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Welcome to Curriculum Night! Miss Bell’s Kindergarten Please grab a strip of colored paper off of the back table and begin making a birthday hat for your.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night! Miss Bell’s Kindergarten Please grab a strip of colored paper off of the back table and begin making a birthday hat for your K-Kid!!

2 Kindergarten ABC’s  To review the Kindergarten ABC’s for our classroom check my class website!

3 Curriculum Elements  Students will be aiming towards a variety of goals in each Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Communication, and Life Skills.  In order to ensure that each student is successful in reaching their learning goals we make sure to provide many different learning opportunities. Students engage in the following during daily instruction:  Small group work  Whole group instruction  Independent work  One-on-one instruction  Title Reading services  Waterford Literacy Computer Program

4 Curriculum Elements For Reading, Writing, Life Skills  Please see green handout for important learning goals for these subject areas.

5 Curriculum Elements For Mathematics  Please see purple handout for learning goals in mathematics.

6 Curriculum Elements For Science  Students will engage and learn about:  The life cycle of a pumpkin.  Objects that sink and objects that float.  The human heart.  Nutirition  Living organisms such as:  Pond snails, land snails, goldfish, guppies, worms, insects, chicks, bats, spiders, owls, and etc.

7 Curriculum Elements For Social Studies  Students will engage in and learn about:  Me/My family/Homes  Expressing feelings  Personal safety in a social setting  Celebration of Major Holidays and Multi- cultural Celebrations  Native Americans and Early settlement  Studying the children of Japan  The Farm

8 Extra Educational Services  Title 1 Reading Services  Our Title 1 Reading teacher Mrs. Greene will give extra literacy support for 20 minutes a day to those students who qualify.  This year at Grass Valley we have LEAP!  LEAP is an extended day Kindergarten classroom in which students who need extra support in literacy can receive additional instruction from Mrs. Giammo across the hall. (LEAP is a limited service that will only provide support to the students in greatest need)

9 A Day in Our Classroom  Arrive to School- Woohoo!  Morning Jobs  Carpet time  Star Student  Pledge of Allegiance  Calendar  Stretch  Story Time  Math/Writing/Art/Reading lesson  Specialist  Recess  Snack  Centers  Pack-Up  Folder time  Goodbye Song  Dismissal

10 Take Home Folders  Folders should be checked at home after each school day and returned the following day.  Please check the folders for notes from school!  If you have any important information such as transportation changes please put them in the Take Home Folder!  Behavior dots will be recorded daily in your child’s Take Home Folder. This is a easy way for you to see how their day went.  If your child forgets their folder I will put together a packet of papers (if any that day) to put into their backpack and will place their behavior dot on their hand.

11 Planners  Planners will be starting next week!  (I have all of the planners that were brought to school. They have not gone missing in action!)  Planner homework will be stapled into the planner every Friday next to the week that it will need to be completed.  You may need to assist your Kinder with their daily planner homework and that is fine! But if they are able to complete it with their own hands, please let them  Example of Planner Homework. (Miss Bell)

12 I Can Read Binders How to use the “I Can Read!” binder. Throughout the year we will be collecting poems and songs that we have learned in class to add to the binder. They will be sent home on Friday. Please keep the binder at home in a special place and return it to school by the following Thursday. Some poems and songs can be read by your child, some are to develop rhyme, rhythm and phonics skills. Your child will have favorites that he/she will want to read to Grandma, Uncle Joe and anyone who will listen! Memorization and repetition are very important parts of the beginning reading process and we really do appreciate your support of these early reading activities.

13 Reading Bag  Reading bags will be sent home in November.  Reading bags will be sent home every day.  Reading bags ideally will contain a book at or a little above your students reading level.  Inside of the reading bag their will be a sheet in which you can document the name of the book your student took home to read and whether the book was “Too Hard” “Too Easy” or “Just Right”  *Please remember that just reading the words does not mean that a book is too easy. Make sure your student can read the book fluently (without a lot of pausing) and can comprehend what they are reading!  *See “Book Conversations” on the Green Curriculum sheet for good questions to ask your Kinder after reading!

14 Volunteers  There have been many of you who would like to volunteer in the classroom. WOOHOO!!!!  Please make sure that you fill out the necessary paperwork in the office. Completed paperwork and a background check are REQUIRED before volunteering in the classroom. It’s for the safety of our precious ones.  If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom please fill in the availability schedule and I will do my best to fit everyone in!  Classroom Volunteers will not begin until October. This ensures that students are comfortable with our classroom rules and routines before any visitors join us. Thanks for your understanding!

15 Conferences  Conferences will begin October 9 th and continue through October 30th. I will hold conferences on Wednesdays from 1:40-5:00pm.  Please sign up for a date in which to have a conference with me on the Sign-Up sheet.  If none of the given days or times will work for you please contact me so that we may set something up.  At conferences things such as the list below will be discussed:  Student progress  Areas to work on  Report Card information

16 Website  Please check my website!  It is full of fun filled information about our classroom and the wonderful world of Kindergarten!

17 Thank you for Coming!  Please make sure you sign up for a conference time!  Volunteers sign up for volunteering days!  Feel free to ask any questions that you have.  Have a wonderful Night!

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