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Reporting sheet no.3 State and quantity of water resources.

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1 Reporting sheet no.3 State and quantity of water resources

2 EEA/European requirements for its assessments on water resources and water use The European information needed in relation to water quantity can generally be described as: How much is there? (Runoff, availability, demands, water stress.........) – Climate change impact on water availability Getting better or worse? Pressures on the environment (abstraction and water use by sectors) Are they working towards targets? such as are water-pricing policies used to provide adequate incentives for users to use water resources efficiently The main policy objectives in relation to water quantity are To ensure the rates of extraction from our water resources are sustainable over the long term and to promote sustainable water use based on a long-term protection of available water resource

3 Framework for assessing water issues

4 The core of information on water availability is the water balance P areal precipitation Qi external inflow ETa actual evapotranspiration Qo total outflow from the territory (Qo = Qo,s + Qo,n) R net recharge into the aquifers C consumptive water use P-ETa = D internal flow (often also referred to as internally generated depth of runoff)

5 JRC 2006: FATE & MARS Long-term precipitation Potential and actual evaporation Excess rainfall Mulligan et al 2006: An Atlas of Pan-European Data for Investigating the Fate of Agrochemicals in Terrestrial Ecosystems

6 Country information on water balance

7 Water availability River runoff Per capita per country

8 Water exploitation index. Total water abstraction per year as percentage of long-term freshwater resources in 1990 and 2002

9 WFD Art. 5 & 2010 National montoring and characteri- zation Eurostat/ OECD Joint Q. Reporting sheet Water resource and abstraction Aggregated by RBD Water resource and use at country level Water quantity information in WISE SoE reporting -Trend in water abstraction - Water use by sectors - Indicators Hydrological services Reporting sheet River flow Selected gauging stations Information used by other organisations

10 Water Framework Directive (WFD) – assessments change from country basis to River Basin District (RBD) Need for River Basin data on: Available water resource (long term annual average (LTAA) values/annual values) Precipitation (tables; description; trend graphs & maps); Evaporation (tables; description); Renewable water resource/water balance (tables; description; & graphs/diagrams); River run-off (selected gauging stations – LTAA – daily values) Localisation and characterization of reservoirs (e.g. volume) Salinisation plants

11 Water availability at RBD level Source: Jucar pilot river basin report

12 WFD Information Water uses by socioeconomic sectors Water uses by sectors Population – Households Population (number, localization, trend/projections) Connection rate to centralized water supply/public water supply Tourism/recreation Public water supply Trend in water uses Agriculture & irrigation Crops grown, Irrigated area Water abstracted for agriculture Industry Economic data Water abstracted Cooling water for energy production and industry Economic or production data Water abstracted Water use by sectors – RBD Loire-Britany

13 Seasonal variation

14 Water quantity projected trends – river flow (2070-2100) projected trends – river flow (2070-2100) A2 scenario HIRHAM RCM

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