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Culture of Region C By Claire Conner Murphy 6 th.

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1 Culture of Region C By Claire Conner Murphy 6 th

2 Regional Facts Major Cities Dallas, Fort Worth Population: 2000: 5,254,722 Population: 2060 13,087,849 Total Water Use: 2000 1,380,556 Acre-Feet Total Water Use: 2060 3,311,217 Acre-Feet Primary Rivers Trinity, Red Major Aquifers Trinity Annual Precipitation 28- 44 Inches Net Evaporation 24-44 Inches

3 Issues Region C includes 12 of the 20 fastest-growing communities in Texas. This high rate of growth will put increasing pressure on the region's water sources. In addition, the plan currently proposes to supply 20% more than the projected 2060 demand (an excess of 810,000 Acre Feet.) To meet these inflated demands, four environmentally damaging and unnecessary reservoirs are proposed, for a cost of $4 billion.

4 Effects of New Reservoirs Thousands of unwilling Texans forced to give up lands Business lost to farmers, ranchers, timber industry workers, and hunting lease owners Negative impact on tax roles Bottomland Hardwood ecosystems lost New Reservoirs

5 Stop Marvin Nichols “The Forest Industry and the local economy would incur significant losses” - Weihuan Xu, Principal Economist Forest Rescue Department Collage Station TX, 2002 2000 vs. 2030 water use

6 Work Cited ials/stories/DN-marvinnu_09edi.ART.State.Edition1.4303a11.html ials/stories/DN-marvinnu_09edi.ART.State.Edition1.4303a11.html

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