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The Branches of Government

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1 The Branches of Government

2 EXECUTIVE BRANCH The purpose of the Executive Branch is to carry out the laws . President Vice President Cabinet

3 What Do You Know? There are 43 presidents.
There are 14 Cabinet positions. The President is responsible for appointing the Cabinet .

4 House of Representatives
Legislative Branch The purpose of the Legislative Branch is that it writes the bills Congress House of Representatives Senate

5 What Do You Know There are two groups of the Legislative Branch.
A Senator serves for 6 years . A Representative serves for 2 years .

6 Judicial Branch The purpose of the Judicial Branch is that the Judiciary explains and applies the laws. Supreme Court

7 What Do You Know? The Supreme Court was set up by the Constitution .
The Supreme Court Building is in Washington D.C. There are 13 Judicial Circuits each with a court of appears .

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