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A look back at our 6th grader’s Condit Memories

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1 A look back at our 6th grader’s Condit Memories

2 Fifth Grade Andrew D My fifth grade teacher was Mrs. Amaya. She would always make science fun for us. She would never be mean. She might have been my favorite teacher.

3 Fourth Grade Jacob C Fourth grade was one of my favorite years. I got fantastic grades, and I had Mrs. Zimmerman, who was an awesome teacher.

4 Fourth Grade Sophia Fourth grade was one of the best years of my life and my teacher was Mrs. Hicks. In science, we studied electricity, which would have been fun, except for the fact that electricity terrifies me. We studied California’s history and on one field trip we visited Rancho Adobe Palomares. In reading, we read the book Two Years Before the Mast and By the Great Horn Spoon.

5 -Second Grade- Alle Ayala
Ahhhh…Mrs. Felton! I remember how we would get candy and would have share every Friday . I love Mrs. Felton’s curly hair and we would wear matching T-shirts every Wednesday.

6 Fourth Grade Jamie W I loved my fourth grade year. Mrs. Hicks was a great a teacher. Everyday we would laugh. She always had something funny to say. I will always remember that year.

7 Fourth Grade Ian T Fourth Grade was my favorite year. I liked Fourth Grade because we went on a lot of field trips.

8 Third Grade Cheyenne I had Mrs. Kral. She would call me Chloe. I loved the part where we got to make our robots. My Robot was a softball player. Her name was Cat Oysterman.

9 Second Grade Chase Second grade was especially awesome. Mrs. Felton is my favorite teacher at Condit. At third recess, she would sometimes play soccer or tetherball with us.

10 Fourth Grade Caroline My favorite part of fourth grade was when we had pig out with Mrs. Caputo. I also enjoyed doing science with my teacher.

11 Fourth Grade Sami S In Fourth Grade, I met a really awesome teacher her name is Mrs. Hicks. She was really nice. She is my favorite teacher at Condit. My favorite part of fourth grade was going to Rancho Days

12 Fifth Grade Helene Fifth grade was the grade that I moved to California. I was really disheartened because I would be leaving everyone I knew. In fifth grade, I remember doing colonial polyhedraville. I really enjoyed my job as the “miller.” I remember making my house and making the river look like real water. I enjoyed fifth grade.

13 Third Grade Brooke S In Third Grade, I remember touring Claremont and the City Yard. Those were very interesting and fun trips. I had Ms. Kral, and I remember how our Spelling tests were very long, because we always ended up telling stories.

14 Third Grade Kevin R In third grade my teacher was Mrs. Zimmerman. I loved third grade. I had so much fun!!

15 Fifth Grade Erinna I had two teachers in fifth grade, but I only remember one. Mrs. Sapienza was the nicest teacher I have ever had!!! She didn’t give us a lot of homework at all.

16 Fifth Grade Adrian C In fifth grade, I went to camp for three days. It was awesome and I learned a lot. We went in a lake, and my friend Markelle jumped on a bridge and broke it. We had tons of fun projects to do, especially when we were able to make a town. We also went to the L.A. County Fair. We saw the old race cars and took pictures with them. One of the cars had a 24 on the side of it.

17 Kindergarten Hannah D My favorite memory in Kindergarten was going out to play on the monkey bar house every recess, and going on the swings.

18 First Grade Ricky In First Grade, I had an awesome teacher. Her name was Mrs. Frazer. We had a lot of creatures in our class that year like baby tadpoles, and baby chicks. That was my favorite year.

19 Fifth Grade Matt M In fifth grade I was in Mrs. Amaya’s class and it was awesome! I liked that year because I went on a field trip to the Lazy W Ranch. At the Lazy W Ranch, we stayed for 3 days and did skits. We went on hikes that were very fun!!!

20 Sixth Grade Riley S In sixth grade, I transferred schools and now I go to Condit. The first month of school wasn’t really fun because I didn’t have any friends. Every recess I sat on the benches. Ricky and Andrew were my first friends.

