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Luke, Hannah, Nathan, Sholeh

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1 Luke, Hannah, Nathan, Sholeh
Eastern Woodlands Luke, Hannah, Nathan, Sholeh

2 Introduction There are 2 different groups of tribes in the Eastern Wood In the Iroquoi group there are the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Coynga, and Seneca The Iroquoi group is also called the Five Nations In the Algonquians group there is the Delaware, The Wampanoag, The Powhaten, The Ottava, The Chippewa, and the Miami

3 Geographic Location The Eastern Woodlands Indians were east of the Mississippi The Iroquois lived near the great lakes The Algonquians lived on the coastal plains and by the great lakes

Iroquois created a crop growing method called Slash and Burn and a game called Lacrosse Eastern woodland Native Americans called earth the turtle They believed that pepole called sky women fell through the sky and the turtle would catch them Deganwidan, Itawatha, and Tadodaho were myths or real pepole Deganwidan was a peace maker Itawatha and Tadodaho were evil myths and had snakes coming out of their hair Sachems were leaders and wisdom keepers

5 Eastern Woodland Hunting and Food
While the men were hunting their wife's would such food as Corn, squash, grapes, nuts, and clams. As a tradition and a good way of camouflage, the hunters would use some deer’s antlers on their head so the could hide more easily. They would use spears and nets that that they made to hunt fish. The way to hunt deer for them is they would get into a old skin hide from the deer's, that includes the antlers, then the would walk toward the deer and shot the deer with arrows. While the men were hunting for food the women would prepare meals from the food the gathered and sometimes even the food that their husbands brought back.

Eastern Woodland houses were made out of trees In the Iroquois tribe they had several houses They had long houses All long houses had differences Each house could fit up to 20 families The long house’s frame was made out of young trees, and covered with bark Long houses were divided into sections Each section was home to 1 or 2 families Some Algonquians similar long houses that the Iroquois Others made round bark shelters called Wigwams Wigwams were made very similar to the long houses The trunks of small trees were bent and tied together to form a dome shape After words they covered it with bark

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