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PC Retirement / Refresh Green Practices, Increasing Sustainability.

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1 PC Retirement / Refresh Green Practices, Increasing Sustainability

2 What Makes Used PC s Green? How do you keep used PCs out of the waste stream? What are the greenest and best practices for retiring used PCs? How do you increase sustainability?

3 Best Practices Eliminate shipping to central locations Extend useful life Prepare your PCs for the next user Make them useful and saleable

4 Best Practice #1 Eliminate shipping PCs to a central location or intermediary – Unnecessary transportation results in carbon emissions and additional costs. – Perform data erasure, diagnostics, audit, OS restoration on-site, while PCs are still attached to the network – Ship directly to next buyer

5 Best Practice #2 Extend the useful life of your PCs – Restore the Operating System – Do NOT remove the hard drive, wipe instead

6 Best Practice #3 Prepare your PCs for the next user: Proper data erasure – Overwrite to a Department of Defense standard - DoD 5220-M – Formatting disks is not a solution Proper Operating System restoration – Return your PC to its original settings – Restore a valid Operating System

7 Best Practice #4 Make your PCs more saleable, useful – Wipe the hard drives prior to resale – Restore the Operating System – Have a diagnostic report ready – Have a complete list of features, part numbers

8 Venderis Solution Suite Venderis performs five critical functions that make used PCs green: – Discovery / Audit – Diagnostics – Backup – Erasure – OS restoration

9 Venderis Solution Suite With several clicks of the mouse, Venderis creates 10 or 10,000 green PC systems, simultaneously.

10 Green Pays for Itself By automating complex end-of-life processes, Venderis creates green PCs while at the same time increasing resale value.

11 Venderis Increases Resale Value $ 80 per PC on average – By restoring Operating System – Performing Diagnostics – Hardware Audit – Elimination of third-party fees

12 Summary Only Venderis gives organizations complete and secure control over the data residing on their PCs while automating complex end-of-life processes, increasing resale value, and creating green PCs!

13 Contact Robert Davie Venderis Founder 919-656-7142 (direct)

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