
Tonight’s ppt will be on my websites at GMS and GA: “Feb. 20th, th grade parent advisement/orientation ppt.”


4 Administrators Dr. Scott Spence, Principal
Jeff Parker, Assistant Principal Attendance and Athletic Director Dr. Randal Harvey, Assistant Principal Names A-K Deborah Williams, Assistant Principal Names L-Z Diann Meeks, Assistant Principal for Instruction

5 The Nuts and Bolts School starts every day at 8:20 and ends at 3:30
Students take anywhere from 4 to 8 classes per day, classes are either 90 or 45 minutes in length A 90 minute class is worth 1 credit per semester A skinny (45 minute class which will meet all year) is worth .50 credit per semester-an entire credit will be earned by May Students have a half hour lunch 1st lunch: 11:40 to 12:10 2nd lunch: 12:30 to 1:00 3rd lunch: 1:20 to 1:50

6 2 nine week terms=1 semester
Pass class=earn a credit A “skinny” goes all year. Usually pared with another skinny for the year. Earn credit at end of year (May) A “block” goes until the end of the semester. (Dec.) 5th block classes include band, drama, and weight lifting.

7 Nuts and Bolts continued…
Be familiar with Glynn Academy’s Homepage GA's Homepage Be familiar with the School Calendar (top right tab) Know the school rules – cell phone, dress code Know the attendance/tardy policy-where to take attendance notes Attendance tied to learner’s permit Student IDs Get an Infinite Campus Account~! Make sure you are signed up for Mrs. Belechak’s newsflashes, facebook, twitter and instagram! Athletic Eligibility

8 What is necessary to graduate?
4 English credits 4 Math credits 4 Science credits 4 Social Studies credits 1 Health/PE* 2 Foreign Language** 7 CTAE, fine arts or other elective credits *3 credits in ROTC can be substituted **necessary for 4 year college 8 EOCTs 1 GHSGT(writing))

9 End of Course Tests (EOCT) (Graduation Rule for class of 2017)
8 Content Area Assessments: 9th Grade Literature/Composition American Literature/Composition CCGPS Coordinate Algebra CCGPS Analytic Geometry Biology Physical Science United States History Economics (these tests count for 20% of your final grade))


11 GPA’s at some Georgia schools:
UGA-3.83 Ga Tech-3.9 Ga Southern-2.0 Valdosta-3.08 Georgia College & State-3.59 Harvard-3.84/4.37 weighted Duke-3.79/4.31 weighted

12 2 nine week terms=1 semester
A “skinny” goes all year. Usually pared with another skinny for the year, A “block” goes until the end of the semester. (Dec.) 5th block classes include band, drama, and weight lifting.

13 “Who is my counselor?” Mary Belechak Freshman x3204
Angie Votsis Sophomore x3182 Loren Dittmar Junior x3181 Patrice Hall Senior x3206 All staff addresses: First Initial Last For example: School website:

14 Counseling Office Staff
Counseling Secretary: Tammy Cirmotich x3203 Homework requests, mailings, transcript requests Registrar: Julie Spires x3196 Registrar’s Secretary: Susan Alexander x3197 Student records, transcript reviews, master schedule, enrollments, withdrawals, grading windows

15 Other Support Staff Mary Anderson Attendance Secretary
Notes for absences, check in/check out Steve O’Cain School Psychologist Pamela Thompson School Nurse Kristine Hickson Special Education Amy Crabb Community in Schools Dr. Melissa Purcell Media Specialist Amy Bradley Media Specialist

16 Counseling Services Counselors handle questions or difficulties that a student might have, from class schedules to personal problems Counselors make referrals to other local professionals in the area for concerns such as substance abuse or long term counseling. Counselors help students serve as a resource to parents and teachers regarding performance in classes, which may include arranging teacher conferences.

17 Counseling Appointments
Counseling appointments for parents or students can be made by calling or ing or x3204 Counselors are also available on a drop in, first come, first serve basis every day during school, lunch as well as before and after school. When Mrs. Belechak is not in her office, leave her a note- slips attached to her door with a pocket folder to put it in.

18 Ways to Support Your Student

19 Register for Infinite Campus
Infinite Campus enables you to: Monitor attendance View Missing assignments View current grade status Infinite Campus has an app!


21 Mrs. Belechak is on Facebook!

22 How Can You Get Involved?
Ways to Help GA: Supplies are especially needed this year due to budget cuts. Please consider donating: Reams of copier paper Boxes of tissue and hand sanitizer Extra school or office supplies Your time as a volunteer Please join the GA Parent Teacher-Student Association~go to website and then it is under student/parent tab.

23 “RED” flag statements:
“I don’t have any homework…” “I did my homework at school” “I know that IC says that I am failing, but I’ve got everything under control.” “That assignment is not worth very much.” “I don’t need the class to graduate.” “I’ve already lost credit, so why bother?” What are some warning signs that indicate your student may be struggling?

24 Attendance Matters: Student Attendance=Student Success
Goal: 100% Attendance Students with good attendance do better in school, have more friends, like school and are more likely to graduate. Successful students miss 8 or fewer days of school per year. Goal: 100% Graduation School attendance is the strongest predictor of High School Graduation 87% of high school students who missed less than 8 days of school per year graduated on time. A high school graduate will earn about $300,000 more than a high school dropout over a lifetime. High School drop outs are more likely to be unemployed, live in poverty, receive public assistance and go to prison.

25 Where can students go for help?
Teachers stay after until 4:00pm-some appts before school Initiate contact with teachers Honor Society tutors may be available Find a study partner in your classes Paid tutors Links to online resources from the media center Counselor, administrator, mentor, teacher, CIS

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