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Vocabulary Unit 1 Academic English 10.

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1 Vocabulary Unit 1 Academic English 10

2 To Adulterate (verb) to corrupt, make worse by the addition of something of lesser value The soup will be great as long as the chef does not adulterate (ruin) it with too much salt.

3 Ambidextrous athlete (adj.)
able to use both hands equally well The ambidextrous artist draws equally well with both her left and right hands.

4 Pat Venditte pitches with both his left and right arms; he wears a custom made six-finger glove so that he can switch hands easily while on the mound (T.O.N.Y. Sports)

5 To augment (verb) (v) to make larger, increase In order to augment (increase) her income, she worked overtime every day of the week.

6 Bereft fans (adj.) left without
deprived of, made unhappy through a loss The Miami Heat were left bereft (without) of a championship because the Mavericks were the better team.

7 To deploy (verb) (v) to position or arrange, to utilize, to form up Our country’s military leaders must decide how to deploy (use) our troops around the world.

8 If an emergency arises, a skydiver must know how to deploy the reserve chute.

9 Complete sentences # 1, 2, 3, 14 and 20
on pages 19-20 adulterate ambidextrous augment bereft deploy

10 The dour expression (adj.)
The sour expression (adj.) (adj) stern, unyielding, gloomy, ill-humored The man’s dour (sour) expression made it clear that he was not happy about the job he had to do.

11 Your fortitude (n.) fort (n.)
(n) courage in facing difficulties Amelia Earhart needed to have great fortitude (courage) to become the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Mehrangarh Fort: Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

12 To gape (v.) to state with open mouth, to open the mouth wide, to open wide When the man heard Aron Ralston’s story of survival his mouth gaped (hung open) in amazement.

13 Gibe is like jab, taking shots at someone or something.
To gibe (v. and n.) to utter taunting words an expression of scorn Gibe is like jab, taking shots at someone or something. Although the words were insulting, she knew her friends were simply using the gibes ( ) to get a reaction from her. The comedian is so quick witted that he is able to gibe at every member of the audience before he has finished his set.

14 A surprising guise (n.) Dis - guise (n.)
(n) an external appearance, cover, mask The detective could see through the guise (mask) to recognize that there is a child behind those thick eyebrows and mustache.

15 Complete sentences # 6, 7, 8, 10 and 16 on page 19-20

16 The insidious advertisement (adj.)
(adj) meant to deceive/trick someone, sly The Camel cigarette company came up with an insidious (sly) plan to market cigarettes to children using a cartoon camel.

17 Give an intimation (n.) hint - imation (n.)
(n) a hint, suggestion When trying to solve a mystery, you must keep an eye out for any tiny clue that might provide an intimation (hint) about who the guilty person is.

18 Opulent homes (adj.) (adj) wealthy, luxurious Opulent like an opal The man’s opulent (lavish) lifestyle reached its peak when he decided to build the most expensive home on the planet.

19 Pliable materials (adj.)
(adj) easy to bend, flexible In order to make steel pliable (bendable), you must apply great force.

20 To reiterate the rules (v.)
(v) to say again, repeat “re” means again Because he could think of nothing new to say, the boss decided to reiterate the same point over and over and over. Thank goodness it was a compliment! Allow me to reiterate what I said before, you’re one heck of a worker! You work hard; when it’s time to work, you you work hard!

21 Complete sentences # 4,13,15,18 and 19 on pages 19-20

22 her stolid response (adj.)
(adj) someone whose mind or emotions you can’t change easily; unresponsive He’s so stolid (unresponsive) that even the news that he had just inherited a million dollars was not enough to make him smile.

23 Stolid = Solid… like a rock emotionally unmoving

24 Tentative response (adj.)
uncertain, hesitant, not set in stone A “tent” isn’t permanent, can be taken down, it is a tentative residence.

25 Because the boy had a habit of spending money foolishly, his father was tentative (hesitant) when handing the money to him.

26 Unkempt room (adj.) untidy, unpolished, not done up Like un-kept, not keeping up with your appearance The unkempt beard gave clear evidence of the man’s off-beat sense of style.

27 His desk wouldn’t look so unkempt if he had kept up with all of his work!

28 Verbatim (adj., adv.) (adj, adv) word for word
Saying or repeating “per” word The teacher had such high expectations for the accuracy of the students’ answers that she would only give credit if they repeated her ideas verbatim.

29 Walk Warily (adv.) cautiously, being very careful as you go Walk warily (carefully) in a recently cleaned area; beware of slippery floors!

30 Complete sentences # 5, 9, 11, 12 and 17 on page 19-20; then, complete the review sentences on the website. They are due next Wednesday.

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