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CAIM Start up Workshop Knowledge Management Ankita Handoo, IFAD India.

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1 CAIM Start up Workshop Knowledge Management Ankita Handoo, IFAD India

2 WHAT is Knowledge Management? "The capabilities by which communities within an organisation capture the knowledge that is critical to them, constantly improve it and make it available in the most effective manner to those who need it, so that they can exploit it creatively to add value as a normal part of their work" GlaxoSmithKline ---------------------------------------- "Knowledge Management is the discipline of enabling individuals, teams and entire organisations to collectively and systematically create, share and apply knowledge, to better achieve their objectives" Ron Young, CEO/CKO Knowledge Associates International ------------------------------------------

3 What does KM mean in IFAD? “IFAD recognizes that knowledge management is the collection of systems, processes and procedures designed to acquire and share the intellectual and knowledge based assets of the organization and its stakeholders. IFAD also recognizes that a central facet of this vision is the staff, project participants, governments, financial and development institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector. “This means sharing lessons learned from our own experiences, by capturing and using the insights and knowledge of others and by constantly reinventing ourselves in the light of evolving circumstances. IFAD recognizes the need for credible, authoritative and convincing evidence to underpin our programme and policy initiatives; the existence of extensive knowledge on rural poverty; and the need to develop our capacity and culture to absorb and contribute to knowledge” (IFAD 2007)

4 Web Link to IFAD KM Strategy

5 Importance of KM in IFAD projects New COSOP – clear emphasis on KM Knowledge plays a central role in operationalising the project strategy to achieve the project objectives. KM also contributes significantly to Programme Management towards achieving project goals KM for Advocacy and Policy dialogue KM leads to providing timely information and knowledge to empower people in meeting their aspirations through the project

6 KM Components KM Components Strengthening learning processes and knowledge-sharing Equipping IFAD with a more supportive knowledge-sharing and learning infrastructure Fostering partnerships for broader knowledge-sharing and learning Promoting a supportive knowledge-sharing and learning culture

7 Learning process include: Generation of new knowledge from external sources Collection and analysis of data, experience and knowledge from the field Systematic documentation of processes, success, learnings, impacts and challenges Knowledge Sharing with various stakeholders in different forums by using different KS tools and methods Disseminating knowledge - Dissemination of IFAD’s field knowledge with a larger audience.

8 How to integrate KM in the project Formulate KM strategy based on the project log frame/results framework Formulate KM action plan KM action plan will translate into the AWPB with specific output/outcome and corresponding monitoring indicators For the KM part of the AWPB allocate- Human and Financial resources Adequate capacity building to staff Development a KM infrastructure

9 KM initiatives in the India Country Programme Collection and compilation of project learnings Reports and studies Publications Communication materials Extension materials Trainings (Capacity Building) Website ( Thematic sharing Workshops Portfolio Review Workshops CPMT meetings Discussion groups Use of KS tools and methods extensively Partnership with ENRAP, GTZ and WFP

10 Some of the desired outputs for KM are: KM strategy Publications Reports Websites Blogs Newsletters (print and electronic) Bulletins (print and electronic) Brochures Audio products Archives CDs Flipcharts Posters Knowledge based events Workshops, seminars Resource Centres Virtual libraries User manuals Guidelines on various issues on project management Database on partners, service providers etc. Video products

11 Outputs lead to the following outcomes, Increased intellectual capacity of the project staff KM integrated and enhances project implementation Improved learning systems Improved communication Strengthened partnerships Increased visibility of IFAD/ Project work Increased policy dialogue/influence Improved knowledge sharing culture


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