21 Third Grade Sydney H My third grade teacher was Mrs. Jensen. She was an awesome teacher. I made so many friends in that class. I remember she gave us jelly beans every Friday. I also remember pioneer day. It was fun.

22 Fourth Grade Mara R This was year was my favorite year. I felt like I earned the title “big kid.” I felt on top of the world, like no one was bigger, other than the 5th and 6th graders. My teacher was Mrs. Zimmerman. She was so awesome. It was like she understood us 4th graders. In this grade, I met my good friends Lyndsay, Renjaie, Sabrina V., Jessica and Sydnie. We became the closest of friends. We were always together even when we agreed, or when we fought. In fourth grade, I became the king of my new planet Condit.

23 Fifth Grade Sabrina V During the fifth grade the whole grade went to camp! It was a blast. I really wish that we could go again.

24 Fifth Grade Reily Fifth grade was an amazing year, and I had so much fun. We did the colonies and went to Chaparral by the Sea (camp). I had a great experience and learned so much.

25 Fifth Grade Rachel H We took a science trip to the Ocean Institute. We went there for 3 days. We each got into a group and shared a cabin. It was so cool! We went on a night hike, caught bugs, and we even dissected a fish! That was really fun!

26 Fourth Grade Matthew S In fourth grade I had one of the funniest teachers ever. Her name is Mrs. Caputo. She gave nicknames to every student. I was Dumbledore. We did many fun projects there, even dissecting a squid! Fourth grade was one of my favorite years ever!

27 Sixth Grade Amanda D I have had a great time in sixth grade!
I am 12.5 and just three more months until I am 13!! I can’t wait. My dad has always said ‘You'll be lucky if you make it to your 13th birthday.” Ha! Ha!

28 Fifth Grade Sydney F Fifth grade had to be the best year I had at Condit. I had my best friends Markelle, Adrian, and Joel in my class. We would always sit under the bench, just outside of the classroom, and play around and talk when we were supposed to be reading. We were always having a good time.

29 Fourth Grade Lyndsay One of my favorite memories was being in the table group, Candy Coated Girls. I also enjoyed doing the Hollywood project.

30 Sixth Grade Jack J This is the grade I am in now. I’m no longer shy, and I’m a class clown. Every teacher and person at this school is nice to me. I went to the county fair, and many fun museums. I’ve learned a lot since I was a baby.

31 Fifth Grade Kayleen This was one of my favorite years. I loved my teacher Mrs. Sapienza. I loved the projects and my first table group. The group MAY have been all boys, but they kept me laughing, excited, and having fun in fifth grade. My art was getting SLIGHTLY better, not that much though. This was also the year that I started to play with my friend Kianna and her friends. In the next year, you’d rarely see our gang apart.

32 Sixth Grade Renjaie My teacher right now is Mrs. Kellner. She is okay as a teacher. I really like that she has a sense of humor. Most teachers are all about school. I really like all of the teachers. They all love to have fun. I have made a a lot more friends this year . They’re all great people.

33 Sixth Grade Ted I remember in Sixth Grade we went to the LA County Fair. My friends and I were all in the same group. I was with different friends in the cabins. My friend Matthew moved to a different school too.

34 Fourth Grade Elijah S My teacher was Mrs. Zimmerman. She was the best teacher I ever had.

35 Second Grade Max E I had Mrs. Gromo for a teacher. I remember when we would fill the marble jar, we would be allowed to chose a treat for good behavior. All my friends were in my class. We had to do an insect report. I don’t remember what my insect was.

36 Fourth Grade Sally In fourth grade our field trips were fun and so was my teacher…Mrs. Zimmerman!!! We went on one of our field trips to Adobe Palomares. The best part was making adobe bricks… how cool.

37 Sixth Grade Brandon A Teacher: Ms. Aceves
Ms. Aceves was one of the best teachers I ever had because she is nice and very funny. I also liked doing the Egyptian brochure too. I also had my best friends Charles, Anthony and Matthew S.

38 Fourth Grade Thomas B Mrs. Caputo Funniest teacher ever and most fun!
San Buenaventura for my mission project. Went to Rancho Days for field trip. It was fun! My favorite year. Best friend: Matthew S.

