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How are movement and exploration a part of our world?

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2 How are movement and exploration a part of our world?

3 What is movement ? Using a Circle Map, brainstorm all the things that have movement. T

4 Categorize your ideas Use a tree map categorize the things that move – seen and unseen.

5 Big Ideas 1. Exploration is a form of movement. 2. Movement is an important part of the world.

6 Is exploration possible without movement?

7 Exploration In what ways have you been an explorer? Describe how exploration is a part of the world.

8 Create a poem that depicts your life as an explorer.

9 Is exploration a part of every subject you study? Explain? What kinds of things would you like to explore in various subjects?

10 Movement 1.In what way is movement an essential part of creativity?

11 Making Analogies Using the Bridge Map, think of an analogy. The analogy should show how artists,scientists,musicians, and inventors use movement in their work.

12 Rhythm or Repetition Rhythm in design is also called repetition. Rhythm gives designs a consistency that makes it easier to understand. Once the brain recognizes the pattern in the rhythm it can relax and understand the whole design. Repetition rarely occurs on its own and so it gives a sense of order in the design.

13 What patterns exist in the natural world?

14 What is repeated? Do you feel a rhythm?

15 Movement Movement is the path our eyes follow when we look at a work of art. The purpose of movement is to create unity in the artwork with eye travel. This can be achieved by using repetition, rhythm, and action. Movement ties the work together by relating the various components of a work together.


17 Kandinsky’s Composition #4 Do you see rhythm/repetition and action? Where is the movement?.

18 Let’s MOVE! The next several slides will give you a chance to use your body to express the idea of water moving through our world. Read as a class once, then re-read, and pantomime each step of water's "dance" through our world. “Be” the water from Water Dance by Thomas Locker

19 By Thomas Locker

20 1 Some people say that I am one thing. Others say that I am many. Ever since the world began I have been moving in an endless circle. Sometimes I fall from the sky. I am the rain.

21 2 Sometimes I cascade. I tumble down, over the moss-covered rocks, Through the forest shadows. I am the mountain stream.

22 3 At the foot of the mountains, I leap from a stone cliff. Spiraling. Plunging. I am the waterfall

23 4 In the shadows of the mountain, I am still and deep. I fill and overflow. I am the lake.

24 5 I wind through broad, golden valleys joined by streams, joined by creeks. I grow ever wider, Broader and deeper. I am the river.

25 6 I pass through a gateway of high stone palisades, leaving the land behind. Cool silver moonlight sparkles and dances on my waves. I am the sea.

26 7 Drawn upward by warm sunlight, in white-silver veils I rise into the air. I disappear. I am the mist.

27 8 In thousands of shapes I reappear high above the earth in the blue sky. I float I drift. I am the clouds.

28 9 Carried by winds from distant seas I move, growing heavier, growing darker, returning. I am the storm front.

29 10 At the wall of the mountains, I rise up as gleaming power-filled towers in the darkened sky. I am the thunderhead.

30 11 I blind the sky with lightning. The earth trembles with my thunder. I rage. I drench the mountainside. I am the storm.

31 12 Storms come. Storms pass. I am the countless droplets of rain left floating in the silent air. I reflect all the colors of sunlight. I am the rainbow.

32 13 I am one thing. I am many things.

33 14 I am water. This is my dance through our world.

34 Reflection As we explore movement in the creative world, take a minute to write your thoughts about this: What is my “dance” through our world going to be? Respond to the question through a personal narrative.

35 Project Ideas for Movement and Exploration

36 Artist The artist will create an original artwork depicting movement. The artist may use: digital camera, paint, video, sculptor, music, or writing piece.

37 Researcher The researcher will find information about someone from a list of notables who has worked with immigrants or migrant workers in Middle Georgia (CASA). or perhaps gather information about an organization that serves the migrants or immigrants. Trace historical family with your family and one other family, or any other two families. Include a map and/or a timeline of movement. Include as many generations as possible in your research.

38 Art as Evidence of Movement Examine multiple works of art by the following artist to determine if their artwork depicts movement. Gather several pieces of artwork from the artist. Defend your selection as to evidence of movement in the piece of art. Alexander CalderMary Cassat Jacob LawrenceFrida Kahlo Salvador DaliKatsushika Hokusai Gilbert Stuart Okumura Marsanobu

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