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Honors Pre-Calc Mr. Nash 2008 – 2009 Lebanon City Schools.

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1 Honors Pre-Calc Mr. Nash 2008 – 2009 Lebanon City Schools

2 What are my expectations for you?  Be honest with me  Respect others and their right to learn  Work hard and try  Be prepared  Follow school rules

3 Be Honest With Me  Let me know when you have a problem  Let me know when you don’t understand  Let me know when something’s happening outside of class

4 Respect Others  Don’t make fun of others  Don’t talk when others are talking  Don’t discount another student’s method  Don’t mess with others’ property  Don’t be disruptive

5 Try and Work Hard  Try all problems  Come see me if you have problems  Do your homework  Be a team player

6 Be Prepared For Class  Bring Notebook, pencil, paper, book, homework, TI-83, etc.  Be in class on time You get 3 tardies per quarter before detentions.

7 Follow School Rules  Rules for the school (in your planner) apply in this class Cell phones – will be given to office Drinks – will be thrown away Coats Dress code Etc.

8 What do I do if I’m not doing well?  Come after school on Thursday  Come see me during your study hall  Come to Study Tables with another teacher  Email me –  Ask me to stay after school on another day

9 What do I do if I’m absent?  Check the agenda for what we did in class.  Turn in any assignments that were due the day you were absent.  THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY  Make up tests/quizzes the day you return during class or after school or study hall.

10 How can my parents contact you?  Call – 934-5143  Email –  Come to class after school

11 What happens if I have a bad day?  Warning  Call home  Detention  Office Referral for repeated behavior  Levels may be skipped  If you know you’re going to have a problem let me know ASAP!

12 How Grades Are Determined  Graded Assignments – 20%  Problem of The Week – 10%  Tests & Quizzes – 60%  Homework – 10 %

13 Graded Assignments – 20%  There will be one graded assignment each week. They will be handed out when material is learned and will be due a few days later. They may be turned in early.  Checked for accuracy

14 Problem of the Week – 10%  Assigned every Monday, due Thursday  Reviews concepts that will be on the SAT/ACT  May ask questions during the week.

15 Tests & Quizzes– 60%  Tests will be worth more points and occur less frequently.  Quizzes may be given anytime. They may cover current or past material.  Tests may be retaken and replace the original test After school/before school/study hall with me or Mrs. Duff Within one week of testt being passed back  There will be 4 point/5 question openers given at the beginning of class that will be added together and count as one test. You will have the opportunity to earn more than 100 points.  Type I, II writings will be assigned and will count in the category. They are each worth 4 points.

16 Homework – 10%  You will have homework every night!  Homework will be checked for completion.  One person will randomly present one problem to the class each day. They will have possible 5 points to earn. You will place the problem under the ELMO and explain your process and answer questions from me and your peers. 5 points = completed problem + great explanation + correct answer 1 – 4 points = some part of the above 0 points = decline because the problem wasn’t attempted -2 points = problem not attempted but you try to cheat and use someone else’s

17 Questions?

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