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What Is New at TSI Europe?

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1 What Is New at TSI Europe?
2008 Channel Partner Meeting What Is New at TSI Europe? Oliver F. Bischof TSI - Aachen Rev OFB :40 Particle Instrument CP’s EUMEA, Thessaloniki - August 24, 2008

2 Outline Changes at TSI in Europe EUMEA updates: Summary TSI Facilities
Particle Sales Sales Operations Marcom Service Summary

3 Changes at TSI TSI has grown considerably over past year(s)
Particle sales in EUMEA more than doubled in 2007! Are driving significant changes to sustain that growth Realize that TSI’s delivery on customer satisfaction has been poor in past year Many examples of failures to meet commitment to customers Product delays Late shipments Poor product quality Long service cycle times We are committed to changing that NOW Many initiatives improving customer service & satisfaction

4 TSI Facilities Europe Update
Build-out of TSI’s German facility Centralizing functions at Aachen Significant level of new hires TSI France office unchanged Closing of TSI Sweden office Service moved to TSI UK New TSI facility in the UK

5 New TSI Facility in the UK
Relocation of TSI UK to new site completed on July 18 Also in High Wycombe at Stirling Rd, Cressex Business Park Larger, more modern & better suited to TSI’s needs All European service repair/calibration centralized at HW Swedish service operation moved and set up Open House on September 4

6 Build-Out of TSI Facility in Germany
Effective October 1 all EUMEA Sales Operations and Technical Service will be managed out of Aachen Central location focuses investment in people, facilities, and IT More “critical mass”, positions us for scalable growth Facility will support English, German and French languages All Marketing Comm’s resources also located in Aachen Aachen office renovation expected to begin in September

7 Particle Sales EUMEA Update
Oliver reports to TSI’s Vice President - Sales, David Stascavage Luchsinger srl Italy

8 Particle Sales EUMEA Update (2)
Ian Bennett continues in his role as Field Market Development Manager Works closely with TSI’s internal and external sales functions and Business Managers His main focus for Particle is UFP Monitor Hans-Georg Horn continues in his role as European Market Development Manager Regularly assists Sales with his vast PI knowledge, particularly in filter testing

9 Sales Operations EUMEA Update
Iris Schüürmann, new Sales Operations Manager EUMEA, located at Aachen Transforms current Sales Operations group to much more proactive Inside Sales function Objectives Improve customer satisfaction Set up clear processes, documentation and communication Free up time of RSM’s they can dedicate to selling and working with distributors

10 Sales Operations EUMEA (2)
Sales Support at Aachen Hired 4 new people as Inside Sales Representatives (ISR) Have joined Ingeborg Duda at Aachen Leslie Guillou (TSI France) also part of that team Will be responsible for all Order Management Owner of customer requests – responsible until finished Enter orders Manage orders until completion New structure will “go live" in early October, with all functions working from Aachen Note, all orders from Channel Partners will need to be sent to Aachen from October 1 on! Detailed communication will follow

11 Sales Operations Update (2)
Contact for Particle CP’s (until further notice): Ingeborg Duda (Ph: ) (TSI addresses: ) More detailed announcement and list with contact details will follow as soon as all new colleagues are trained and tasks have been assigned

12 Marcom EUMEA Update Have just hired Marcom Manager
Entire Marcom team EUMEA now centralized in Aachen Still looking for one additional Marcom Specialist Contacts for Particle CP’s (until further notice): Claudia Schlösser-Humberg (Ph: ) Ina Vogel (Ph: )

13 Service EUMEA Update Expanded EUMEA Service Center at new location in HW All existing service operations consolidated into new facility Will enhance service and allows us to focus resources to improve service quality and lead times Added 4 Service Technicians in Q2, currently hiring additional R&A Service Tech and new RMA processor In process of adding service and support capability for EECPC, WCPC’s, UFP Monitor and Filter Testers Contacts for Particle CP’s (until further notice): Nick Cussens, Service Manager (Ph: ) Wolfgang Völker, Service Support (Ph: )

14 Service EUMEA Update (2)
Technical & Application Support New R&A Applications Engineer (see below) started July 1 Currently hiring R&A Sales Support Engineer for High Wycombe site Contacts for Particle CP’s (until further notice): Axel Zerrath (Ph: ) Carsten Kykal (Ph: )

15 Particle EUMEA Contact List
In October you will also receive the updated, complete contact list with all TSI Particle Instrument information For all questions regarding: Sales Order entry Order status Delivery Technical support Service

16 Summary Many positive changes, good for all of us in EUMEA
TSI‘s management team committed to EUMEA operations This presentation already mentioned 17 people that have started with TSI in EUMEA since the beginning of the year, or that we are currently hiring! Expect more to follow Are positioning EUMEA for sustainable growth beyond this year Expect to grow both direct sales through TSI RSM’s and distributed sales through our channel partners

17 Any Questions?

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