39 First Grade Natalie A For first grade I had the best teacher her name was Mrs. Carson. She was my favorite teacher ever. I wish she was still here.

40 Fourth Grade Carlos My teacher was Mrs. Hicks. She was very nice. One of my favorite field trips was Rancho Days, when we went to a ranch and acted like we were a part of it.

41 Fourth Grade Brycen I had Mrs. Hicks for a teacher.
My favorite field trip was John’s Incredible Pizza/Toys for Tots. My favorite project was the mission project.

42 Fourth Grade Cameron D For fourth grade I had one of the best teachers ever. It was Mrs. Caputo. That was my most favorite year.

43 Fourth Grade Julia My teacher was Mrs.Caputo. We did board games.
All of the fourth grade students did missions. I did a lot of science experiments.

44 Fifth Grade Claire H Mrs. Sapienza was my fifth grade teacher. My favorite fifth grade memory was when we went to the Lazy W Ranch. I liked the people in my cabin, and I also liked the skit we made up.

45 Fifth Grade Cesar My teacher was Mrs. Amaya. She was one of the best teachers I have ever had. She was an excellent Science teacher. My best memory was when we went to camp. My skit was about Jamaican Frogs. It was Awesome.

46 Fifth Grade Sammie In fifth grade, my teacher was Ms. Amaya. She was the best fifth grade teacher in the world. She always read to us out loud. She read us great books. Some of them were about math and my favorite story that she read to us was A Wrinkle In Time. I loved that book so much.

47 Fifth Grade Brandon B I had Mrs. Amaya. She was my next favorite teacher, after Mrs. Hicks. She has helped my family a lot. She also helped me with 2 of my projects. She made it fun when we went to camp.

48 Sixth Grade Regina Sixth grade is so, so awesome. My teacher is Ms. Aceves. She is pretty cool. My favorite project was when we made those king tut masks. They were so fun. I also enjoyed when we made those poems.

49 Kindergarten Charles My teacher was named Mrs. Vanderline. My favorite part of kindergarten was going to the library. I liked going to the library because I would always get the same book over and over.

50 Fifth Grade Ayinde We had one of the coolest teachers. It was Mrs. Amaya. After we finished our work, she would let us have free play.

51 Fifth Grade Walker I had Mrs. Sapienza. Max, Brian and I did a project on the book, “Rifles for Watie.” It was a project that we picked our group. Our group read the book wrote about it.

52 Fourth Grade Nashley In fourth grade I had Mrs. Hicks. She was the best teacher with the spanish language. I loved it when she laughed when I would call her Abuelita (grandma).

53 Sixth Grade Daisy W This year I have Ms. Aceves. She rocks! I also have all my friends in my class!

54 Fifth Grade Nick L In fifth grade, my teacher was Mrs. Amaya. That was the best school year ever. My best friends were Cesar, Cameron, Ayinde and Carlos. That year was very fun.

55 Sixth Grade Claire R Sixth grade has been a cool year so far. I have most of my friends in my class and Ms. Aceves is the teacher I always wanted. Sixth grade has been good at preparing us for middle school. I hang out with all of my friends every day. They are awesome and I hope we’re all friends next year at El Roble .

56 Fifth Grade!!!!! Amanda Z Fifth grade was awesome! Mrs. Amaya was a great teacher! She made me fell confident about my work with good criticism! We sang Time of My Life by David Cook for the talent show! She was so proud of us! We put on a play about the Greek god, Poseidon, played by Ayinde C., of course!

57 Fifth Grade Conner I had Mrs. Sapienza. We went to a over night camp for three days. After the camp, we went to the ocean.

58 Fourth Grade Brian P I had Mrs. Caputo.
We did a fun candy project. We also did interest groups. We hid the people who made it. Our subject was the LA Galaxy.

59 Sixth Grade Claire M Sixth Grade was the best year of elementary school ever. My teacher, Ms. Aceves is the best teacher EVER. I love how she teaches and how she can fool around, but only at the right times. I love sixth grade and can’t wait for the rest of the year. I also love my class. I have the best class ever!

