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10th World Lit. Vocabulary Unit 1 (E).

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1 10th World Lit. Vocabulary Unit 1 (E)


3 Intimation (n) a hint, indirect suggestion
They were to proud to give any INTIMATION(S) of their financial difficulties Syn.: clue, inkling

4 opulent (adj.) wealthy, luxurious; ample; grandiose
The tour guide showed us the OPULENT living quarters of the royal family. Syn.: rich, plentiful, abundant Ant.: poverty-stricken, wretched, destitute

5 Pliable (adj.) easily bent, flexible inlfuenced
Spools of PLIABLE copper wire are standard equipment for many kinds of maintenance workers, including electricians. Syn.: adaptable, resilient Ant.: inflexible, recalcitrant

6 Reiterate (v.) to say again, repeat
Effective speakers often REITERATE an important statement for emphasis. Syn.: restate, recapitulate

7 Stolid (adj.) not easily moved mentally or emotionally; dull, unresponsive STOLID people can generally be expected to take most things in stride. Syn.: impassive, phlegmatic Ant.: emotional, oversensitive

8 Tentative (adj.) experimental in nature; uncertain, hesitant
Negotiators have come up with a TENTATIVE agreement that will keep both sides at the bargaining table past the strike deadline. Syn.: provisional, inconclusive Ant.: conclusive, confirmed

9 Unkempt (adj.) not combed; untidy; not properly maintained; unpolished, rude According to my parents, the latest fashions make me and my friends look UNKEMPT. Syn.: sloppy, disordered, rough Ant.: well-groomed, tidy

10 Verbatim (adj., adv.) word for word; exactly as written or spoken
Newspapers often publish the VERBATIM text of an important political speech. At the swearing-in ceremony, the Chief Justice reads each line of the Oath of Office, and the new President repeats the oath Syn.: (adj.) exact; (adv.) precisely Ant.: (adj.) paraphrased

11 Warily (adv.) cautiously, with great care
The hikers made their way WARILY up the steep and rocky trail. Syn.: prudently, gingerly Ant.: recklessly, heedlessly, incautiously

12 Completing the Sentence:
Perhaps I would be bored with the __lifestyle of a millionaire, but I’m willing to try it. Why would someone who is usually so neat and well-dressed appear in publi in such a(n) ___state?

13 Completing the Sentence:
I recorded the speaker’s presentation, but now I wish I had a software program that could help me transcribe the speech ___so that I can find appropriate quotations to use in my report. Having leaned to respect the power in his opponent’s fists, the boxer moved ___around the center of the ring.

14 Completing the Sentence:
Since his acceptance of the invitation was only ___, the host may be one man short at the dinner party. At the risk of being boring, let me ___my warning against careless driving. We learned that beneath his ___exterior there was a sensitive, highly subtle, and perceptive mind.

15 Completing the Sentence:
The twigs that were to be woven into the basket were soaked in water to make them more ___.

16 Key Completing the Sentence
Opulent Unkempt Verbatim Warily Tentative Reiterate Stolid Pliable

17 Synonyms The supple limbs of a dancer__
Gave no indication of being nervous __ Rehash the same old theories __ Attend the lavish holiday banquet__ Proceed carefully in unknown waters__ An underhanded attack on my good name__

18 Key Synonyms Pliable Intimation Reiterate Opulent Warily Insidious

19 Antonyms: A person with a rigid viewpoint__
His direct statement to the board of directors__ Refused to repeat the joke__ A definite date for the party__

20 Key Antonyms Pliable Intimation Reiterate tentative

21 Vocabulary in context The wretched wife of the innocent man thus doomed to die, fell under the sentence, as if she had been mortally stricken. But, she uttered no sound; and so strong was the voice within her, representing that it was she of all the world who must uphold him in his misery and not augment it that it quickly raised her, even from that shock.

22 Vocab in Context 1 Someone who does NOT augment misery tries to
Reduce it Modify it Intensify it Ignore it

23 Vocab in context 2 Affected, and impressed with terror as they both were, by this spectacle of ruin, it was not a time to yield so such emotions. His lonely daughter, bereft of her final hope and reliance, appealed to them both to strongly. A person who is bereft of hope is one who has Failed to act c. moved forward Tried to help d. given up

24 Vocab in context 3 Next followed the thought that much of the future peace of mind enjoyable by the dear ones, depended on his quiet fortitude. So, by degrees he calmed into the better state, when he could raise his thoughts much higher, and draw comfort down. Fortitude means a. intelligence c. determination b. limitations d. defenses

25 Vocab in context Key Reduce it Given up Determination

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