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AP (Advanced Placement)/ DUAL ENROLLMENT NIGHT Monday, January 14 th, 2013.

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1 AP (Advanced Placement)/ DUAL ENROLLMENT NIGHT Monday, January 14 th, 2013

2 Tonight’s Agenda 6:00 – 6:45 General Meeting in the Cafeteria: Welcome and directions for the evening Overview of the AP Program at Central by Jimmy Pagel, Assistant Principal Introduction of AP Teachers Explanation of Dual Enrollment by Mrs. Deidre Miller, Department Chair of Counseling

3 Tonight’s Agenda 6:50 – 7:45 Attend 4 – 10 minute AP Sessions of your liking 6:50 - 7:00 AP Session 17:20 – 7:30 AP Session 3 7:05 – 7:15 AP Session 27:35 – 7:45 AP Session 4 Students and their parents should visit the various AP classes they may be interested in. If you would like information about a class that you did not have an opportunity to see, please contact your student’s counselor, Mr. Pagel or the subject area teacher in the next few days.

4 Is Advanced Placement & Dual Enrollment the right choice for me?

5 What is the AP Program ? College-level curriculum designed and approved by the College Board College-level courses that include an extensive “standardized” college level end-of-course examination

6 What is the AP Program ? – A variety of college level courses are available – Courses are offered for all grades 9-12 – AP Exam in May – AP Exam fee $89.00 per exam – AP Exam results may be sent to colleges

7 Things to Remember Students taking AP exams are awarded exam scores between 1 and 5 by the College Board, with 5 being the highest score awarded. Students must take the AP exam in each course for which they wish to be considered for college credit. Students are awarded possible college credit based on EXAM scores, NOT AP course grades. Colleges & universities have their own policies for awarding college credit—please check with individual colleges for that information.

8 Benefits of the AP Program Taking AP courses gives students the opportunity to – Refine academic / study skills – Increase self-confidence and motivation – Possibly earn college credit and/or placement – Prepare for competitive college admissions process

9 What Counts in College Admissions? According to the NACAC Survey of College Admissions Officials, the following represent the percent of officials who cited the factors below as “considerably important”: Academic rigor of courses 82% SAT Scores46% Class Rank42% Overall grades/GPA42% Application essay14% Work/school activities 6%

10 Importance of Rigor of Curriculum University of Georgia Admissions Decision Cumulative Numeric Average SAT# of Honors Courses # of AP Courses Student ADENIED 87.733 180033 Student BACCEPTED 87.698 166075 Georgia Tech Admissions Decision Cumulative Numeric Average SAT# of Honors Courses # of AP Courses Student ADENIED91.409192085 Student BACCEPTED91.1361830106

11 Is AP the right choice for me? Students who are successful in AP courses tend to have: High interest in learning the subject Strong communication skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening)‏ Ability to process & understand new information quickly A positive attitude about challenging academic work Ability to prioritize tasks & manage time effectively

12 Is AP the right choice for me? Students & parents should evaluate readiness by looking at academic performance, not just academic ability.

13 Should I Take an AP Course ? Students & parents should make this decision after considering ALL of the following: Past & current academic performance Student academic readiness Teacher recommendation Student (not parent) interest & motivation Demands on time & competing interests

14 Am I ready to take an AP course ? BEFORE registration, students & parents should Talk to current teachers about performance, readiness & interest. Talk to AP teachers about course expectations, work-load, and requirements. Review academic progress with a counselor and discuss performance, readiness & interest.

15 9 th Grade AP Human Geography Why an AP course in 9 th grade? AP Human Geography has been designed & placed in the curriculum with the 9 th grade student in mind; AP courses have been intentionally placed in the course curriculum with high school graduation requirements and knowledge & skill pre- requisites in mind

16 Introduction of AP Teachers

17 AP Art History A survey of humanity and the power of creativity

18 AP Environmental Science Focuses on interrelationships of the natural world.

19 AP Chemistry Learn about the fundamental concepts of chemistry such as structure and states of matter, intermolecular forces, reactions, and how to use chemical calculations to solve problems. Taking AP Chemistry can lead to a future in 48 STEM related college majors including but not limited to: All Fields of Engineering Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology Chemistry Environmental Science Forensic Science Genetics Geology Marine Biology Molecular Biology Neuroscience Nuclear Engineering Nursing (RN) Pharmaceutical Sciences Physician Assistance Pre-Physical Therapy Predentistry Premedicine Pre-veterinary Psychology

20 AP Statistics Prerequisite = Analytic Geometry Great Elective & 5 th Math Credit Many university degree programs require at least one Statistics course. See Mrs. Johnson in Room 188 for more information!

21 AP Spanish and Culture Taking AP Spanish Language and Culture can lead to a future in … EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE Numerous Majors in College Limitless Career Opportunities Come See Dr. Green in Room 208 to find out more!!!!!!

22 AP Calculus AB vs AB/BC Which one should I take and why? By: Mrs. Dirst

23 AP Calculus AB Students who just want exposure to a college level class should enroll in Calculus AB. The class is a single period and the student is rewarded 1 credit at the end of the year. There is an AP test in May that students are expected to take. Topics include limits, derivatives, integrals and their applications.