60 Sixth Grade Clarrisa Sixth grade is my last year at Condit. I enjoyed every year at this school and will miss Condit a lot, but I am so excited for El Roble. This year I have Ms. Aceves. She is really smart and nice, and is great at teaching math. We spend our days doing lots of algebra and math, but we also have fun parties. The parties are always fun and have good food. This is also the first year of 100 Mile Club.

61 Sixth Grade Arianna Mrs. Aceves, my sixth grade teacher, is an amazing teacher. She’s really funny, but she also knows how to teach really well! I love sixth grade and I also love Condit!

62 Sixth Grade Sarah M My teacher this year is Ms. Aceves. I still hang out with my best friends Alexa and Jamie. This year we got to take notes on science and use them for our tests! I always remember my table groups and how we moved every trimester.

63 Sixth Grade Alexa T This year, I really love my teacher Ms. Aceves. I really like Ms. Aceves because of the great books she has recommended to me. I have loved the two series of books that she recommended, the Sabriel and the Percy Jackson series. I really liked my science project this year as well, because I proved that a cooking myth wasn’t a myth at all, but it was true! I loved sixth grade!

64 Sixth Grade Thomas M This year was crazy for me. I moved schools for the second time this year. I have had a total of 3 teachers. This year turned out great. My teacher has to be the best teacher that I have had.

65 Fourth Grade Johnnyne In fourth Grade I had the awesomest teacher ever. She helped me with my homework and she would encourage me to read and study hard. I would always read the fairy books with Tinkerbell. I loved those books.

66 Fourth Grade Alondra Fourth was my first year at Condit! I had Mrs. Caputo. She was the best teacher ever!!!She always gave us Jolly Ranchers…yummy! I also met one of my best friends, Katelyn. We had so much fun in fourth grade. It was the year my mom actually helped at a field trip, which was fun. Once I got to Condit I loved it. It was so fun!

67 Sixth Grade Andrew L Sixth grade has been awesome. I have Mr. Simpson. We went to this parade thingy where these Korean people were playing cool instruments. We also went to the Ocean Institute. At lunch, we got to play on the beach. Sixth grade has been awesome.

68 Fourth Grade Annie My class had Pig Out, where you can bring lots of food and eat all day. I dissected a flower and a squid. We had FAT Fridays. We read Two Years Before the Mast and By the Great Horned Spoon. We acted out a sailor skit that we wrote. I was in Mrs. Caputo’s class.

69 Condit Fifth Grade Samyra
I loved my fifth grade year. I had the best teacher and I made many new friends, but I still miss my old ones. In fifth grade, my teacher was Mrs. Crawford and she was very nice. I made my new friends Monika, Shawnice, and Hannah. We also had camp, which was really fun for me. We were in cabins for three days.

70 Fifth Grade Monika B My favorite memory about fifth grade was when I met my very best friends Samyra and Shawnice. If I was to separate from them, I think I would die.

71 Fifth Grade Aryn Fifth grade was my favorite year at Condit! I absolutely loved camp! The whole fifth grade went down to Lazy W Ranch and we went for three days and two nights. In my cabin were Clarissa Y., Arianna M., Claire R., Clare H., me and my mom. We were cabin number 14. We were one of the only two cabins with a shower and a bathroom. Our skit was really fun. It was about these two girls that got lost and a ghost was following them. The trail leaders were trying to find them. I was the ghost. Overall, we had tons of fun. My favorite teacher in the world is Mrs. Sapienza and she was my fifth grade teacher!

72 Third Grade Kyle C Third Grade was probably one of my favorite years at Condit. I nearly got straight fours. Most of the teachers enjoyed having me around. Mrs. Jensen was another nice teacher, even though she scared me during Halloween.

