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Welcome to the FRC Library!. The information center of the school.

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1 Welcome to the FRC Library!

2 The information center of the school

3 Who works here? Ms. Macdonald- Teacher-librarian Mrs. Hollyoake-Library technician Mrs. Subek Simon- Noon hour supervisor Student volunteers

4 When is it open? 8:00am-4:00pm daily

5 What can we do here? Study Read in comfortable chairs School work Research or type assignments on computers Listen to your own music

6 What can’t we do here? Talk on cell phones Food Drinks Chatting and visiting Games or entertainment on computers

7 What’s allowed on the computer? School work Research Acceptable Use Only

8 How do I print from the computer? 5 pages are free $.05 per page after that Colour printing is $.25-$1.00 depending on the amount of colour on the page See library staff before you print

9 WE ARE NOW WIRELESS! Laptops and smartphones can connect with the internet in the library!

10 How do I send work home? Set up a PTSD email student account- it’s easy Get a USB/flashdrive (don’t leave it in the computer)

11 How do I access my files at home? Go to the Pembina Trails webpage to access The Whale ↘

12 How do I make a photocopy? Copies are $.10 per page See the library staff for help

13 Do we have your language?

14 What kind of books are in the library? FICTION FIC Imaginary stories Arranged by author’s last names

15 SHORT STORIES FIC –SS Shelved at the end of fiction

16 GRAPHIC NOVELS Yellow stickers GN Comic books Both fiction and non-fiction

17 THIN BOOKS- red dot, easier reading High- interest fiction

18 Orca Soundings, Hip Edge series General series Sports series

19 Good Reads

20 Quick Reads

21 Rapid Reads EAL students, reluctant readers, adults who struggle with literacy and anyone who wants a high-interest quick read.

22 EAL SECTION FIND YOUR READING LEVEL! Easier fiction, some with CDs Easier non-fiction Foreign language and picture dictionaries

23 EAL section

24 Penguin and other EAL books

25 Language Dictionaries

26 NON-FICTION Information books All books on same subject SCIENCE, are found together Arranged by Dewey Decimal System

27 Dewey and his Decimal System


29 Sophisticated Picture Books -SPB Fiction and non-fiction- for all ages Social issues, biographies, etc. illustrated!

30 Audio books

31 Tumblereadables (WPL)

32 eLibraries (WPL)

33 DVDs, VIDEOS Available to watch in the conference room Sometimes loaned overnight only

34 MAGAZINES Borrow for two weeks- new ones in plastic covers for use in library only

35 WHAT NEWSPAPERS DO WE RECEIVE? Winnipeg Free Press (in library use only-use the online version- passwords in the library) The Globe and Mail – in library use only (Canada’s national newspaper) Metro – free copies

36 How do we find books, DVDS in the library? Use the catalogue on Destiny Look for the blue Destiny-FR icon on the desktop Enter Author, Title or Subject

37 SEARCHING IN DESTINY USE LIBRARY SEARCH http://libpac/cataloging/servlet/

38 BORROWING FROM THE LIBRARY 2 weeks Renew if you need longer Watch for overdue lists Pay for lost books You need your Go Card to borrow! Leave any books you don’t want on the tables- don’t reshelve them in the wrong places!


40 What are good encyclopedias to use? World Book Online -good articles and built in dictionary -Also in French and Spanish -Research helps At home use ID: pembina Password: student

41 The Canadian Encyclopedia (free)

42 Wikipedia Simple English, language translations a starting place only, not a credible source Good External Links to websites “Wikipedia cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here. The content of any given article may recently have been changed, vandalized or altered by someone whose opinion does not correspond with the state of knowledge in the relevant fields”

43 DATABASES Informations from magazines, newspapers, books, journals and other documents that you can’t find by “Googling” on the free web We pay for subscriptions to this high quality information $$$$$$$$$ Need IDs and passwords to get into them Bookmark available in the library

44 What databases can we use?

45 WHERE CAN I GET RESEARCH HELP? Info Centre in the library for: Works Cited information, Working Bibliographies, Graphic Organizers Ask the librarian

46 Looking for a good book? See booklists in the library and on the wiki See displays Ask staff for recommendations Free magazines in the library FRC Shelfari New arrivals on Destiny Quest

47 Use your library! Inquiry is asking questions??????? Research is finding answers The library is the place to start!

48 THE SCAVENGER HUNT BEGINS! Read carefully Questions? Ask Ms Macdonald Good luck!!

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