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The Russian Revolution 1917 - 1921. Fall of the Tsar (Czar?) The Duma –Russia’s Congress Criticizes the war effort in 1916 Tsar Nicholas II closes it.

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1 The Russian Revolution 1917 - 1921

2 Fall of the Tsar (Czar?) The Duma –Russia’s Congress Criticizes the war effort in 1916 Tsar Nicholas II closes it down

3 Rasputin –Grigori Rasputin Mystic monk Claimed to be able to heal Alexi’s hemophilia Influenced royal couple –Nicholas goes to the front, leaving wife and Rasputin in charge December 29, 1916 –Relatives invite Rasputin to dinner

4 Creepy?

5 While at Dinner Relatives poison and shoot Rasputin –HE DOESN’T DIE –Throw his body in the Neva River

6 Problems Continue Food Shortages –Where’s my Beef Stroganoff? Fuel Shortages Military told to fire at protestors –won’t fire and join protestors

7 Tsar Steps Aside March 15, 1917 –Tsar Nicholas II ends the Romanov dynasty and steps down Romanovs had been in power for 300 years

8 Provisional Government Liberals call for elections –Mostly members of the Duma –Saw the need for support from the Petrograd Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies Socialistic groups –Mensheviks – moderates –Bolsheviks – radicals Run by Alexander Kerensky –Member of the Petrograd Soviet

9 Kerensky

10 Provisional Government (con’t) Does not pull out of WWI –Desertion grows, economy drops –Could not make changes that the Soviets wanted – BIG PROBLEM

11 Lenin to the rescue

12 Lenin’s Tomb

13 Vladimir Ilyich (Lenin) Lenin’s Big Brother, Alexander Ilyich, tries to kill Tsar Alexander Romanov (Father of Nicholas II) –Alexander fails and is sentenced to hanging by the Tsar Lenin vows to lead revolution against the Romanovs Lenin exiled to prison in Siberia (1895) –Lenin goes to Germany after his release Germany sends Lenin back to Russia after Nicholas abdicates the throne (Why?) –To distract the Tsar from his WWI war efforts

14 Lenin’s Work Promised “Peace, Land, Bread” –Get Russia out of WWI –Peasants would get land –Everyone gets enough to eat “ALL POWER TO THE SOVIETS” –Soviets (committees) should be the nation’s only government –No other political parties allowed

15 Karl Marx German philosopher who wrote Communist Manifesto with Englishman Richard Engels –Detailed theory of Historical Materialism All history was a fight between the bourgeise (haves) and the proletariat (have nots) –Proletariat – working peasant class –Bourgeisie – wealthy noble landowner Bourgeisie would never willingly give wealth and power to the Proletariat Proletariate would have to revolt to overthrow the Bourgeisie Largely influenced Lenin and Trotsky

16 The Revolution Summer 1917 –Gov’t issues warrants for Bolshevik leaders Fall 1917 –Bolsheviks control Petrograd Soviet through elections November 1917 –Storm communication, train, and electric hubs –Turn the guns of the Aurora on the Tsarist palace –Provisional Government surrnders

17 What Happened Next Elections held –Social Democrats - 420 seats –Bolsheviks - 225 seats Bolsheviks dissolve gov’t the next day –Seize power under Lenin “Winning” Signs Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany –Russia gives Baltic provinces, Ukraine, and Poland to Germany

18 Civil War White (Mensheviks) –Opposed Bolsheviks –Could be Tsarists – want to restore the Romanovs Liberals – want a capitalistic democracy Moderate Socialists – want democracy and state run economy Red –Bolsheviks Begin to call themselves communist Choose red as color of revolution

19 Mensheviks get help Allies want to get rid of Bolsheviks –Bring Russia back into the war with Germany –Give soldiers and money to Mensheviks

20 Why the Reds Win Leon Trotsky –Reorganized the army Restored discipline Fostered loyalty –Taught soldiers how to read an write Lack of unity on White side –Different groups didn’t trust one another Lenin used terror –Cheka – secret police arrests anyone who is “enemy of the revolution”

21 Leon Trotsky –Returns from NYC for Russ. Rev. –Right Hand Man of Lenin Lenin was not anti-semitic –Exiled to Siberia by Tsar Escapes, moves to Mexico Friends with Frida Kahlo Stalin’s assassins kills him with an ice pick

22 End of the Romanov Dynasty July 1918 –Lenin orders soldiers to kill the Tsar and his family. Why? Family was exiled in Siberia –Told they were going to get a family portrait –Taken to basement of their home and shot –Ended 300 year rule of Romanovs –Anastasia – Still Alive?????

23 The Royal Family

24 Lenin and Religion Lenin sees religion as against the revolution –Places sever restrictions on the Russian Orthodox Church

25 Ending the Civil War Many socialist that support Lenin flee Russia Communists control entire country by 1921 White armies surrender in 1921 due to disorganization, lack of equipment, etc. LENIN and the Bolsheviks WINS

26 Next Up STALIN!!


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