73 Sixth Grade David L Claremont, CA Mr.Simpson’s Class
In sixth grade, I enjoyed the read alouds that Mr. Simpson did after lunch. He made the books come to life by making the voices very funny and interesting. While we were reading Bridge to Terabithia, he did May Belle’s voice and screamed, “She stole my twinkies!” It was really funny. He gave the characters a specific voice so it was easy to recognize who was “speaking” whenever he read a book aloud. We also did masks of pharaohs and painted them with blue stripes after Mr. Simpson spray-painted them gold. I also liked 100 Mile Club where the goal was to get 100 miles by the end of the school year.

74 Fifth Grade Justin K I had Mrs. Sapienza. It was a good year only because of my best friend Christian and a bunch of new friends. We also went on the 3 day camping trip that was a lot of fun.

75 Sixth Grade Carly D We learned about the earth. We learned algebra.
Mr. Simpson would read in accents. We learned about the earth. We learned algebra. We did a project called Math Thinkathon. My best friends, Michele and Kymberlie were in my class. We learned about ancient times, like Mesopotamia.

76 Fourth Grade Kymberlie
Fourth grade was really fun!!! My teacher was Mrs. Caputo, who would always crack jokes and give us jolly ranchers. Fourth grade was the year that I met my best friend Carly Dyer. In fourth grade all of my friends now, were in my class then.

77 Fourth Grade Hale In Fourth Grade, I played a lot of basketball with the fifth graders that were my friends. Another thing that I remember about 4th grade is that I had my favorite teacher, Mrs. Hicks

78 Fifth Grade Sungmin At Condit, when I was in fifth grade, I was very scared because I was new student. The fifth grade teacher and some new friends helped me a lot. When I was doing the Colonial Polyhedron, it was very fun because it was easy. A new student came into our class named Vance. I was very happy because he was Korean. He became my best friend. When had fun.

79 Fourth Grade Shawnice When I started fourth grade I moved to this school, Condit Elementary. This is where I met my best friend, Monika Brands. My teacher, Mrs. Hicks, was really nice to me and everyone in the class.

80 Fifth Grade Laurel In fifth grade, I came to this school and I really liked that year. All of the fifth grade went to camp. It was so fun there in a cabin with all of my friends. These were my favorite memories from fifth grade.

81 Fourth Grade Kateyln Mrs. Caputo Fourth grade was the best! Mrs. Caputo was so funny. She also gave us Jolly Ranchers. We also read this really good book, By The Great Horn Spoon. I really liked the book, but the movie wasn’t that good. We also did the Mission report. My report was really funny because I had a video and we didn’t delete the parts I messed up.

82 Sixth Grade Winnie In Sixth Grade, I moved to Claremont and went to Condit. I made many friends and had lot of fun. When I graduate, I’m going to El Roble next year.I also did my favorite sport, basketball. It is also my last year there.

83 Sixth Grade Kameron Right now I have Mr. Simpson. He is very funny. This year we went to the Getty museum. We also went to the Ocean Institute.

84 Sixth Grade Ian In sixth grade, my teacher was Mr. Simpson.
In sixth grade, I went to a museum with weird statues in it. In sixth grade, I learned how to play the drums. I also met new friends. In sixth grade, there were a lot of projects.

85 Sixth Grade!!!!!! Katrina Sixth grade was the best year because I came to Condit and met my best friends!!!!!!!!!!!

86 Third Grade Kevin B Teacher: Mrs. Jensen One memory of third grade I had occurred at our End of the Year party, which was Pioneer Day. We had to choose if we would dress up as cowboys, Indians, or pioneers. I dressed up as a pioneer. After the party, though, we were able to go out for regular recess, but we still had our costumes on. One girl, who wasn’t in the third grade, asked if I was Amish because I was wearing clothes of someone from the 1800s.

87 Fifth Grade Elijah T We went to Chaparral by the Sea. It was the greatest field trip I’ve ever had. I moved schools for the third time.

88 Fifth Grade (Condit) Sabrina C
Teacher: Mrs. Amaya I went to camp with Kiana, Kyra, Rachel, Annie, Helene, Brooke, Diana, & ME! The whole fifth grade made a diorama of a colonial village.

89 Kindergarten Christina V
In kindergarten, I started a life as a Condor! It was also in Mrs. Porterfield’s class with my best friend Roxana. It was also the year Roxana moved, and I met my friend, Sarah M.!

