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Santa Barbara City College Admissions & Records Fall 2012 Semester Overview.

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1 Santa Barbara City College Admissions & Records Fall 2012 Semester Overview

2 Primary Contacts Jamie Richardson - Senior, Admissions & Records Technician Candee Gyll - Senior, Admissions & Records Technician

3 Faculty Rosters Access rosters by logging onto your Pipeline First time logging on? Follow the instructions at ‘START HERE!’.

4 Official Rosters: Enrolled Students Official Course Rosters display all currently registered students and specific add, drop and withdrawal deadlines for your course(s).

5 Official Rosters: Waitlist Waitlist Rosters display the students holding a waitlist slot in priority order. Waitlist Rosters are to be used on the first day of the semester to prioritize the distribution of add authorization codes. Add Authorization Rosters will be cleared (deleted) on the last day to add the course.

6 Official Rosters: Add Auth Codes Add Authorization Code Rosters provide unique add authorization codes for faculty to distribute to students requesting to add a closed class or any class once the semester starts. NOTE: IF your class is utilizing a WL, this roster will not display until the day before the class starts.

7 Official Rosters: Add Auth Codes Tips for managing Add Authorization Codes – Only issue one to a student – Track the names of the students you provide codes to on a copy of the roster – Do not announce the codes assigned to individual students in front of the class – Check your official rosters regularly to be sure that students have used the code to officially add the class. After the last day to add, do not let a student who is not officially registered attend class.

8 Official Rosters: Dropped Students Dropped Students Roster displays those students who have dropped or have been administratively dropped from your course.

9 Registration Status Codes RW – Registered on the web RE – Registered in Admissions & Records DD – Dropped prior to the start of the course DN – Dropped for non-payment of fees DP – Dropped for failure to meet a prerequisite DR – Dropped with eligibility for a refund and w/o a W DX – Dropped from a canceled class NS – Dropped by faculty as a No-Show MW – Military Withdrawal WC – Withdrawn after census (drop with a W notation)

10 ACTIVITY Login to your Pipeline – Review your CLASS ROSTERS – Review your SUMMARY CLASS LIST

11 WK 1 & 2: Add / Drop Classes Students may request instructor permission to add classes during the first two weeks of the semester. IF an instructor has available seats, add authorization codes may be provided to students to officially add the class. Deadline for adding classes using add authorization codes is September 8, 2012. On September 10, 2012 review your roster. Be sure that everyone who is attending is officially registered in your class.

12 WK 1 & 2: Add / Drop Classes September 8, 2012 – Last day for students to add using add auth codes – Last day for students to drop with eligibility for refund of enrollment fees – Last day for students to drop without a W notation NOTE: Online services ONLY on September 8, 2012. Last day for in person services in Admissions & Records is Friday, September 7, 2012.

13 WK 1 & 2: Add / Drop Classes Petition to Allow Time Conflicts (No more than 10 minutes) – Hours missed MUST be made up under your direct supervision and clearly stated on petition. Supporting documentation required at end of semester. – Include SPECIFIC days/times. – Must be submitted by the last day to add.

14 WK 1 &2: Faculty No Show Drops Legal requirement to clear your rosters of any student who never attended your course. No Show Drop Deadline = September 9, 2012 – Faculty may drop students who do not attend the first class session and give the seat to a student seeking to add. Why is this important? – Legal requirement – It is in the best interest of students! Drop without ‘W’ Drop with eligibility for refund of enrollment/tuition Email communication from Admissions & Records prior to the deadline and after, if you miss it!

15 ACTIVITY: Faculty No Show Drops Logon to your Pipeline (TEST) to access your DROP ROSTERS. Select the ‘teach’ tab. – Select the drop status of NS – No Show. – If you do not have any No Show Drops to report, select “I have reviewed my roster and certify that I do not have any drops to report.” – You MUST take one of the above actions for each of your CRNS by the No Show Drop deadline.

16 WK 3: Requests to Audit Who can audit? Only those students who have previously registered in the course the maximum number of allowable times. Instructor approval required. Auditing students do NOT count in course enrollment numbers.

17 WK 3: Petition for Late Add Late Adds can only be considered when the student’s attendance began PRIOR to the last day to add deadline (9/8/2012). First date of attendance and your signature are required. PLEASE check your rosters on 9/10. If any student is attending your course and does not appear on your official roster send them to Admissions & Records with a completed Petition for Late Add. Require proof of enrollment before allowing the student to return to class. Late Add Petitions will ONLY be accepted through the end of the 4 th week of the semester: 9/21

18 WK 1 – 5: Pass/No Pass Grading Instructor approval required. After the 5 th week the decision is not reversible. Pass is granted when the quality of work is equivalent to a C or better. P/NP is not allowed in a student’s major. Deadline: Friday, September 28, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. Tip: Ask the student if he/she has consulted with an Academic Counselor regarding this request.

19 WK 9: Faculty Final Drop Roster Friday, October 26, 2012 – LAST day for faculty to drop students for non- attendance. – No exceptions. Access your Drop Rosters from your Pipeline ‘teach’ tab. – Select ‘Drop’ and hit submit. All registered students as of 12:01 a.m., October 26, 2012 must receive an evaluative grade.

20 WK 1 - 16: Reinstate a Student Reinstate a student dropped in error by emailing Candee Gyll at Include – Student full name – SBCC I.D. (K_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) – CRN (Course Reference Number – Course description and number

21 WK 16: Final Grades & Attendance Envelope with specific grading instructions will be delivered to your campus mailbox during week 14. Final grades, attendance and supporting documentation are due no later than Wednesday, January 2, 2013. Please submit EARLY.

22 WK 16: Final Grades & Attendance Submit your grades and positive attendance hours online via Pipeline.

23 WK 16: Final Grades & Attendance What is supporting documentation? – Records of student achievement in your course – These records will reflect how you came to assign a student’s final grade Homework Quizzes Exams Papers ……..

24 WK 16: Incomplete Contracts Agreement between the faculty member and the student Intent: Students who are unable to complete the final course requirements due to unforeseeable emergencies beyond the control of the student. Student signature is required (email is acceptable). Completed contract must be submitted by faculty by grade deadline.

25 Petition for Waiver of College Regulations Students may submit a Petition for Waiver of College Regulations to request an exception to college policy. – Late withdrawal – Late Pass/No Pass Faculty concerned will be contacted to provide feedback regarding the student’s request. Student petitions are reviewed by the Scholastic Standards Committee.

26 Communication Admissions & Records communicates with you to your official SBCC email (Pipeline or GroupWise) Check your email regularly for ‘just in time’ reminders and memos Forward your SBCC email to a preferred email account Communicate with students via Pipeline email to maintain confidentiality in accordance with FERPA.

27 Admissions & Records Resources

28 The End QUESTIONS? Thank you!

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