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Mrs. Green Welcome… You can read a book and let your imagination soar!!

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1 Mrs. Green Welcome… You can read a book and let your imagination soar!!

2 1. Academic Honesty 2. Internet & Acceptable Use Agreement 3. Media Release Form 4. Outside Requisition Form


4 Reference Books Reference section, tables, laptops

5 The two center bookshelves are nonfiction and autobiographies. The bookshelves that outline the walls are fiction. (except section marked Reference) The circulation desk is available for book checkout or OPAC lookup.

6 Reading Nook located in front of the fictional books, also next to periodicals and magazines.

7  The media center is open school days from 7:00 - 3:45 p.m.  You must have a library lunch pass from your 3rd block teacher  You are not allowed to leave the media center during lunch until the bell rings.  Food, drinks, beverages, gum and candy are not allowed in the media center.

8  enter the media center with I.D. visible and pass/student planner with teacher signature.  present your media center pass to staff and sign in immediately at the circulation desk.  Log onto Destiny, complete a call slip, and locate your book  bring your assignment, instructions and supplies with you (flash drive, white-out, etc.).

9  Display proper Media Center behavior:  speak in quiet tone  push chairs under tables  adhere to school policies  put trash in trash ca  Check all materials out at the circulation desk.

10 Do not save work on desktop. Use a flashdrive or upload to SynergySynergy.  Don’t change anything on computers in library and labs.  Use only for school related work and research.

11  Before googling and selecting a web site for research, do a web site evaluation and be able to justify your decision for choosing this source.  Read Kathy Schrock’s 5W’s of evaluating a Web Site. Web Site

12  Check out up to 3 books for 2 weeks.  All books may be checked out except reference.  Periodicals (magazines & newspapers) must be used in the Media Center.  You cannot borrow books if you have outstanding books, including elementary school.  You may checkout books before or after school.  You may renew a book once by bringing it to the circulation desk.



15 Dewey Decimal Classification Animoto Video

16 000’sGeneralities (Encyclopedias) 100’sPhilosophy & Psychology 200’sReligion & Mythology 300’sSocial Sciences 400’sLanguages 500’sNatural Sciences 600’sTechnology 700’sArt 800’sLiterature 900’sHistory & Geography 921s Biographies FAlphabetical order by author SCStory Collection

17  Bring a flash drive or save your document under your student virtual folder (Synergy).  Computer Printing will be available if funding is available.

18 Parts of a book  Spine  Cover  Table of contents  Index  Glossary

19 The spine of a book – The spine of a book is the part you see when it is on the shelf. The spine of a book helps hold your book together and keep it strong just like the spine of your body helps hold you upright.


21 The cover is the outside of a book. There is usually a front cover, a back cover, and the part in between (on the outside) called the spine.

22 This is an image of the cover of a book read by 7 th grade students in Georgia

23  Tells you where the main sections of the book are located.  These sections are often called “chapters”. Table of Contents


25 The index lists the pages where you find specific information. It is in the back of the book. Index of a book


27 Glossary of a book – a list of words (sometimes difficult or specialized) with their definitions, often placed at the back of a book. A specialized mini dictionary in the back!

28  Books in Reference section.  Search in alphabetical order.  Search people by last name, first name (Jefferson, Thomas)  World Book Online  Encyclopedia Britannica Online  Wikipedia

29  WorldBook Encyclopedia WorldBook Encyclopedia   Encyclopedia Brittanica Encyclopedia Brittanica   Gale Discovering Collection Gale Discovering Collection  ID: see media specialist  Password: see media specialist Can access from home.

30      

31  Not as reliable as other online subscription encyclopedias or books.  Use References at the end of article.

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