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WP6: Dissemination and exploitation Vladimir Meglič.

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1 WP6: Dissemination and exploitation Vladimir Meglič

2 Objectives To provide the project with activities and results having a high visibility at local, national and regional (European) level in order to make an impact on the Slovenian society and wider, within Europe. To build an exploitation plan for organisation and management of the Intellectual property, innovations, for capacity building and transfer of knowledge.

3 General activities Establishing PR team Creating project web site Sending regular updates to stakeholders Producing communication and dissemination materials Elaborating a strategic Intellectual property plan for exploitation of research results

4 Specific activities T6.1. Establishment of project PR team Project corporate identity (logo, etc.) Communication strategy Dissemination of project results T6.2. Project website CROPSUSTAIN and KIS T6.3. Public mailing list The public mailing list will be placed on the website. All users will be invited to subscribe to a mailing list to receive regular project updates.

5 T6.4 The project leaflet T6.5 CropSustaIn e-newsletter (4x) T6.6 Project final brochure T6.7 Thematic books T6.8 Video Clips A short version (3 min) and long version (10 min.) T6.9 Events organization KIS will organise four conferences, among those: International conference on Integrated Pest Management Final Promotional conference

6 T6.10 IP development plan IP policy: A written policy explaining how IP management relates to and supports the overall mission of the research institution will be developed, published and implemented. This policy will include guiding principles relating to the effective management of IP exploitation and Knowledge Transfer. T6.11 Establishment of Technology Transfer Office The purpose of the Technology Transfer Office will be the promotion of scientific progress and newly developed knowledge and technologies into tangible products and transfer of these products in the practise as well as Intellectual property organisation and management.

7 T6.12 Technology transfer office activities o Raise awareness and basic skills for IP and knowledge transfer through training activities for researchers and students. Build a culture of awareness of IPR among the researchers. o Develop and publicise a dissemination strategy promoting the broad dissemination of research and development results. o Consider all types of possible exploitation mechanisms such as licensing or spin-off creation and consider all types of exploitation partners such as spin-offs or existing companies, investors, innovation support services and select the most appropriate ones. o Ensure that the institute has/or has access to professional knowledge transfer services such as: legal, financial, commercial. o Develop a licensing policy. Licenses for exploitation purposes should provide adequate compensation. o Monitor intellectual property protection and knowledge transfer activities and related achievements and publicise those regularly. o Set and follow the rules for collaborative and contract research: identification of the intellectual property owned by the parties before the start of the project (background), allocation of the intellectual property that is generated within the project (foreground), access rights to background and foreground, sharing of revenues. o Promote and organise activities for intensification of collaboration between the industry and the institute. o Develop guidelines for cooperation between the industry and the institute.

8 T6.13 Practical trainings and IP seminars 5 trainings on IP in total will be organised: 2 official trainings for the newly recruited IP manager in the European Patent office; 3 specialised trainings on the national level conducted by the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) T6.14 Organisation of open days and meetings with the industry 3 in total for the project lifetime. T6.15 Innovation, IPR (intellectual property rights) and exploitation plan The main focus of our IP strategy will be the protection and exploitation of KIS technology patents, new cultivars etc. T6.16 Reporting General report on Dissemination and exploitation will be issued at the end of the activities.

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