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Nervous System Clayton Pankey Robert Brown Tyler Rasband.

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1 Nervous System Clayton Pankey Robert Brown Tyler Rasband

2 Introduction We researched the Nervous System. The Nervous System is the system that sends out messages from the brain to the spinal cord, then neurons send the message to the limb it needs to be sent to. All in all, the Nervous System is one of the most important body system.

3 Parts of the Nervous System Central Nervous System Peripheral Nervous System Brain (frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe) Spinal Cord Neurons

4 How the nervous system works The nervous system begins in the stimuli where something happens. It is where something will touch the skin either being hot or too much physical pain. There will be a message sent to the brain when this happens. Now there is a new process.

5 How the nervous system works The message is now at the brain. In the brain is where you develop all of your thoughts. You get the thoughts from something happening in your body. It can vary from just about anything. It then travels down the spinal cord. This begins a whole new process.

6 How the nervous system works Now the spinal cord has the message that the brain has sent to them. The spinal cord has a circuit of neurons around it. In this stage the spinal cord just passes on the message to the neurons. Again, this begins a whole process.

7 How the nervous system works The neurons now have the message that has been started in the brain then passed to the spinal cord where it was sent to the neurons. There are tons of neurons all along the spinal cord. They each have an assigned limb to take the message to. This is where the process ends.

8 Interactions with other systems The Nervous System interacts with every systems. I will give two examples of body systems they are circulatory and endocrine systems. The nervous system and circulatory system interacts with each other because in the same way that you need all of your cells need oxygen transported by the circulatory system, all of your tissues and organs require instruction and direction from the nervous system. The nervous systems also interacts with the endocrine system. It does because your endocrine system works with your brain and central nervous system to control the specific chromosomes and enzymes.

9 Favorite Website This was our favorite website because it talked about our information where we can understand it. We also got most of our information from this website. This is a very resourceful website.. _mainhtml. _mainhtml

10 References _main.html _main.html main_page.html main_page.html 0131.html 0131.html

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