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Resources We-Learn – End of Contract Headteacher Briefing May 2012.

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1 Resources We-Learn – End of Contract Headteacher Briefing May 2012

2 Resources Friday July 20 th 2012 –End of term –Last day for logging managed service calls where RM will guarantee a fix prior to the end of contract –Calls logged after this date will be dealt with on a best endeavours basis Friday August 31 st 2012 –PFI contract finishes –No further support for any TTK or related device after 17.00. Key Dates

3 Resources Schools will no longer be charged the previously indicated £50 per TTK All hardware assets will transfer to schools as of 1 st September 2012 providing final We-Learn invoices have been settled in full (by 30 th June 2012). TTK Asset Charge

4 Resources From 1 st September 2012 all TTK hardware becomes the responsibility of the school. No warranties exist on any TTK hardware beyond 31 st August 2012. No support (technical or otherwise) will be available for this hardware from either RM or the ICTDS. The ICTDS will, by school request, quote for replacement hardware. TTK Hardware

5 Resources The Operating System (OS) licences (Windows XP) will be transferred as part of the assets to the school They are valid for the life of the device they reside on, but can’t be transferred to other PCs Proof of OS license is via the Windows holographic sticker on each device – there are no paper copies The ICTDS retains the licenses to all other project software including MS Office, but grants permission for schools to access these licenses where; –The TTK device remains as part of the Primary Warwickshire Curriculum network. –The TTK device remains part of an original RM TTK network. TTK Software

6 Resources IF you are still using the original RM Network: RM have indicated that the network should continue working beyond 1 st September 2012, BUT there are no guarantees and no support if this is not the case. Provisioning of new teacher users will almost certainly NOT be available after the end of contract Consider either; –A strategy to replace the equipment on a sustainable network. –Moving your TTKs to your curriculum network –Configuring them for standalone use –Contacting RM to upgrade/maintain the network RM TTK Network

7 Resources The projector security cage will become the property of the school on asset transfer Security cage keys were left with schools at installation (Refresh) – no spares are held centrally If the school no longer has the keys and requires access to the projector; –Request replacement key from cage manufacturer – there will be a charge –Contact ICTDS who will arrange for a contractor with a master key to attend your site and open the cage – there will be a charge In September, you will be provided with a key for the padlocks on Wall PC cages. At this point these cages will no longer be secure and the padlock should be replaced ASAP. TTK Security

8 Resources All of the commercial content and its related licensing remains the property of the ICTDS After 1 st September it may not be accessed, downloaded or used in any way without the express permission of the ICTDS This also applies to any content previously downloaded to a local device. It is expected that the new Warwickshire Learning Platform will incorporate some or all of this commercial content. Learning Platform Content

9 Resources Agresso Schools – by end of May Non-Agresso Schools – by end of June Final Invoicing

10 Resources Questions?

11 Resources We-Learn365 - Warwickshire Learning Platform Headteacher Briefing May 2012

12 Resources HT Meetings February 2012: –RM Learning Platform –RealSmart Cloud –In-house SharePoint 2010 Leaning towards SharePoint 2010 Now fully committed to the SharePoint route Solution will be part of an overall move to Office 365 (O365) Hybrid solution mostly delivered through SharePoint in the Cloud with local SharePoint providing some of the more complex aspects. Background

13 Resources A thin layer ‘portal’ based on SharePoint 2010 – We-Learn365 Access for pupils, staff & governors (parent access will be available later at no extra cost) Accounts provisioned automatically from school MIS providing MIDAS support is purchased Online storage for users through SharePoint (500Mb personal storage & 500Mb to the school site per user). Integrated online MS Office Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote) Integrated O365 Email (25Gb mailbox) Customisable site templates available to schools to reduce setup time Single sign on to Autology Links to third party products such as TASC Insight (single sign on will be developed later) The (September 2012) vision…..

14 Resources Advisers have worked with a SharePoint consultant to agree a template/structure suitable for schools A final proof of concept for this template has been developed using SharePoint in the cloud Separate but related strand of work with respect to migration to Office 365 including email. Email will migrate to the new Office 365 system irrespective of whether a school subscribes to We-Learn365 or not Currently in a limited test environment - necessary O365 capacity will be available from Microsoft in June School site creation and customisation expected to be available at the start of July Current position & next steps

15 Resources RM Learning Platform – dependent on the size of your school, but from around £4.50 to £8.00 per user (staff, governors and pupils) per year. We-Learn365: –Subscription based on an 18 month period (September 2012 to March 2014) –September 2012 to March 2013 - £2.00 per pupil based on numbers returned from school MIS system. Staff and governors will be provisioned, but not charged for. First year subscription also includes setup costs. –April 2013 to March 2014 - £2.00 per pupil based on numbers returned from school MIS system. Staff and governors will be provisioned, but not charged for. –Payment for both years can be deferred until April 2013 –Includes subscription to both Autology and TASC Insight up until the end of August 2013. Pricing

16 Resources View the demo sites – discuss them with colleagues Return the We-Learn365 order form confirming your commitment to the WLP for the 18 month subscription period. Download any content required from the existing RM platform (by 30 th September 2012 latest). Using the demo sites as a guide, consider what ‘sections’ you require in your new site. Remember you can remove any sections from the template that you do not require and can add any which are required for your school. Start to plan what information or content you need to collect together for your new site. Your next steps

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