24 AP Calculus AB/BC STEM students are required to enroll in AB/BC Calculus Students who are pursuing engineering as their focus of study should take this 2 period version of AP Calculus This class meets 2 periods every day and students are awarded 2 units of credit. Topics covered include AB topics as well as sequences, series, polar and parametric functions. The AP test in May covers all topics from AB and BC and students are awarded 2 scores for the 1 test given.

25 Dual Enrollment

26 Dual Enrollment Options Dual Enrollment provides opportunities for Georgia high school students to take courses from a state public or private postsecondary institution while still enrolled as a high school student and receive credit BOTH at the high school and at the postsecondary institution. Extra Quality point added to Cumulative GPA. ACCELMove on When Ready (MOWR) HOPE Grant (Tech Colleges) Core Academic Course Core Academic Courses Career Tech Courses Can go part time or full time to college. Must be full time at college. Can go part time or full time to college.

27 ACCEL Information For high school juniors and seniors. … a non-need based program offered for students that wish to take college-level (academic-only, degree- level) coursework for credit toward both high school and college graduation requirements. (Only selected courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language can be taken). Students may attend part-time or full-time. You MUST be on-track for graduating on time and be in good standing (passing all courses). The college/program must accept you (you have to meet SAT/ACT and GPA requirements). ACCEL funds will pay for most of the tuition. Funds do not count toward HOPE Scholarship hours Students typically attend UNG- Cumming Campus, although other colleges can be considered. Visit the gacollege411 website for more information, ACCEL application, and possible award amounts.

28 UNG – Cumming ACCEL Program Admissions Criteria High School GPA of 3.0 (Calculated on the academic areas of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language) 480 Critical Reading and 460 Math on the SAT with at least a combined 970, OR 20 English and 19 Mathematics on the ACT with composite score of at least 21 Completed application for admission as an ACCEL student with the appropriate application fee. ACCEL students are encouraged to apply online.apply online High school transcript with an academic grade point average of at least 3.0 SAT or ACT scores as specified above (Test scores must come directly from the issuing agency) Completed Certificate of ImmunizationCertificate of Immunization Verification of Lawful Presence In addition to applying to University of North Georgia, students who are participating in the ACCEL program must also complete the ACCEL application through the Georgia Student Finance Commission. Information on the program and its requirements and limitations can be found at

29 UNG – Cumming MOWR Admissions Information Be at least a high school junior or senior in a public high school Have a 530 Critical Reading and 530 Math on the SAT, OR Have a 23 English and 22 Math on the ACT, AND Have a minimum High School Academic GPA of 3.5 The admissions process for MOWR is the same for all other types of admission to the University. These students must: – Complete an application for admission as MOWR student with the appropriate application fee. MOWR students are encouraged to apply online.apply online – High school transcript with an academic grade point average of at least 3.5 – SAT or ACT scores as specified above (Test scores must come directly from the issuing agency) – Completed Certificate of ImmunizationCertificate of Immunization – Verification of Lawful Presence Verification of Lawful Presence

30 Lanier Tech Dual Enrollment - Hope Grant Earn high school credit AND technical college credit while taking a college level course. Opportunity to earn CTAE course credit and Technical Certificate of Credit. May even earn articulated technical college credit for some of your high school courses. Opportunity to graduate from high school with employable skill and certification. HOPE Grant covers costs.

31 Lanier Tech Dual Enrollment Admissions Information Take entrance exam (Asset or Compass). May be retaken one time at no charge. (Additional test may be taken for a cost of $15.00) Turn in completed Lanier Technical College application and pay $15.00 application fee directly to Lanier Technical College. Complete appropriate financial aid application ONLINE. IF taking CTAE classes complete Hope GRANT application online Submit copy of drivers license Application fee of $15.00 due when application is submitted. The school system provides books for Dual Enrollment Students in CTAE Classes. Lanier Technical College does not charge any mandatory fees to High School Dual Enrollment students with the exception of students enrolled in programs requiring a malpractice insurance fee of $9.52.

32 Lanier Tech Tentative Course Offerings Fall 2014 Forsyth Campus Nurse Assisting Criminal Justice Design and Media Production Interior Design Horticulture Child Development Accounting PC and Network Tech Dawson Campus Nurse Assisting Welding Shampoo Tech Electrical Design and Media Production Auto

33 Informational Nights UNG – Cumming Campus Dual Enrollment Information Night for Parents and Students January 27 th and 28 th 6- 8pm 300 Aquatic Circle, Cumming, Ga. 30040 Lanier Tech – Forsyth Conference Center Dual Enrollment Information Night for Parents and Students - February 4 th 6-8pm Registration and Financial Aid Application Night – April 15 th 6-8pm 3410 Ronald Reagan Blvd, Cumming, Georgia 30041

34 Your Contacts at Forsyth Central High School Mr. Jimmy Pagel FCHS Assistant Principal / AP Mrs. Deidre Miller FCHS Lead Counselor

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