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Mon 9/28 Open your Agenda for the Week Tues HWK = 5+ lines overheard due Thurs (Miss Meg will explain)

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1 Mon 9/28 Open your Agenda for the Week Tues HWK = 5+ lines overheard due Thurs (Miss Meg will explain)

2 Review From Last Week What If 2.list 10 Why 3.Select 1 Why 4.List 10 Where 5.Select 1 Where 6.List of Conflict 7.Select 1 Main and 3-4 Sub

3 What If…someone skipped class Why (10) 1.B/c… hate the class 2.Had a test they didn’t study for 3.It’s a boring class 4.Had a date to go on 5.They had to go to a party 6.They had plans with best friend 7.They had to go to work 8.They wanted to go to a game 9.They knew the school was going to explode 10.They planned on going shopping at the mall

4 Where will the story take place… 1.Hallway near principals office 2.On an island 3.In the classroom 4.Right outside an air vent 5.In cafeteria 6.Outside school 7.At the party in a small house 8.In the bathroom 9.In the storage room 10.At the beach

5 Characters Bobby, 12, eats a lot Paulie, 13, mean Samantha, 46, kind

6 Conflict Main Conflict = 1.Paulie v Bobby: p wants b to skip class for party Sub Conflicts = Bobby v himself: if he really wants to skip class Paulie v Mrs. Samantha: p try to get by S w.o pass Mrs. Sam v self: should I left him go or send to office, or give detention

7 Our Premise Possible Resolutions = 1.B decides no party and tells principal 2.B hits head on vent and faints 3.B goes to class and sad over missing party 4.B does skip, get caught, get detention 5.B goes to party 6.P & B end up in principals office 7.B says okay but doesn’t really go 8.B says No and changes P’s mind too 9.B goes to party and kicks out the kids 10.B dresses up as janitor and sneaks though air vent Possible Climax = 1.P tries to hit B and misses and hits Mrs Sam 2.Get caught skipping 3.Caught unscrewing air vent 4.P gets nosebleed 5.Fooling around in hallway – standing and laughing loudly 6.Slamming lockers

8 Play Writing Story Exposition Setting: hallway near air vent Characters: Bobby, 12, eats a lot Paulie, 13, mean Samantha, 46, kind Rising Action: P tells B about the party B wants to make sure they won’t miss lunch P assures B there will be food Mrs. S asks for hall pass – they say they lost it in bathroom will go get it Bobby talks to self (party + = food, fun, to miss class he dislikes, girl he likes/party - = get in trouble, more food in café, needs to get grade up, embarrassed to talk to girl fear of rejection, thinks friends will laugh Climax: Paulie tries to hit Bobby to bully him into going to the party – he swings and misses and hits Mrs. S on her way down the hall Falling Action Resolution: Paulie and Bobby end up in Princpal’s office. Neither one goes to party

9 Play Writing Story Exposition Setting Characters Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution:

10 Weds 9/29 Anticipation Guide Article Workshop 1. Read the Article 2. 2 Questions & 2 Comments 3.

11 Things I take for Granted Means… not appreciate something as much as you should; to take advantage of something/someone; to assume something will always be there I assume I’ll always have… 1.1. the sun rising in the morning 2.2. water 3.Oxygen/air 4.Clean clothes 5.Food on table 6.Moon to watch rise 7.House 8.Something to write on and with 9.Feet/body parts 10.Friends/family 11.Air conditioning 12.Indoor plumbing 13.Tv will work 14.Electronics like ipod and computer

12 Q How is he being tracked online? Is he travelling by himself or with an adult? How many days did it take to the white house? Why would his parents let him do that? What kind of food did he eat? Where does he stay overnight? C Its cool that he’s doing this for a good cause. I don’t think he’s going to make the 2500 in one summer. My mom does something like that (collects food). Homeless kids must really appreciate it. Really cool how he does it. I like his determination.

13 Zachary "Zach" Bonner was born in Arkansas on November 17, 1997. He now lives in Tampa, Florida, with his mother Laurie, sister Kelley, and brother Matt. Zac is a sixth-grade student of the Florida Virtual Academy, an online school.Florida Virtual Academy When Hurricane Charlie hit Florida in 2004, Zach collected 27 pickup trucks full of water. Zach received the Presidential Call to Service Award from President George W. Bush in 2006. In the same year, he received the Points of Light Award from Florida governor Jeb Bush. In 2008, he received the Alexandra Scott Butterfly Award from the Volvo for Life Awards. The video below was produced for that award; it shares Zach’s story and some of the projects he has led. In his free time, Zach has played Little League baseball. He also plays tennis and goes on bike rides with his friends. He hopes to go to college so he can become a lawyer. This summer, when Zach reached Washington, D.C., he spent 24 hours in the Sasha Bruce youth shelter where he got to learn firsthand how homeless kids get by. When CBS-TV news anchor Bob Schieffer interviewed Zach outside the shelter, he asked if there were times when Zach felt like giving up on the walk. “There were definitely times during the walk where you get tired and you don't want to go any further,” Zach responded, “but a child that's homeless doesn't get to quit being homeless, so why should I quit?” To see what other lessons Zach learned from his time in Washington, D.C., share the complete video interview below.

14 Thurs 10/1 Overhead Convo due today Miss Meg

15 Fri 10/2 Finish Dialogue Video Review Elements of Drama

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