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Vocabulary Level E Unit 1 Words 1 - 10.

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1 Vocabulary Level E Unit 1 Words

2 The pollution from the factory ADULTERATED the air.
DEF = to corrupt, make worse by the addition of something of lesser value SYN = contaminate, pollute, sully ANT = purify, purge, expurgate Related words? “Adultery” – to corrupt or pollute a MARRIAGE The pollution from the factory ADULTERATED the air.

3 ambidextrous DEF = able to use both hands equally well; very skillful; deceitful, hypocritical SYN = versatile, facile ANT = clumsy, all thumbs, maladroit Connection? “BI” = 2 A BIcycle has 2 wheels. An amBIdextrous pitcher can throw with 2 hands.

4 augment DEF = to make larger, increase SYN = enlarge, supplement, amplify ANT = decrease, diminish Many Hollywood starlets get injections of collagen to AUGMENT their lips.

5 bereft DEF = deprived of, made unhappy through a loss SYN = bereaved ANT = replete, well provided Rhyme Connection = “I was bereft because he left.”

6 deploy DEF = to position or arrange; to utilize; to form up SYN = station, organize Connection? TROOPS! Deploy the troops! In this picture the troops have been DEPLOYED into a specific ARRANGEMENT.

7 dour DEF = stern, unyielding, gloomy, ill-humored SYN = harsh, bleak, forbidding, saturnine ANT = cheery, inviting, genial Rhyme Connection: The dour person had a sour expression on his face.

8 fortitude DEF = courage in facing difficulties SYN = resolve, steadfastness, mettle ANT = fearfulness, timidity, faintheartedness Root Word Connection = A FORT is a stronghold where brave soldiers live.

9 gape DEF = to stare with an open mouth; to open the mouth wide, to open wide SYN = gawk, ogle Traffic Connection = “Gaper’s Delay” – when people staring at a traffic accident cause even WORSE traffic delays!

10 gibe You’re a dweeb!! DEF = (v.) to utter taunting words; (n.) an expression of scorn SYN = ridicule, mock, deride, jeer ANT = compliment, praise Which is Which? Noun or Verb? When the bully gibed the small boy, it was clear that the gibes were really hurting the boy’s feelings.

11 guise DEF = an external appearance, cover, mask SYN = costume, semblance, pretense Word Connection = Disguise = Dis-GUISE A disguise changes your appearance! In the movie Home Alone, the thieves inspected homes they wanted to rob under the GUISE of police officers.

12 adulterate bereft deploy gape
SYNONYMS: deprived of the companionship of a beloved pet stared into the huge jaws of a crocodile station the remaining guards at the north exit polluted the water with toxic chemicals

13 ambidextrous fortitude guise
Completing the Sentence: The ____________ of the refugees allowed them to survive life-threatening situations and still have hope for the future. 2. The thief worked his way into the computer system of the bank under the ________ of being a computer-system technician. 3. Being _________ was one of the main reasons Jerry was so adept at juggling.

14 augment dour gibe ANTONYMS: in order to diminish the amount of troops overseas in response to the bully’s compliment the cheery expression on the greeter’s face

15 Vocabulary Level E Unit 1 Words

16 This mousetrap is INTENDED to INSIDIOUSLY ENTRAP mice and kill them.
DEF = (adj.) intended to deceive or entrap; sly, treacherous SYN = cunning, underhanded, perfidious ANT = frank, ingenuous, aboveboard Word Connection: “The sneaky bank robbery was an INSIDIOUS INSIDE JOB.” This mousetrap is INTENDED to INSIDIOUSLY ENTRAP mice and kill them.

17 intimation DEF = (n.) a hint, INdirect suggestion SYN = clue, INdication, INkling When John winked at me, he gave me an INTIMATION that he was trying to fool his parents.

18 opulent DEF = (adj.) wealthy, luxurious; ample, grandiose SYN = rich, lavish, plentiful, abundant ANT = poverty-stricken, wretched, destitute Word Connection: OPALS are OPULENT

19 You can use PLIers to help you BEND things like this copper wire
pliable DEF = (adj.) easily bent, flexible; easily influenced SYN = supple, adaptable, resilient ANT = rigid, inflexible, recalcitrant You can use PLIers to help you BEND things like this copper wire

20 Parrots often REITERATE what people say around them.
DEF = (v.) to say again, repeat SYN = restate, rehash, recapitulate Parrots often REITERATE what people say around them.

21 stolid DEF = (adj.) not easily moved mentally or emotionally; dull, unresponsive SYN = impassive, phlegmatic ANT = emotional, oversensitive, high-strung Word Connection: STOLID = SOLID (not easily moved)

22 tentative DEF = (adj.) experimental in nature; uncertain, hesitant SYN = provisional, inconclusive ANT = definite, conclusive, confirmed Word Connection: “A TenTaTive person will only stick a Toe in the water so she can TesT it.”

23 unkempt DEF = (adj.) not combed; untidy; not properly maintained; unpolished; rude SYN = sloppy, disheveled, disordered, rough ANT = well-groomed, tidy, neat, natty Word Connection: “The UNKEMPT office needed to be more frequently KEPT UP.”

24 verbatim DEF = (adj., adv.) word for word; exactly as written or spoken SYN = (adj.) exact; (adv.) precisely ANT = (adj.) paraphrased The teacher could tell that the students cheated because Sally copied George’s paper VERBATIM.

25 warily DEF = (adv.) cautiously, with great care SYN = carefully, prudently, gingerly ANT = recklessly, heedlessly, incautiously Word Connection: “Walk down the mountain WARILY so you can be AWARE of any danger!”

26 intimation unkempt warily opulent
SYNONYMS: We attended the lavish holiday banquet. They were a group of tired and untidy travelers. The seasoned performer gave no indication of being nervous. 4. Be sure to proceed carefully into unknown waters.

27 pliable tentative verbatim
Completing the Sentences: The check forger practiced the millionaire’s handwriting for long hours to be sure he could reproduce the $1,000,000 check ______________. Warming up and stretching before a game makes muscles more _________ and helps athletes avoid injury. Although both companies were still a bit uncertain, they were able to reach a _______________ agreement for a merger between the two groups.

28 stolid reiterate insidious
Antonyms: The Queen’s guards at Windsor Palace are so overly emotional that they never even blink. The police officer knew that the mobster’s business operations were all aboveboard. Refusing to repeat herself, the teacher stood not speaking in front of the class.

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