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A D AY I N T HE L IFE O F M Y T RIBE By: Tamsir Rilley.

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1 A D AY I N T HE L IFE O F M Y T RIBE By: Tamsir Rilley

2 J OURNAL E NTRY 1: P AGE O NE July, 9, 1625: Greetings fellow reader. My name is Amar which means immortal. I am 13 years old born on March 17 1612, I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I am in the Mohawk tribe also known as the Mohawk Nation. The only reason I’m doing this journal is because my mom said that if I write in it for at least 7 minutes a day then I can go play with my friends immediately and do you really think I’ll turn down that offer. I guess you should know that the Mohawk tribe is the Mohawk nation which is in the Iroquois Federation, got it? We lived in the Eastern Woodland region, it has lots of trees, woods, and forest’s.

3 P AGE 2 My mom is making dinner, she is cooking rabbit my dad and I hunted earlier today, the Mohawks eat corn, fruit, fish, berries, rabbit, grouse, turkey, and my favorite, deer. I’ve always loved hunting, especially deer, it’s always a challenge trying to sneak up on them with my spear, then when it runs I shoot is with my bow and arrow for the kill, then I will skin it with my flint knife. Sometimes I fish with my uncle Xavier, and you better believe we catch big fish.

4 P AGE 3 My dad said maybe in a couple of months we might be moving I really don’t want to because I’ll miss all of my friends. The type of house that I live in is called a longhouse. It looks like exactly what it is, a longhouse in a rectangular shape. It can fit 60 to a whole tribe. Sometimes we have festivals and celebrations.

5 P AGE 4 My Grandma Devika said that she will get me new moccasin's tomorrow for an early birthday present since she will be moving away. In our nation/ tribe men wear breech cloths and deer legging, women wear a wraparound shirt and legging but shorter than men, and we wear feathered head dresses (but honestly I think they’re kind of girly.)

6 P AGE 5 Before dinner we always pray, but if we just made dinner then we pray the food is just going to get cold. We believe in Iroquois mythology. Our god is Hahgwehdiyu twin brother of Hahgwehdaetgah, the evil spirit. We also like games like Lacrosse, Snowsnake, Sacred Bowl Game, and Darts. But I created a game that you do what ever you can to be on top of a hill, I call it King Of The Hill. Alright 7 minutes are up after dinner my friends Sabal, Kailas, Omesh, Zaafir, Eka, Fakhry, and I are going to go play King Of The Hill.

7 J OURNAL E NTRY 2: PAGE 6 July, 10, 1625: Yesterday wasn’t so great. When we were playing king of the hill I punched Omesh in the nose and it started to bleed. I ran home without apologizing, after I’m finished writing in my journal I will apologize. I’m kind of afraid because my mom said that if you do bad thing the evil spirit will come to you.

8 P AGE 7 As you can probably guess I am an outside person, I love nature. Speaking of nature our ecosystem is amazing we have so many plants and animals. Common animals are fish, deer, beaver and more. Common plants are corn, tobacco, and more. I don’t really feel like writing and mom isn’t here so I’ll just sneak out. (PS: Don’t worry I’ll rip this page out!)

9 J OURNAL E NTRY 3: P AGE 8 July, 11,1625: Finally, I apologized to Omesh and he accepted. The evil spirit is off my case. I was planning on going outside today but it is raining. Rain is common is our region but it can be very hot! Usually if it rains we don’t go outside but if we can we wear more clothes. If it’s hot than we will wear less clothing. If it’s raining we will camouflage with the environment to hunt, if it’s sunny probably a good idea to bring a bow and arrow. I’m planning on sneaking out again. (PS: I’ll rip this page out to!)

10 A FEW MONTHS LATER : P AGE 78 November, 1, 1625: We moved. It is the worst experience in my life. It is just plain awful! I lost all of my friends, I have to find a new secret hideout, and we have to build a new house! brother Beliki got bitten by a snake and both of my sisters are sick. It’s like ever since we moved we had bad luck. Life has been hard but it keeps on going. I guess I have to keep thinking positive and every little thing is going to be all right.

11 R EFLECTION I think that I did a pretty good job in my assignment. I can always improve but I think I deserve an A or maybe a B. I took some of my life and put it in the story. I just hope that I get a good grade because I worked really hard.

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