90 Fifth Grade Kiana Mrs. Amaya was my fifth grade teacher. Fifth grade was a great year for me. We did Colonial Polyhedraville where we made 3-D paper houses, and then each table group made a village. I made a salt box style house, and a two story hipped. The whole fifth grade went to overnight camp inland from Dana Point. Cabin thirteen consisted of Brooke, Kyra, Annie, Kiana, Sabrina, Diana, Rachel, Helene, and our chaperone, Mrs. Piibe. The first night, we had no hot water so we took cold showers. Also, at breakfast one morning, there was one pancake left and Jacob and I stared across the table at each other. Jacob said I could have it, but I said he could have it. We went back and forth until Sydney Fortson said she would eat it. We learned about the different ecosystems. We caught frogs and on the way back after we stopped at Dana Point, the bus with cabin thirteen, some boys, two teachers, one parent, and the luggage, broke down. We were late back to school, but that field trip was great!!!! My class also did a play.

91 Sixth Grade Diana ` My teacher for Sixth Grade is Mr. Simpson. In Sixth Grade, I met my friends: Kymberlie S., Carly D., Laurel M., and many other friends. My favorite part Sixth Grade so far, is the Egyptian mask. I was thrilled to learn that we were making Egyptian masks. I think it was clever, the way we used newspaper strips, dipped in bleach for the masks. It was so fun! Other things I enjoyed in Sixth Grade were the Chinese robes and the food chain project. It was very interesting and I learned a lot. I will miss Condit when I go to Seventh Grade, and I will never forget Sixth Grade, my last year at Condit.

92 Fifth Grade Leah I remember the stuff we did in fifth grade. We went on the best, most funny field trip ever, which was the fifth grade science camp. We caught frogs and did cool bird calls. We had the most awesome skit ever!! Mrs. Crawford was awesome. I really like a teacher who really likes reading and all kinds of fun. We did a play about Presidents and studied about colonial polyhedraville!!

93 Fifth Grade Anthony M In fifth grade, my teacher was Mrs. Crawford. She was a very nice teacher.The best field trip we went on was when we went camping. We did lots of stuff when we went camping. My best friends in fifth grade were Matthew and Ted.

94 Six Grade Leslie In Sixth Grade, it was fun where I used to go. I changed schools because I moved and came to Condit. I met new friends that are really amazing. My friend, Rachel, is one of my closest friends. She is really funny and a lot like me. She will always tell me that I always make her smile everyday.

95 Sixth Grade Jacob B This year my teacher was Mr.Simpson. He was a good teacher. He tried to help us.

96 Sixth Grade Joshua L I came back from another school and met the new kids who weren't at Condit in 5th grade, so I made new friends. I have cool 6th grade teachers. My teacher is Mr. Simpson.

97 Sixth Grade Michel I have Mr. Simpson.
I became best friends with Alison, Abbey, Noe, and Jordy. Juan came to our class as a new student. I became friends with Alondra.

98 Fourth Grade Memories Gregory
My favorite fourth grade memory is when I got to dissect a squid and make my own board game about the The Gold Rush for a story called By The Great Horn Spoon. I remember when I gave my friend Katelyn a prank with her own chair!

99 Sixth Grade Juan S In sixth grade I started Condit!
My teacher was Mr.Simpson. He is probably one if the best teachers I’ve ever had! I met a lot of good friends and teachers. In sixth grade I read The Harry Potter series and LOVED it!

100 Fifth Grade Markelle My fifth grade teacher was Ms. Crawford. I think camp was the best fieldtrip in all of 5th grade. Mrs. Crawford is the best fifth grade teacher in the world.

101 Fourth Grade Kyra In fourth grade, I came to Condit Elementary School.
It was my first year of school in the United States. Mrs. Hicks was my teacher. I advanced a lot in many subjects. I realized how much I liked school and at the end of the year, I did not want to leave.

102 Fourth Grade Joel L That was probably the best year ever.
All we did…was party! I was in Mrs. Caputo’s class. That year was awesome. We always got jolly ranchers.

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