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By: The Pros Sukhjit, Dawinder, Bandeep, Jasmin, Prabhjot.

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1 By: The Pros Sukhjit, Dawinder, Bandeep, Jasmin, Prabhjot

2 The Keystone Pipeline Project The Keystone Pipeline Project is a cooperative effort by the nations of North America to create a pipeline from Canada to Houston, Texas. The Keystone XL Pipeline Project is a 1,179-mile (1,897 km) and 36-inch-diameter crude oil pipeline. The southern leg of the pipeline that runs to Canada brings up to 7000 barrels of oil a day.

3 The Pipeline

4 Pros of the Keystone XL Pipeline Economists predict that the Keystone XL Pipeline will provide an estimated 13,000 jobs and over 7 million work hours. The Pipeline will provide the United States with the oil they need because the demand for oil is going up. The pipeline will provide more tax revenue for the country.

5 The Pros of building

6 Cons of Keystone XL Pipeline Environmentalists opposed the pipeline because it would bind the United States even more into the polluting oil business. Since the pipelines are over a thousand miles long, concerns regarding oil leaks were addressed. Residents of Nevada have brought up the issue that the plans of the pipelines insist of the pipes going through Nevada Aquifers that are used to provide drinking water.

7 Protests involving the Project

8 The Pipeline and the Environment The Keystone XL Pipeline can cause problems for the American agricultural system. The pipelines are expected to go through the farmlands. If the oil pipes start to leak, then rivers and aquifers will start to flood. This will cause a big problem that will impact all aspects of the environment.

9 Environmental Impacts

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