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Welcome to 7 th Grade 2014-2015 School Year. Day 1 August 20, 2014.

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1 Welcome to 7 th Grade 2014-2015 School Year

2 Day 1 August 20, 2014

3 Notecards Take a notecard from the center of your table. Write down 1 thing about you on your notecard that you think no one else will know. Do not write your name on it!!! Place it face down in the center of your table when completed.

4 AGENDA Write your homework in your agenda! Bring materials (notebook, calc, pencil, etc) Bring phone to class tomorrow!

5 About Mrs. Book Show “About Me” PowerPoint.

6 Notecard Activity I will pass out the notecards randomly. Try to figure out who’s notecard you have!

7 Introduce Yourself! We will go through each notecard and try to guess who it is!

8 HOMEWORK Bring materials to class tomorrow (calculator, notebook, etc) Bring cell phone to class tomorrow

9 Day 2 August 21, 2014

10 Intelligence Test On your table, there is an Intelligence Test. Answer the questions the best you can. Be careful – these may be trick questions! NOTE: THIS DOES NOT ACTUALLY MEASURE YOUR INTELLIGENCE…IT’S JUST FOR FUN!!!

11 AGENDA Make sure you have written your homework in your agenda! Bring class materials (calculator, notebook, pencil, etc)

12 Finish Introductions Finish yesterday’s notecard activity (if necessary).

13 Remind 101 Get out phone Sign up for Remind 101 If you forgot your phone today, sign up at home (or sign up for email alerts if you prefer)

14 School Handbook Discuss Math sections of handbook

15 Student Search Activity You will have 10 minutes to fill in your Student Search card. The other person must write their name in order for it to count. You may not use anyone’s name more than once.

16 Student Search (cont’d) With your tables, answer the questions about the Student Search.

17 HOMEWORK Bring all materials to class (calculator, notebook, etc)

18 Day 3 August 22, 2014

19 Calculator Activity Get out calculator Complete the activity Write your name on your calculator!!!!

20 AGENDA Make sure you have written your homework in your agenda! Get Welcome Letter signed Get Handbook signed

21 7 th Grade Handbook 1st block only Go through 7 th grade handbook. Signed page due MONDAY!

22 Welcome Letter Go through the Welcome Letter with Students. Students must get this signed by parent/guardian.

23 Post-It Note Activity Students answer questions on post-its and stick to poster paper in room. Color code post-its by class! Prompts: This classroom should be ____________________ everyday. What is the most important classroom rule?

24 Create Classroom Norms Based on post-it note activity

25 Classroom Procedures What to do when absent Restroom Procedure Beginning of class procedure – tardies Classroom materials Homework policy Set up notebook Teacherweb

26 HOMEWORK Get Welcome Letter Signed! Get 7 th Grade Handbook Signed!

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